Sunday, July 27, 2014

ICTS Europe 911 To MH17:Israeli Terrorists,Jewish Mafia Given Refuge Employment In Holland

ICTS Europe 911 To MH17:Israeli Terrorists,Jewish Mafia  Given Refuge Employment In Holland

Sunday, 27 July 2014


MH17: Young woman in Ukraine allegedly posts picture using mascara looted from crash site...

Above we see Yekaterina Parkhomenko who claims to be a pro-Russian separatist in the Ukraine.

She posted this photo of herself on Instagram.

She states that she is posing with mascara stolen from a victim of the MH17 plane crash.

Silvija Germek points out that Yekaterina Parkhomenko comes from a very famous zionist blood line that is strongly anti-Russia.

Adam Parkhomenko, a top Hilary Clinton Jew.

Hillary Clinton's 'Super-PAC man' is Adam Parkhomenko.

'Ready For Hillary': Clinton's Campaign-In-Waiting : NPR.

Ukrainian boxer Evgen Parkhomenko is a backer of fellow Jewish zionist boxer Klitschko.

Silvija Germek points out: 

"We are seeing Ukraine torn to bits and Jewish zionists popping up everywhere.

"The Klitschkos are orthodox zionist Jews.

"Yatsenyuk is a Jewish nazi.

"Poroshenko is Jewish.

"The new Prime Minister Groysman is Jewish.

"All of them trying to take Ukraine for Zion and the bankers."

Where the oil and gas is.

In Eastern Ukraine, where MH17 was downed, there is lots of shale gas, which companies such as Royal Dutch Shell,  Exxon and Chevron would like to get their hands on.

The Ukrainian army is helping install shale gas production

The Rothschilds are involved in Ukraine.

They invest in the search for oil and gas in Ukraine using their bank called JNR.

JNR runs a firm called Diligence 'which looks after Rothschild intelligence operations in Ukraine.'

On Diligence's advisory board are Michael Howard (Jewish), William Webster (CIA) and Edward Mathias (Carlyle).

Rothschilds Run British Intelligence Operation.

Joe Biden's son is involved.

Company In Which US Vice President Joe Biden's Son Is ....

Ukraine's new Prime Minister is to be Volydymyr Groysman, who is said to be linked to George Soros.

Groysman is Jewish.

Israel's Special Forces are in Ukraine.

In Kiev, an Israeli army vet led a street-fighting unit.

There is a suggestion that MH17 was first hit by a fighter jet.

A part of MH17 leftside cockpit cabin appears to show 20mm machine-gun holes?

Many thanks to all the anonymous sources.

SO, NATO arranges the downing of MH17?

A large number of Dutch people are killed?

And the Dutch government covers up the truth?

The Dutch government means pedophile rings, boy brothels, heroin smuggling and total control by the Kosher Nostra and its friends?

New Dutch King Willem-Alexander and his wife Queen Maxima

The Dutch Royal family has been linked to Nazism and pedophile rings.

Willem III. According to The New York Times, Willem III was the 'greatest debauchee of the age'.

Holland's Prince Bernhard was a prewar member of the Nazi party, SS and SA.

In 1937 some people boycotted the wedding of Queen Juliana and the German Prince Bernhard, "after the Nazi 'Horst Wessel Song' was played in Bernhard's honour at a pre-wedding gala."

Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was the first president of the Bilderberg Group, which has Nazi and Zionist links.

In connection with the Dutroux affair, Regina Louf provided the names of top people who had abused her and who had murdered children during orgies.

Reportedly, Regina Louf visited Prince Bernhard's yacht Jumbo VI.

Regina Louf

Reportedly, Prince Bernhard was the founder of the 1001 Club where, reportedly, many important business contacts were made through money, sex and blackmail.

Reportedly, Prince Bernhard encouraged Fortuyn's right-wing, anti-Moslem, political ideas. Then There Was The Pim Fortuyn Assassination

Various allegations have been made against top people in the Netherlands:

"A German prince named Hendrik, raped his own daughter, the mother of queen Beatrix, as a result of which a daughter was born. 

