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SEC,9/11:Israel IDF Developed NSA Snooping Technology and 'Start Ups' Have Stolen $ Trillions From Americans In Stock Fraud,Corporate Sabotage

SEC:Israel IDF Developed NSA Snooping Technology and 'Start Ups' Have Stolen $ Trillions From Americans In Stock Fraud,Corporate Sabotage

Brigadier General (Res.) Dan Nadiv, general manager of the Natra Group, stated, "The Natra Group are anxious to work with Michael Zwebner and his group, and have faith in the AirWater Products and their placement into the market."
General Nadiv stated that his background as former Chief of Logistics of the (IDF), Israel Defense Forces, enables him to clearly understand the constant need for clean drinkable water for the armed forces, especially those on the constant move, and that the AirWater Products and Services can help fill a special need in this respect.
A detailed report on the Natra Advanced Technologies (1995) Ltd. company will be published in a future press release.- Fraudulent Press Release by SEC,CIA,FBI,NSA Protected Israeli penny stock money launderer Michael Zwebner ,June 16, 2003 

Note that UK's GCHQ compared to Israel Defense Force'Unit 8200 is the British agency that colluded with the U.S.or Israeli NSA of treasonous Air Force Generals Keith Alexander and ex NSA,CIA Director Michael Hayden.Comvers mentioned so proudly in the article was connected to Israeli Indigo that supposedly was on good terms with Al Qaeda that they said warned them imn advance although they never in retturned warned any Americans who dies that day!.:


Stylit was one of 19 young tech companies displaying their wares in Tel Aviv recently at the end of a five-month entrepreneurship programme run by alumni of an Israeli intelligence unit that has spawned more tech millionaires than many business schools.

Similar to Britain's GCHQ, Unit 8200 manages Israel's army signals intelligence, sucking in and analysing vast amounts of electronic data, from wiretapped phone calls and emails to microwave and satellite broadcasts. On the new hi-tech battlefield, 8200 is now the largest unit in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).
Demobbed geeks once overshadowed by gun-toting commandos have made the most of their expertise in cybersecurity, data storage, mobile communications and analytical algorithms to help transform the basis of Israel's economy from orange groves to mobile-phone apps. Israeli inventions include instant messaging, the USB memory stick, the firewall and the secure data links that enable most of the world's banking transactions and TV signal decoders.
Israeli tech firms Nice, Comverse and Check Point were all created by 8200 alumni or based on technology originally developed by the unit. With the emergence of consumer apps based on crunching vast amounts of information known as "big data", Israel is a decade ahead of the US and Europe – and all because of the military.
New startups such as Stylit hope to emulate the success of Waze, a big-data-based driving app developed by former IDF cyber-squaddies and bought by Google for more than $1bn (£654m).

 Note these links below about Comverse that the Israeli IDF created and their role in 9/11 and massive stock fraud.No wonder IDF is creatuing so many millionaires by robbing raping and looting Americans they claim are their allies !With friends like them and the traitors in the U.S.government who needs enemies ?

  1. Why was Kobi Alexander Allowed to Flee? - Christopher Bollyn

    The Israeli Fugitive, Odigo, and the Forewarning of 9/11 ... former Comverse executives were charged with securities, mail and wire fraud by U.S. prosecutors in ...

  2. THE ISRAELI SPY RING SCANDAL - What Really Happened

    Prior to 9/11, the FBI had discovered the presence of a massive spy ring inside the ... Another Israeli telecom company is Comverse Infosys, which subcontracts the ...... 01/29/02 11 Convicted in Paris Garment Fraud scheme hiding in Israel ...

  3. Israeli software spying on US censored - Amdocs Comverse Infosys ...

    Jul 25, 2013 - Uploaded by PublicEnquiry
    There is no indication that the Israelis were involved in the 9/11 ... and sophisticated white-collar credit card ...
    And IDF's NICE as you can see has positioned itself on the Sheik of Dubai's NASDAQ with the sole purpose of selling worthless shares to Americans to enrich Israeli criminals and to spy on finances of U.S.banks and Americans jusst as they do through the NSA and software they control there !:

    Contact Center Fraud Prevention solution - NICE Systems

    www.nice.com/nice-utilizes-voice-biometrics-techno...Traducir esta página
    09/01/2013 - NICE Utilizes Voice Biometrics Technology to Expand Fraud ... as that term is defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.

