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My reply to Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.'s Ryan W Knapp's 2nd Email

My reply to Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.'s Ryan W Knapp's Email

Ryan W.Knapp's comments to me.:

Hello, I am Ryan Knapp who gave the testimony listed above.

I NOT the same Ryan Knapp who was arrested for heroin.

That Ryan Knapp was two years younger than me. His middle initial was M, mine is W. Ive taken to using it since he was arrested. At the time of his arrest, I was living in California and working for Toyota. Ryan M Knapp has since passed away, months before 12/14/12.

Please promptly update your article as this misinformation is coming up when people, such as perspective employers, search my name and it is adversely impacting my livelihood.

Thank you in advance,

-Ryan W Knapp


  1. Note: publishing untrue statements such as these constitutes libel.

Dear Ryan W  Knapp,

Note I have removed your and Ryan M Knapp's name from this post taken from another blog about other suspicious characters Sandy Hook and would have removed your name from all association with the other Newtown Ryan Knapp had you only written long ago.

NBC Connecticut

Teacher Who Survived Sandy Hook Has Book Deal

ABC News-Jul 29, 2014Share
A Connecticut teacher who helped save students' lives during theSandy Hook Elementary School massacre has a book deal. G.P. Putnam's ...

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If there is any reason to believe any of the other Newtown Sandy Hook residents mentioned above are actually someone else or they were not involved in incidents described please let me know.
As you may realise many Americans are very interested in all details regarding the Sany Hook incident even now and feel CNN and Fox and Peter Lanza's GE connected CNBC let them down.
Actually I have been concerned that many reading my blog might think I'm a right wing gun nut when in fact I wouldn't know what to do with a gun if I had one and would in fact be freaked out.
Also while mental health funding and help would be an ideal it has become all too associated with drugging people to keep them in a sort of menal straight jacket.I feel many people particularly post 9/11 government  lies are suffering from what I term 'cultural malnutrition' rather than a phamaceutical company 'drug deficiency'.And with so many impoverished particularly in stock frauds with THEIR money going to 'anonymous' offshore accounts(THAT SOMEHOW THE U.S.NSA NOR EVEN THE CIA SEEMS TO CATCH OR EVEN NOTICE) and or maybe due to American soil decline in this VERY IN-ORGANIC AGE PERHAPS FROM LITERAL NUTRITIONAL DEICIENCY.Oh by theway isit true or not that Gene Rosen who took in all those fleeing Sandy Hook children into his home on that that earth shaking day of December 14,2012,worked at that creepy Sandy Hook mental institute at one time or not ?

  1. Sandy Hook HOAX:Gene Rosen's NONSENSE Analyzed ...

    Nov 11, 2013 - Uploaded by TheRicoman1973
    Back to the beginning. Gene Rosen is one of the main reasons I "kept digging" into researching Sandy Hook ...

Unfortunately that old mental institute in Newtown that you mention seems to be the LAST kind of treatment one might associate with mental health.At most it might serve as a last resort for someone like Adam Lanza after the fact if indeed he existed at all.His alleged girlfriend Aklex Israel said he existed on CNN and THAT she actually had 'play dates with him on her mother Beth Israel's website.Does that mean Adam was Jewish ?She acts like he was perfectly normal when Adam and his mom Nancy had her over at the house.So a mystery how he changed so fast.Did you ever see him out driving the car ?
Uh, speaking of 'mental health' didn't you think it rather 'crazy' that two Jewish women ,Veronique Pozner and her daughter what's her name both went out and got tattoos immediately almost like they were celebrating.It's a Jewish 'NO NO ',you know unless of course  one might be part of a cult like Chabad Lubavitch,then I guess aything goes.

Do you know that banker who helped set up the trusts?,he seems a bit suspect even though he is very well connected.Do you think one of those trust beneficiaries - there were-are so many quectionable trusts, Jillian Soto,really has those photos of the dead children she claimed to be viewing on her mother blogsite!?Why do you think she has them ?I thought it was against the law for anyone to have them.Or was that just a publicity stunt to boost her pump her 'trust fund' donations up a bit sort of like a penny stock pump which seems somehow to be a major industry in Sandy Hook and Connecticut itself come to mention it.In fact before Sany Hook I never saw an incident where people either had websites that were set up to received funds for the allegewd traumatized family members that they might take trips around the world such as Victoria Soto's
alleged sister or Alix Israel for that matter.Did you all get money from the trusts set up.VERY 'professional'.Did you ever set up a fund to promote 'mental health' after the incident?It seems like it would be a good stragey if you were into that kind of thing.I mean while all those others are promoting the Obama and U.N.anti-gun agenda it seems partiocularly clever to promote the pychiatric pharmaceutical industry instead! You sucker individuals to give donations to the cause of yourself and the drug industry and you wouldn't even have to compete with all those other Sandy Hookers for a piece of the anti-gun trust fund pie !
I really thought that Obama Manatos lobbyist employee Emilie Parker Frank  was a dead ringer for the alleged dead Victoria Soto.She actually changed her linkup.con webpage photo when a youtuber and I mentioned how similar her old photo looked to the dead Soto.Strange too her name is almost down to thespelling just like that of alleged Sandy Hook child victim Emilie Parker ,don't you think?

