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Romanian Zionist Jew Andrei AnghelFakes His Death in MH17 Crash,Lies About Being 'Medical Researcher,etc. - Warning Amsterdam Schipol Airport In Control Of ICTS Europe's Israeli 911Terrorists

Romanian Zionist Jew Andrei AnghelFakes His Death in MH17 Crash,Lies About Being 'Medical Researcher,etc. -  Warning Amsterdam SchipolAirport In Control Of ICTS Europe's Israeli 911Terrorists 

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Anghel is a Romanian family name and given name. Surname[edit]. Andrei Anghel · Atanasie Anghel · Bianca Anghel · Catalin Anghel · Dimitrie Anghel · Itai ...

Obviously Anghel is a Romanian Jewish family name because Itai Anghel for example is is an Israeli 'journalist'.

  • Itai Anghel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Itai Anghel (Hebrew: איתי אנגל‎) is an Israeli news correspondent. He was a staff reporter for Uvda, a television news program on Channel 2. Anghel teaches a ...
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    Dec 31, 2012 - For the first time ever, an Israeli TV crew has managed to enter Syria. Two Channel2 journalists, Itai Anghel and Amir Tibon, recently travelled ...
  • Itai Anghel - YouTube

    Jan 31, 2010 - Uploaded by Leadelnet
    Itai Anghel has quickly risen to be regarded as one of, if not the best, reporters in Israel. He began his career ...

  • Romanian Zionist Jew Fakes His Death in MH17 Crash Hoax
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    Romanian Zionist Jew Fakes His Death in MH17 Crash Hoax

    Revelation thanks to one of our posters.
    Regarding the acclaimed crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17  there is no doubt about it all the passengers are fakes. Moreover, none of them died, and none of them were injured, and that includes one of the key fabricators, Romanian national and Zionist Jew Andrei Anghel.
    In the Zionist strip the surname Anghel is a common one for Eastern European Zionist Jews:
    Additionally, a number of these arch-hucksters are elements of the Mossad. This was revealed by the determination of Jewish crisis actors acting as the phony aggrieved at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airports comes yet another proof of the arch-Zionist role in this plot. This is in regard to the participation of Zionist Jew Romanian national Andrei Anghel in this scam. Like the other fraudster passengers on the non-existent flight Anghel faked his death on behalf of the wretched plots of the international Zionist cabal.
    He did so both for monetary gain, other promises, and also in the attempt to advance Zionist schemes.

    andrei anghel canadian citizen, andrei anghel malaysian flight
    He was supposedly on the plane with his fellow Zionist collaborator, Olga, on his way to Bali. This, too, is mere nonsense. Neither of them were on any such flight.
    Anghel also apparently doubles as a model. So, what is he, a medical school student or an actor/model?
    Note the Arabic inscriptions on his upper back. It is merely Arabic alphabetic letters, and this may be a kind of fashion. Even so, could it get any more bizarre than this?
    He is supposed to be a medical school student studying overseas, although his LinkedIn profile refers to him as a medical researcher. How can anyone confirm it?
    andrei anghel doctor, andrei anghel canada Mh17
    Ajax’s mayor, Steve Parrish, reached out to friends and family on Friday:
    Andrei grew up in Ajax and was studying abroad in Romania to become a doctor. We extend our heartfelt condolences and sympathies to the Anghel family, who still live in Ajax, and all those affected by this senseless act.
    This does not confirm by any means that he is an actual pre-medical student.
    Running cover for him is his sister Alexandria Anghel. Yet, in doing so she reveals the degree of the scam, proving his death as a hoax:
    The MH17 hoax is rife with a litany of fakes, fraudsters, and phonies, no less so than the non-existent MH370 flight.

    Is she happy he’s dead?
    Here we go again with the phony hand-to-the-eye sign, as if no one is looking. The woman couldn’t possibly shed  a tear. She is thrilled about the new-found status for her loving brother.
    The world then gets to see her specialty: the wipe, swipe, and the press the-corner-of-the-eye technique. Clearly, this woman is an arch-fraudster who is spewing only lies, all as a cover for Zionist schemes.
    Now, of course, there is no way that she is crying. Her eyes are absolutely dry. Regardless, why fake the crying? If the tear ducts are dry, fine – of if there isn’t any visible sadness, that’s fine, too. Yet, why fake the tears? Why fake wiping them? This is proof of the fraud.
    She may not have been reaching too high for this one. It could well be that the Malaysian Airlines MH17 hoax was in plan for a considerable period, considering the date selected: as the anniversary of the Zionist downing of TWA Flight 800, along with the vile, treacherous murderous ground assault against GAZA, also on the 17th. Moreover, Mossad assets, such as Andrei Anghel and ‘Olga,’ would have been privy to the plot well in advance.
    Diabolos is real and in human flesh, in this case in the arch-fabricator and terminal liar, Alexandria Anghel. Let her prove otherwise. Let her deny that she isn’t lying. It is impossible. It is seen all over her face, especially in her eyes.
    She not only speaks with forked tongue but also clearly speaks from the corner of her mouth.
    Sure it is a bad dream, now that this treachery has been revealed.
    A long day for who – a full day-long of lies and deceit.
    The Mossad and its collaborators are directly implicated in this plot. In fact, Zionist Jews are among the main agents perpetrating this hoax, many of who are acting the fake deceased and phony supportive relatives. Furthermore, the scheming of this arch-Zionist Romanian family, along with those Amsterdam-based pro-Israeli fraudsters, the Fredriks clique, is hard proof that this act is a Zionist plot.
    Too, there can be no doubt about it – and this should be good news to the world – Andrei Anghel did not die nor did his girlfriend. Both are alive and well. This calls into question any claim for deceased people on any such a flight.

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