Zionist war and financial criminal Rupert Murdoch's Fox 'News' and the UK Guardian that it provides link to tell us of the Israeli Dense Forces' tech  'genus' that is making millionaires like a South Korean auto factory turns out cars but Richard Silverstein's article on the same subject tells the truth instead,it's all done with stocvk frauds and illegal pump and dump scams using Americans as the chief chumps in  stock pyramid schemes that always leave the investor suckered into believing the hype defrauded and their former money in offshore accounts from the Caribbean or Switzerland or Lichtenstein or the Solomon Islands or somewhere in between - all ernriching the Israeli criminals who actually through scams such as Menachem Atzmon's and Ezra Harel's Mossad connected  ICTS International was used for corporate sabotage to take over Huntleigh rent-a-cops and the security of Boston's Logan Airport which was the base for the begining of 9/11 itself where according to the 'official government' story Egyptian Mohamed Atta and his 15 or so Saudi co-conspirators highjacked the planes that hit the WTC that fateful day.
My;(Tony Ryals),experience with Israelis involved in stock fraud and money laundering began with a biotech fraud incorporated in Nevada as so many are in 2000 called Endovasc that included not only Beltway bankster posing as a biotech genius,David P Summers,as well as National Tazpayers Union and Agora Inc. founder James Dale Davidson but as I would eventually come to realise - the Israeli Grin or Grinshpon brother,David Eugene and Abraham, with their myriad offshore shell companies manipulating and dumping the worthless shares that cost me a fortune or the small one my aunt left me after paying over 50% in U.S.taxes ! Coincidentally after losing nearly all of my money buying at about 10 centsa per share and watching it fall to under 3 cents per share the Endovasc shares climbed hundreds of a per cent to about 25 cents a share on and around September 11,2001 while virtually every other stock,penny or otherwise was collapsing.Still like a deer in a headlight I didn't even know how or if to sale them and they collapsed even lower within weeks !
This is how I eventually learned about British Israeli Michael Zwebner's UCSY or Air Water Corp because it had the same stock 'transfer Agent' NATCO of  Alexander Walker, Jr also in Nevada and one of my many aliases on ragingbull.com a CIA or Israeli connected penny stock 'message board' and stock promoting website that began to delete my account each time I complained on their 'message boards' also had an UCSY message board where Michael Zwebner's UCSY and myriad other penny stock scams againt American investors were discussed.(In this trip down memory lane I only now noticed that Alexander Walker died in 2008 while still a part of Michael Zwebner's and ex Israeli PM Ehud Olmert's and ex Israeli President and convicted rapist as well as Israeli IDF's money laundring fraud UCSY or AWTI as its stock symboil,was chaged to.Note that NSADAQ was bought in part by Dubai Sheikh Mohamed Al Rasshid bin Maktoum and its board is loaed with Zionists so i8n effect it is both Israelis and their Islamic fascist partners in cahoots with us at the pleasure of our own CIA and FBI who are also in cahoots !Note also that bloomberg hasn't even noticed they have been promoting an Israeli IDF connected fraud and money laundering operation against Americans after all those years ! Sure..........


AirWater International Corporation Announces the Death of One of Its Directors
MIAMI BEACH, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 08/04/08 -- AirWater International Corporation's (PINKSHEETS: AWTI) company president Mr. Michael Zwebner announces today the death of one of the company's directors Mr. Alexander Walker, Jr.
"Alex will be missed by the company, his family and friends and our sympathy and condolences go out to his children Alex and Amanda as well as the rest of the Walker family," stated Mr. Zwebner. Mr. Walker served as a director of the company for 7 years.......
As it turned out Zwebner was intimately connected to the Israeli government at the highest levels - particulary to and with future Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert who personally thanked him for bringing  so much 'business' to Jerusalem where he had been Mayor.Isreal President Moshe Katsav who would eventually be convicterd of rape was also a good friensd of Zwebner who used a small amount of his untold millions or billions of dollars in stock frauds against Americans to fund court litigations in the U.S.to intimidate anyone who complained about his frauds such as myself.In 2003 at the beginning of the Iraq war he paid for fraudulent press releases claiming that U.S.'Coalition Forces' were using his 'air-water machines' for their water needs in Iraq and that the Israeli Dense Forces were also using his 'air-water machines'! In late 2004 when so many died on the Pacific rim in Asia due to the tsunami he claimed he was sending free 'air-water machines' there to aid victims.At this pioint my posting on the little read ragingbull.com UCSY 'message board' under the alias wolfblitzzer0 made him so  mad that he sued Wolf Blitzer and CNN -his fellow Zionists and propagandirts for Israelis such as money launderer Ehud Olmert and rapist Moshe Katsav - for $100 million claiming that it was their fault that my alias wolfblitzzer0 was causing his illegal pump and dump scam of untold and unaudited miillions upon milions of worthless shares was causing a collapse in the price of his fraudulent shares !