"The father of Friso, Claus, was a homosexual who also used children for sexual pleasure. 

"The lawyer of the Queen and main guardian of the crown prince, Friso’s brother, was a sadistic pedophile against whom even testimony of child executions exists."

Dutch pedophile exposer to stand trial, high ... - The Truthseeker

Anna Stam, 41, was standing at the back of a shop, in Amsterdam.

A little girl asked her in English: "Do you know where my mummy is?" 

Stam replied that her mother was a little further back in the store.

The child said: "She is not my mummy. She is a stranger; she took me from my mummy." 

Stam said that when she asked the girl where she last saw her mother, she said: "They took me from my holiday." 

Was a top Dutch politician present when a young boy was murdered?

Reportedly there are photos of the top politician, in the nude, with the boy.

Censored31 threatens to spread picture of naked SG of Justice

12-year-old Manuel Schadwald disappeared on the way to a Berlin leisure centre.

Manuel's mother thinks that a boy who appears in a child-porn film is her son.


In an apartment in Zandvoort in the Netherlands thousands of child-porn photos were discovered.

The photos include the torture and rape of children as young as two.

It is believed that the international pedophile ring includes Portuguese, British, Belgians, Dutch and Germans. 

Die Gier nach kleinen Kindern kennt keine Grenzen mehr ... - Die Welt / When sex abuse can lead to murder | World news | The Guardian

Joris Demmink is the former boss of the Dutch Justice Ministry.

"Marcel Vervloesem confirmed what earlier sources already reported: Joris Demmink attended the satanic lust murder of the German boy Manuel Schadwald."


Marcel Vervloesem has said in a Dutch radio programme that he has a video of Joris Demmink, on a boat called Apollo, while Manuel Schadwald was being murdered.

On 27 November 1995, Belgian police searched premises used by the Rajneesh - Osho cult (a cult linked to the CIA)

They were looking for Eric Mattheeussen, who had been accused of taking photographs of a traffic accidentThe police found many boxes.

"In these boxes ... we find hundreds of pictures of corpses of children, often in the most hideous poses. 

"Many of the pictures have been made by himself; other pictures were made on order by other photographers. 

"In several boxes we find child pornography. ... Hundreds of magazines. ... The lecture shows penetrations of often very young children by grown ups, and also some very unusual pedophile fantasies. ... newspaper clippings of prominent disappearances." 

(De Demmink Doofpot Institute for the Study of Globalization and ...)


Beat Meier is Swiss.

"His name appears in the Dutroux police files."

"Scotland Yard detectives travelled to Switzerland to try to interview him in prison... Scotland Yard officers wanted to talk to him about a video they had obtained. 

"This video featured a boy who was tied to a chair and horrifically tortured and abused by two masked men.

"Through great detective work Scotland Yard identified the boy, even though his face never appeared on the video. Fortunately the boy had survived his ordeal and he was tracked down to his home in Liverpool.

"The boy’s explanation was very revealing. 

"Beat Meier had befriended his parents and suggested taking the boy back to Switzerland for a holiday..."

(4 2011-01-15 09:10 - Bende van Nijvel » Forum)

Dutroux victims

Zev Barkan aka Bruckenstein was at one time a Mossad agent in Brussels. 

Reportedly, Barkan got Bernard Weinstein involved with Marc Dutroux's organisation, so that blackmail could be applied to Dutroux's customers.

Dutroux was at the centre of an international child abuse and murder ring.

Zev Barkan

Reportedly, Mossad operative Zev Barkan and his accomplices ran a studio making snuff and porno movies in the Mekong River town of Pen Yauin in Cambodia. 

Of course, all these top child abusers are untouchable.

And it is the intelligence services who organise the system.


In a court in Holland, a former police chief, Klaas Langedoen, has said that 'Turkey blackmailed Joris Demmink' the former boss of the Dutch Justice Ministry.