Do you have any idea why CNBC never interviewed GE Capital money launderer Peter Lanza about such things as encouraging his alleged son's alleged gun obsession ?And considering otherAmerican anarchic   terrorists doesn't it surprise you that they aren't coming ot of the ghettos but from the elite suburban class from the Aurora Colorado BATMAN guy to Sandy Hook's Adam Lanza!What's the explanation for that ?!
There are other examples,I foret but you can back as far as Barack Obama's aka Barry Soetoro's old terrorist buddy from the Viet Nam war days who may have written Barack Obama's 'autobiographical' masterpiece ......He and his terrorist right wing wife posing as some hind of hippie revolutionaries both came from very affluebnt even 'Jewis' Chicago connectionsdon't they?Wheredid they go wrong.Were they part of the FBI's planned cointelpro terrorism ?Government sponored terroism and disinfo ops ?

Wow just look at this news item Emilie Paker's father is STILL doing the talk circuit?Didn't he used to have some defense work or surveillance tech kind of employment ?Or maybe he was the janitor,I forget....... He sure enjoyred that pitching at the Houston Astros  war  profiteer and Barack Obaama golfing buddy Jim Crane or was it at W Bush's old Rangers team.I forget.....(Luckily)

Sandy Hook And Shooting Simulators Factor In School Safety ...

KUAR-Jul 22, 2014Share
Robbie and Alyssa Parker, parents of a child who died in the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, gave a keynote presentation Tuesday ...

  1. Sandy Hook and the real “Robbie Parker”: SpotterRF, DHS ...

    May 16, 2014 - John Matthew Walker did not play the role of “Robbie Parker” at Sandy Hook. We have revised our conclusion on the basis of the scientific ...

Why in Heil were so many house ownerships changed on or about Christmas 2009 which is even stanger if oyou remember in retrospect that it was the exact Christmas when  all those houses changed ownership in Newtown.Even more bizare is that Nancy Lanza's old John Hancock hedge fund pals actually held shares at one time in the Israeli ICTS International of Israeli money launderer and murder suspect Menachem Atzmon's ICTS International,(now ICTS Europe with new Dutch names as well as ex San Jose Mayor and W Bush Transportation Secrtetary Norm Mineta's name replacing theirs TO PROTECT THE GUILTY).They the Israeli Shin Bet or Mossad or whatever were the ones who 'guarded' Logan Airport on Sepember 11,2001 or '9/11'.It was on Christmas 2009 coincidentally that they let the 'Islamic Nigerian terrorist' Mutallab board flight 253, from Schipol Airport Amsterdam that they either control or own,to fly to Detroit with his 'crotch' bomb while a Detroit attorney and his wife looked on amazed !Anyway funny to think theeir stock or securities fraud against Americans was actually used to breach security at Logan Aieport which actually led to the Iraq War 'coinicidentally'!And strange little old gun nut  Nancy Lanza's hedge fund associates at John Hancock atually along with a Rothschild concern and I forget what other entity sponsored them to become a 'public' stock scam company in President of Vice Joe Biden's State of Delaware in 1999 so they couly Huntleigh airpoirt rent-a-cops and their contract out on Logan and the rst as they say - is history !
Ihope you appreciate my effort to emphasize the two Ryan Knapps so no one shall again be confused and thanks for finally enlightening us all.
Oh were there really CIA  agents on the scene as the  Sandy Hook-Adam Lanza incident was occuring as CNN Wolf Blitzer's Rabbi Praver friend in Sandy Hook claims!?What the heil were they doing there ?Please come back and help straight out my mental confusion regarding Sandy Hook.

There are so many questions that so many of us 'conspiracy theorists' have that  you are welcome to make any comment you want here or even answer questions for all of us who have our doubts.
Thanks and may the force be with you.
Tony Ryals

Emilie Parkerwith daughtEmilie Parkerand rest of family  in the pre Adam Lanza good ol days before he got draftedto throw opening ball at the major leagues and try and make the people happy once again...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT. And The Two Ryan Knapp

Below Ryan W Knapp previously residing at  11 Jeremiah Road, Sandy Hook, CT. 06482. responds to apparent confusion by myself and others with the deceased Ryan M. Knapp also of the Newtown area..

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