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert,9/11, WTC,Stock Fraud ... - archive

archive.stlimc.org/newswire/display/4262/Traducir esta página
24/02/2008 - Death threats to me from Michael Zwebner's and Mohamed Hadid's and Israeli PM Ehud Olmert's pedophile, Stephen Cunningham or 'Scu' ...

CNN,Wolf Blitzer Cover Up of Michael Zwebner,Air Water Corp ...

CNN,Wolf Blitzer Cover Up of Michael Zwebner,Air Water Corp Fraud Helped Ehud Olmert To Israeli PM Office. View · Translation ...

Obama Touts Israeli-Developed Solar Company BrightSource ...

www.greenprophet.com › EnergyTraducir esta página
04/10/2010 - Wolf Blitzer and CNN certainly felt it was important enough to send the ... Zionists Michael Zwebner with his Ehud Olmert and Moshe Katasav

to be continued


  Israeli military intelligence unit drivescountry's hi-tech boom  Unit 8200, Israel's 'GCHQ', has spawned more technology millionaires than many business schools

A technician lines up circuit boards on a production line at an ECI Telecom hi-tech plant in in Israel. Photograph: David Silverman/Getty Images
Few people would connect the drab olive green of an Israeli army uniform with the cutting edge of fashion. And most fans of Stylit, a website where a virtual personal stylist matches clothes and accessories to suit your taste, are unaware that it uses technology adapted from algorithms originally developed to track and prevent suicide bombings.
Stylit was one of 19 young tech companies displaying their wares in Tel Aviv recently at the end of a five-month entrepreneurship programme run by alumni of an Israeli intelligence unit that has spawned more tech millionaires than many business schools.
Similar to Britain's GCHQ, Unit 8200 manages Israel's army signals intelligence, sucking in and analysing vast amounts of electronic data, from wiretapped phone calls and emails to microwave and satellite broadcasts. On the new hi-tech battlefield, 8200 is now the largest unit in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF).
Demobbed geeks once overshadowed by gun-toting commandos have made the most of their expertise in cybersecurity, data storage, mobile communications and analytical algorithms to help transform the basis of Israel's economy from orange groves to mobile-phone apps. Israeli inventions include instant messaging, the USB memory stick, the firewall and the secure data links that enable most of the world's banking transactions and TV signal decoders.........