'Turkije chanteerde justitietop met Demmink ... - De Telegraaf -Translate this page

Demmink has been accused of sexually abusing boys in Turkey.

Langedoen, the former chief of the Dutch Criminal Investigation Department (CID), carried out an investigation in Turkey.

The blackmail deal was reportedly arranged between former Turkish Prime Minister Tansu Çiller and the then Dutch Minister of Justice Winnie Sorgdrager.


Reportedly Turkey blackmailed Demmink so as to get a Kurd calledHüseyin Baybasin put in jail.

However, reportedlyDemmink was keen to prevent Baybasin talking about top peole and criminal activities and was happy to have Baybasin put in jail.

Baybasin is linked to top Turkish government officials involved in heroin smuggling.

He became active in the movement to gain greater autonomy for the Kurds and became an enemy of the Turkish government.

He took refuge in Holland but was later jailed by the Dutch.

Strop om nek Joris Demmink trekt zich strakker, de Baybasin affaire - Translate this page

JORIS DEMMINK allegedly had a role in a child abuse scandal. He was Director General at the Dutch Ministry of Justice.

How might the CIA and Mossad control the Netherlands? Are some top Dutch people involved in child abuse and the drugs trade?

1. In 1996, Marc Dutroux was arrested in Belgium.

Documents in the case pointed at the involvement of Dutch politicians in the Dutroux child abuse scandal.

(Joris Demmink - Wikipedia

The child abuse gangs are well documented. But the child abuse gangs work for the security services. So they are well protected.

In 1998 Dutch prosecutors in Amsterdam were working on the 'Rolodex case' in which high-ranking people were suspected of being members of a child abuse gang. 

(911:Joris Demmink scandal - Wikicompany)

Among the suspects were a former cabinet minister, the personal counsel of Queen Beatrix and two leading criminal prosecutors.

The police was preparing to make arrests, when the whole operation was shut down.

It was later reported, in the so called 'Runderkamp-papers', that a top official in the Ministry of Justice in the Hague, Joris Demmink, played a role in the Rolodex affair.

He was suspected of being a member of the child abuse gang.

He was suspected of leaking information to the suspects.


In 1998 Dutch TV broadcasted two items about criminals smuggling young children into the Netherlands from Eastern Europe for sexual purposes.

The TV documentary included telephone-taps from the Rolodex-case. 

 (911:Joris Demmink scandal - Wiki.)

Reportedly, in these taps one can hear a very high ranking official from the Ministry of Justice named 'Joris' 'ordering' some children for the weekend.

In 2002 Joris Demmink was appointed Director General at the Dutch Ministry of Justice.

In 2003 two Dutch magazines published long and detailed stories about Joris Demmink abusing under-aged prostitutes in a public park in the south of the country (city of Eindhoven).

In 2007 a lawyer for Turkish-Kurdish 'businessman' Hüseyin Baybaşin accused Demmink of sexually abusing children. 

(911:Joris Demmink scandal - Wikicompany)

Baybasin has links to drugs and politicians 

BALLIN is reportedly a Bilderberger.

2. Ernst Hirsch Ballin was born to a Jewish father. (Ernst Hirsch Ballin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Reportedly he is a member of Bilderberg. (Bilderberg 2009 Attendance List)

He has been the Dutch Minister of Justice.

In 1994, in the so-called IRT (regional detective squad) affair, Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin, and interior minister Ed van Thijn, were forced to resign.

It became known that the inter regional detective squad (IRT), with permission from both departments, had been bringing in billions of guilders worth of cocaine and other drugs into Holland. 

(Chronology of the Netherlands )

In 1996 a parliamentary inquiry commission published its report on the IRT affair.

The commission found that large quantities of drugs had been smuggled into the country and marketed with the help and connivance of the government.

The commission chairman, Maarten van Traa, was killed in a traffic accident shortly after the report was published. 

