Thursday, July 17, 2014

Malaysia Airlines,CIA And U.S. Management Needs Overhaul After 'Flights'MH17 & MH370

Malaysia Airlines,CIA And U.S. Management Needs Overhaul After 'Flights'MH17 & MH370

In 2006 the CIA lied outright like a dumb ostrich with its head in the sand and told the NY Times as well as NY Post's Chistopher Byron and a CIA connected website called who latewr hid the CIA reply to my claim or fact that CIA was running a penny stock money laundering op in Kuala Lumpur using U.S.penny stocks to defraud Americans as well as Hong Kong residents that the CIA has no operations in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. If that was a fact then why did the CIA and FBI not bust the Kuala Lumpur 'boiler room'  that was selling shares of fraudulent U.S.penny stocks AS WELL AS SHARES OF THE CIA'S OWN SRA INTERNATIONAL THAT WERE BEING SOLD BY 'COLD CALLING' POTENTIAL INVESTORS OR SUCKERS IN HONG KONG INSTEAD OF LUIEIMNG TO THE PRESS AND ALLOWING MYSELF AND OTHERS TO BE DEFRAUDED! HUH!?The fact that a British scumbag by the name of    Peter Taylor was running the operation hints of UK MI5 OR MI6 'INTELLIGENCE' INVOLVED AS WELL.Note that after this incident the NY Times attacked ME like a cowardly bullies and culluders of and with CIA money laundering and fraud.I wo9nder what they diod with that money - funded peace projects?Hah!


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De Tony Ryals
6/5/2013 - As New York Post columnist Chris Byron tells it, In-Q-Tel, the C.I.A.-funded venture firm, is a stumbling, bumbling mess of an operation. It invests in money-losing companies, fools around with penny stocks and can't keep chief ...

July 18, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Management Needs Overhaul After MH17 & MH370

By EconMatters  

On Thursday a Malaysia Airlines flight crashed with 295 people on board over eastern Ukraine near the Russian border, there is a high probability that the conflict in this region caused this plane to be shot down by accident. There are a myriad of scenarios of how this could happen in the confusion of what essentially has been a war zone, an area that the FAA has banned all U.S. commercial flights from flying over since April of this year. These kinds of accidents happen all the time in the confusion of military hotspots if we look back at historical records, the US even shot down a commercial Iranian flight by accident, these things happen.
However the real question is why didn`t Malaysia Airlines also reroute flight patterns over this area as records show that other Malaysia Airlines flights have crossed over this highly combative area the last couple of days. How stupid do you have to be to send a commercial flight over what essentially is a warzone? I bet it came down to trying to save some fuel costs for the airline, but come on this is another case of an airline being penny wise and pound foolish. How much do you think the airline actually saved by taking the most direct route? Compare this figure with the amount of money they are going to pay out in liabilities to the families of the passengers on this plane. The trial lawyers must be lining up around the block on this one, not to mention the reputational damage caused by this latest incident with a Malaysia Airlines flight. Why would anybody ever fly this airline again?

I know some may think that I am being too harsh on poor Malaysia Airlines, as they are the victim in this case right, well that is one point of view. But the more logical perspective is that this was just an accident waiting to happen, so much so that the US rerouted flights over this area, and it appears that Malaysia Airlines was just being too cheap to do the same! Talk about gross incompetence at an airline, who knows what went on with that missing flight looking back in retrospect. This airline`s incompetence brings onboard an entirely new batch of possible scenarios of what really happened to that missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in March of this year.

One thing is apparent after this latest disaster at the airline, upper management needs to be completely overhauled. Their critical decision making abilities are non-existent, and their ability to manage and evaluate risk scenarios is severely lacking, and the way they handled the entire missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 investigation was incompetence at its finest! This management team is singlehandedly going to cause this airline to go out of business at this rate, and by my accounts Malaysia Airlines should go out of business. Let a competent airline buy out their operations, do humanity a favor, I mean come on flying commercial flights routinely over a combat zone, and you are surprised that an accident of this magnitude occurred? The real surprise is why it took this long given the circumstances in the region, what a bunch of idiots at Malaysia Airlines!

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