Guusje ter Horst

3. In August 2006 Guusje Ter Horst was fined for drunk driving.

(Guusje ter Horst - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

In 2007 she was appointed as Holland's Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations drew our attention to "Obama's Drunken, Drug Running and Paedophile Helpers", by Hans Vogel in Pravda.Ru

Among the points made:

1. The 'crotch bomber' was escorted by a 'well-dressed' man who apparently had access to the boss of the Israeli firm that handles security at Amsterdam.

2. The US government has the support of its Dutch vassal state.

3. The Dutch Minister of Justice was Ernst Hirsch Ballin.

In 1994, Ballin 'was forced to resign as justice minister for his involvement in a billion dollar drug trafficking operation'.

Ballin called for the immediate introduction of full body scanners at Dutch airports.

Affaire Joris Demmink: het feitenoverzicht « Klokkenluideronline - [Translate this page ].

In 1980, a coup took place in Suriname, a former Dutch colony.

This coup was led by led Desi Bouterse, who is said to be a drugs gangster.

Joris Demmink and Suriname.

Bouterse, who has been linked to the drugs trade.

Allegedly, the Netherlands was involved in the coup.

A report on the coup disappeared "while in the hands of Jorris Demmink."

dossiers on Suriname

According to a former official, Demmink had a sexual relationship with a young member of the Suriname military who was linked to Bouterse. 

dossiers on Suriname

In 1994, in Holland, it became clear that Dutch police and government officials had been involved in bringing drugs into Holland and selling them to the public (The IRT affair).

(Chronology of the Netherlands )


"Baybasin ... said that Turkey had put pressure on the Netherlands to arrest him by threatening to disclose information on Demmink's abuse of minors in Turkey."

Michael Howard (left) 

Michael Howard was the UK home secretary at the time when the Baybasins were allowed into the UK.

The gang's members were allowed to move from Turkey to London, allegedly after their leader, Huseyin Baybasin, agreed to tell Customs investigators what he knew about the involvement of senior Turkish politicians and officials in the international heroin trade.

Michael Howard, the drugs baron and an extraordinary £400,000 bribery claim (Daily Mail 1 November 2008) / Top Politicians; Heroin; An Alleged Bribe

Michel Nihoul was central to the Dutroux child kidnapping and murder affair. Dutroux is believed to have been working for the security services.

"The magazines Panorama and GayKrant decided on a collective independent investigation of Demmink. 

"They published articles revealing that Demmink abused children .... in a sex bar in Prague. 

"A man named Frank Leenders came forward as a witness and victim. 

"He said Demmink had been present during the filming of a porn film in the Czech Republic where a child died as a result of penetration with a dildo."

Dutch pedophile exposer to stand trial, high-ranking pedophile still free ... /DEMMINK; CHILD ABUSE; NARCOTICS; FORTUYN.../BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, CROWLEY, SAVILE, DEMMINK

Anonymous comments:

Demmink's chauffeur of course committed suicide recently just before he was due to be interviewed by police.

The child abuse rings 'work for governments'.

The Netherlands, and its neighbours, appear to be rather sick?

In 2000, Nick Davies wrote in The Guardian

(When sex abuse can lead to murder World news The Guardian):

"Terry... had come across some of the paedophiles the detectives were investigating - in Amsterdam, where he said they had become involved with a group of exiled British child abusers who had succeeded in commercialising their sexual obsession.

"The exiled paedophiles were trafficking boys from other countries; running legitimate gay brothels and selling under-aged boys 'under the counter'; they had branched out into the production of child pornography.

"And they had killed some of them.

"One boy had simply been shot through the head, Terry said: he had been causing trouble and had been executed in front of several paedophiles.

"Another, he believed, had been thrown into one of the canals.

"But the one about whom he spoke the most was a boy who had been tortured and killed in the most painful fashion in the course of producing a pornographic video."

When sex abuse can lead to murder World news The Guardian


Joris Demmink and his party have been photographed and recorded while raping children in Marmaris, Turkey

Saturday, 26 July 2014


Benjamin Netanyahu appears to like sadistic gay sex and appears to have stolen nuclear secrets from the USA.

Benjamin Netanyahu has used the names John Jay Sullivan and John Jay Sullivan Jr. and Benjamin Nitai.

Spook, Terrorist or Criminal?

Reportedly, Netanyahu was involved in the smuggling of nuclear materials out of the United States

Criminal Netanyahu Involvement In Smuggling Nuclear / Netanyahu Worked Inside Nuclear Smuggling Ring by Grant Smith --

Netanyahu keeps strange company.

Netanyahu family.

Reportedly, the US Secret Service guarded Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during his attendance at a 'homosexual sexual bondage performance' in New York in November 2010.

"A source within the U.S. Secret Service... informed Wayne Madsen Reports that while on a 'business trip' to New York on November 8, 2010, Netanyahu visited a performing arts theater in West Greenwich Village.

"The performance involved extreme sado-masochistic, as well as homosexual themes."

Netanyahu gay sex 

The Israeli aim is to kill as many Palestinian children as possible and to drive the Palestinians out of their homeland.

Netanyahu's grandparents are not from Israel but from Belarus, Lithuania and Poland.

The vast majority of Israelis have their origins in Russia, Eastern Europe, the USA and North Africa.

Many of them have criminal backgrounds.

According to Mordechai Zalkin, a senior history lecturer in Israel, it was mainly Jewish mafias who, in the period before World War II, controlled the underworld in Warsaw, Vilna, Odessa and certain other large cities in Europe.

Gaza July 2014.

The Israelis, acting like Nazis, have used terrorism to drive the Palestinians from their homeland.

Many of the top Nazis were reportedly 'Jewish'.

'Hitler was descended from Jews' DNA tests show

Adolf Eichmann spoke Hebrew, visited Palestine and worked closely with Zionists preparing Jews for emigration.

(eichmann was jewish)

Heinrich Himmler's grandfather was Jewish.

(Himmler relative marries Israeli - Israel News, Ynetnews / jewish)

Himler's SS secretly supplied weapons to Jewish settlers for use in clashes with Palestinian Arabs. 

(F. Nicosia, Third Reich (1985), pp. 63-64, 105, 219-220.)

Heydrich was reportedly Jewish.

(Reinhard Heydrich who masterminded the Holocaust)

Former Israeli prime Minister Menachem Begin was once chief of the Betar youth movement in Poland.

Begin and his Betar members wore brown shirts and used the fascist salute. (Cached )

Children protest against the lies of the Jewish-run BBC; but the Kosher Nostra are untouchables. 

In 1933, the Zionist Federation of Germany sent a memorandum of support to the Nazi Party.

The World Zionist Organization Congress in 1933 defeated a resolution calling for action against Hitler by a vote of 240 to 43.

The World Zionist Organization 'became the principal distributor of Nazi goods throughout the Middle East and Northern Europe'.(Cached)

There have been many rival factions within the Jewish world.

It is believed that the Nazi Jews put their Jewish enemies into the concentration camps. 

Gaza July 2014.

Israel is essentially a base for the Kosher Nostra, the largest mafia in the world.

"In Rome, Italy, in 2000, Italian police broke up a ring of eleven top Jewish gangsters. 

"It was discovered that they had been kidnapping Gentile (non-Jewish) children between the ages of two and five from orphanages, raping them, and then murdering the children. 

"These despicable crimes were recorded live on film and sold throughout the infamous global "snuff film" industry.

"Over 1,700 customers had paid as much as $20,000 per film to view little children being raped and murdered.

"Both the Associated Press and Reuters agencies reported this heinous crime on September 27, 2000 (Also see The Rome Observer, October 1, 2000)."

Carter Reveals Begin Viewed Jews As The Master Race.

The World protests against the Jewish terrorists, but the Kosher Nostra controls politicians and media outlets around the world.
Netanyahu is part of the tribe which has also included Meyer Lansky, Bernie Madoff, Bugsy Siegel, Marc Rich and Osama bin Laden.

List of Jewish American mobsters.

Osama bin Laden worked for the Jewish Russian Mafia.

The bin Ladens originate from Yemen, which was once a Jewish state.

The newspaper Scotland on Sunday reported, 16/9/ 2001, that Osama bin Laden made his fortune in part by working with Jewish-Russian mafia operations in Qatar and Cyprus.

Osama is from a billionaire family which has close ties to the Bush family and the Saudi royal family.

(aangirfan: The bin Laden Family)

According to Wayne Madsen, "The Bin Laden drug network ... intersects with Geneva-based financial entities established by George H. W. Bush while he was CIA director and Vice President and President of the United States."

(aangirfan: Bush, Bin Laden, Drugs....)

Another famous Jew

During the Yeltsin era, the Russian government allowed certain Jewish gangsters to steal a lot of the countries wealth.

"The fact is that Yeltsin was a hired tool whose job it was to turn Russia's wealth over to the same cartel of Jewish racketeers who controlled Clinton."

(Digg - Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin dies)

After Friedman’s book was published, Russian Jewish Mafia leaders put a bounty on his head. 

"The Russian Mafiya is into everything from Wall Street to African diamonds... It has compromised governments and threatens the integrity of world banking."

"Sometime in the '90s, the number of Russian mobsters in New York surpassed the head count of all five (Italian) famiglias combined."

("Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded ...)

"If Marc Mukasey, the Attorney General's son, can be the lawyer for Madoff's top executive Frank DiPascali via his firm Bracewell & Giuliani in New York, and if Madoff turns out as laundering for the Russian mob and drug cartels, then how in the world could Marc have avoided turning them in?" (Euddoggwyn's World: MADOFF AND THE RUSSIAN MAFIA?

Bernie Madoff made $50 billion disappear.

Madoff may have links to the Jewish Mafia.

(Was Bernie Madoff a Mafia Front? - Jon Taplin’s Blog)


Michael Collins Piper, at American Free Press, December 2007, writes about ' rudy giuliani godfather of the russian mob'

According to Piper: 

Giuliani closed down the local, mainly Italian-American, mafias.

This allowed certain foreign mafias to take over. 

These foreign mafias were mainly Jewish and mainly from Russia and Israel. 

Sam Kislin is 'a Ukraine-born and now New York-based patron of Israel'.

Kislin is reportedly linked to high-ranking figures in the 'Russian' mafia.

Kislin raised more than $2 million for Giuliani’s intended bid for the Senate in 2000.

The initial base of operations for the Jewish (so-called 'Russian') mafia was the Brighton Beach area in Brooklyn.

Giuliani 'looked the other way'.


Robert I. Friedman wrote in his book Red Mafia that 'one of the leading figures' in the Jewish mafia, Shabtai Kalmanovitch, was also working for Mossad. 

Friedman pointed out that 'Russian mafia' figures, such as Joseph Kobson, have links to Likud in Israel.

Friedman wrote: "With two decades of unimpeded growth, the Russian Mafiya has succeeded in turning Israel into its very own 'mini-state,' in which it operates with virtual impunity. 

"Although many in international law enforcement believe that Israel is by now so compromised that its future as a nation is imperiled, its government, inexplicably, has done almost nothing to combat the problem."
Website for this image...

Friedman suggested that U.S. law enforcement has done little to counter the 'Russian' mafia.

The reason, Friedman said: "A large part of the problem was political: the Russian mob was predominantly Jewish."

Patrick Cotter, a top Justice Department prosecutor, reportedly said that while the FBI had squads targeting the Italian-American mafias, there was no squad targeting the 'Russian' mafias.

The Russian-Jewish mafia is "protected by the most powerful political force in the United States today: the Jewish lobby, represented by such groups as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith, a documented arm of Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad, as well as the American Jewish Congress and the American Jewish Committee. 

"The mass media, largely controlled by Zionist interests, has also redirected attention away from these elements."


Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov is linked to the Russian Mafia and he is an Israeli citizen, according to reports in the Russian media. (Radio Islam: Mobster linked to Olympics bribe scandal has Israeli)


On 17 November 2008, Yaakov Alperon, an Israeli mobster was assassinated in a car bomb attack.

Alperon's enemies included drug lord Zeev Rosenstein.

Alperon was killed by a bomb explosion in his car at a crowded Tel Aviv intersection. At least three other people were wounded in the attack, including a 13-year-old boy.

Sam Zemurray was a Russian Jew who became head of theUnited Fruit Company.

Reportedly, he made his money by keeping in power those dictators who would help keep down workers' wages.

"His 'style' in establishing his own company ... involved bribery and the subsidizing of revolution to overthrow a legitimate government [in Honduras] in order to place someone more favorable to his interests in the executive office."

(Langley/Schoonover - The Banana Men. American Mercenaries and Entrepreneurs in Central America, 1880-1930, 1995)

Jean-Paul Votron, of Fortis, Maurice Lippens, of Fortis, Fred Goodwin, former CEO of Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), and Emilio Botin, of Santander. Maurice Lippens has been linked to the Dutroux Affair and Bilderberg.

The executive directors of Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds and HBOS earned a combined £122m in pay and cash bonuses over a recent period of 5 years. (what bank chiefs earned before meltdown)

Banks have lots of Jewish executives.

Eric Daniels, chief executive at Lloyds Bank, earned £10 million.

Sir Fred Goodwin, whose mother was Jewish, earned £15 million.

According to Mordechai Zalkin, a senior history lecturer in Israel, it was mainly Jewish mafias who, in the period before World War II, controlled the underworld in Warsaw, Vilna, Odessa and certain other large cities in Europe.

(World of our (god)fathers,/ the brains behind the sexslave trade)

Reportedly, "Jews could be found at almost all levels of underworld activity, from the individual thief to gangs that numbered more than 100 members."

In his novel, In the Vale of Tears, Mendele Mocher Sforim describes how Jewish mobsters use underhanded methods to kidnap Jewish girls from poor, remote towns and then force them to work as prostitutes. 

(the brains behind the sexslave trade)

Bugsy Siegel was Jewish 

The sources for the following include: jewishtribalreview 'The Sacred Chain - A History of the Jews' by Norman Cantor - Harper Collins,

"It was the Jews, by and large," says Norman Cantor, "not the Italians, who created what was later called the Mafia. 

"In the 1920s the Italians began to replace the Jews in the New York organized crime industry, but as late as 1940 if you wanted a spectacular hit you were looking for a representative of the Lepke Buchalter Gang, also known as Murder Inc.

"Jews were also prominent in the gambling trade and developed Las Vegas in the 1940s. It was a Jewish gambler who fixed the 1919 baseball World Series - what became known as the Black Sox scandal."

Thaçi, prime minister of Kosovo, is alleged to have extensive criminal links. 

Marvin Kitman has written: "The Jews were the first ones to realize the link between organized crime an organized politics. They led the way in corrupting the police and city hall." 

Reportedly, the Seagram's alcohol fortune (the Canadian Bronfman family) 'grew to power by getting their alcohol into criminal hands who smuggled it into the United States. 

"Bronfman, who bristled when anyone called him a bootlegger, had a distribution deal for his booze with Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky.'

Ben Gurion, former Prime Minister of Israel. 

David Ben-Gurion was jailed in Warsaw, Poland.

"That was the first time," he said, "that I ever came into contact with the dregs of society. I was shaken to the core at the language and behavior. 

"I never had the slightest notion that such people ever existed ... The thing that shook me most was that these criminals were Jews."

According to the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, September 15, 1999, "Between 50 and 80 percent of the Russian economy is said to be in Jewish hands, with the influence of the five Jews among the eight individuals commonly referred to as 'oligarchs' particularly conspicuous."


It is not just the UK security services which have strong links to Israel (THE CLASSIC SEX SCANDAL), it is also the Russian security services.

The KGB and Mossad used to share their secrets.

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