IDF Unit 8200 Cyberwar Veterans Developed NSA Snooping Technology

by Richard Silverstein on June 8, 2013 · 14 comments
A little known footnote to the brewing PRISM scandal, in which the NSA has for years harvested Americans’ personal data via eight of the largest social media and technology companies in the world, involves special technology developed by two Israeli companies founded by veterans of the IDF’s cyber-warfare Unit 8200:
If America’s tech giants didn’t ‘participate knowingly’ in the dragnet of electronic communication, how does the NSA get all of their data?
One theory: the NSA hired two secretive Israeli companies to wiretap the U.S. telecommunications network.
boeing narusVerint and Narus created programs which offered the NSA backdoors to all the major U.S. telecommuications and technology companies including Facebook, Microsoft, Google.  That’s how the companies could deny that they explicitly knew or approved of PRISM’s harvesting their data:
Both Verint and Narus were founded in Israel in the 1990s. Both provide monitoring and intercept capabilities to service providers and government organizations, promoting claims that their equipment can access and retain large amounts of information on a vast number of targets.
From Robert Poe of Wired:
Narus’ product, the Semantic Traffic Analyzer, is a software application that runs on standard IBM or Dell servers using the Linux operating system. It’s renowned within certain circles for its ability to inspect traffic in real time on high-bandwidth pipes, identifying packets of interest as they race by at up to 10 Gbps.
“*Anything that comes through (an internet protocol network), we can record,” Steve Bannerman, marketing vice president of Narus, a Mountain View, California company, said. “We can reconstruct all of their e-mails along with attachments, see what web pages they clicked on, we can reconstruct their (voice over internet protocol) calls.”
With a telecom wiretap the NSA only needs companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple to passively participate while the agency to intercepts, stores, and analyzes their communication data. The indirect nature of the agreement would provide tech giants with plausible deniability.
And having a foreign contractor bug the telecom grid would mean that the NSA gained access to most of the domestic traffic flowing through the U.S. without technically doing it themselves.
This would provide the NSA, whose official mission is to spy on foreign communications, with plausible deniability regarding domestic snooping.
Thus, the arrangement is nifty for all those involved…except for those Americans who are victims of this intelligence shell game.
Let’s now get to Unit 8200 and its role: this IDF entity is responsible for Israel’s cyber-warfare capability. It developed Stuxnet and Flame along with its colleagues in the NSA, who also shared “credit.” Unit 8200 veterans have founded numerous start-ups that commercialize their military applications for security use by companies, intelligence agencies, and entire nations:
In 2007 a former commander of the highly secret Unit 8200 (i.e. Israel’s NSA) told Forbes that the technology of Comverse (i.e. the company that owns Verint) is based on Unit 8200 technology.
One of the founders of Verint, Jacob “Kobi” Alexander, is a former Israeli intelligence officer. [ed., this portrait of Alexander's alleged bank and stock fraud, which led him to seek refuge in Namibia, is instructive]
A co-founder and former chairmen [sic] of Narus, Ori Cohen, told Fortune in 2001 that his partners have done technology work for Israeli intelligence.
In 2011 another former chief of Unit 8200 acknowledged to the Israeli paper Haartez that high-tech firms around the world employ both Unit 8200 equipment and its veteran personnel.
From Bamford Wired (emphasis ours):
“Cautious estimates indicate that in the past few years… Unit 8200 veterans have set up some 30 to 40 high-tech companies, including 5 to 10 that were floated on Wall Street.” Referred to only as “Brigadier General B,” he added, “This correlation between serving in the intelligence Unit 8200 and starting successful high-tech companies is not coincidental: Many of the technologies in use around the world and developed in Israel were originally military technologies and were developed and improved by Unit veterans.”
Unfortunately, when it comes to riding roughshod over the rights of citizens, when it comes to developing and maintaining the national security state, it seems the IDF and its veterans are right in the thick of it. If the NSA ever needed any lessons taught, it had only to turn to Israeli cyber-warriors who’ve been given carte blanche in the war on terror to do whatever it takes to fight the “enemy,” whoever that may be.
The IDF has brought us targeted killings via drone and many other methods.  Another Unit 8200 veteran created the financial services company Payoneer, whose bank-card product was used by the Mossad Dubai assassins who murdered Mahmoud al-Mabouh.
Now they bring us the means to spy on our own citizens without leaving any fingerprints.  How convenient both for the NSA and companies involved.  They don’t do anything, at least not actively.  They are merely passive receptors for the dirty work done for them by our Israeli friends at Narus and Verint.
To which I say: if you want a society like Israel’s obsessed with national security and willing to pay any price for it, then don’t object to PRISM or the wholesale harvesting of virtually everything personal you might have (except your thoughts, which they haven’t figured out how to harvest yet).  If this is not your vision of what society should be, then yell your head off.



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Full Article - MAXX International/Zwebner Connection

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MAXX International and the Zwebner/TVCP Connection

(The following is the second in a series of commentaries by Les French
relating to the announced sale of ITEX assets to MAXX International, Inc.)

On June 30, 2000, at about a quarter to seven in the evening,
entertainment mogul Michael Jay Solomon, Chairman, president, director,
and CEO of Entertainment Internet, Inc., and Los Angeles attorney Jeremy
Schuster, CFO, received an e-mail from their acquaintance and business
associate, Michael J. Zwebner, Chairman of Talk Visual Corporation (TVCP).

Solomon and Schuster received the e-mail because they were both on
Zwebner's "insider" circle of friends and contacts of about fifty persons in
which Zwebner regularly communicates his promotional news releases,
personal comments, and other announcements relating to his TVCP
dealings. On this particular occasion, Zwebner had sent the e-mail with no
message content, but to which a "zip" file was attached containing TVCP's
latest PR release for that day.

Unfortunately for the recipients, the "zip" file was corrupted in the
transmission and could not be easily opened or viewed. But that wasn't the
only problem. It turns out that Zwebner, in sending the e-mail by using his
e-mail account of "mjzwebner@sprynet.com" forgot to "blind copy" the
recipients, thus revealing his otherwise confidential list of associates and
contacts to everyone that received the communication. Literally within
minutes of Zwebner's blunder, both the e-mail and the distribution list found
its way to my desk, courtesy of an unnamed informant. (Readers may
remember "the Fabretti Letter" of several years ago in which a similar
blunder enabled us to "crack" the identities of insider message board
touters in the ITEX case.)

Besides Schuster and Solomon, other recipients include at least a dozen
law firms and attorneys, most of whom are retained by Zwebner and/or
TVCP in his litigious activities. For example, attorneys for Bingham Dana law
firm, who are employed by Zwebner for the purpose of suing Zwebner's
online critics, are also included in the list, as well as Zwebner's selected
TVCP stock touters who regularly appear on the online message boards
promoting and touting the stock of TVCP. You see, Mr. Zwebner is a
master's master when it comes to the touting and promotion of penny
stocks. In fact, Mr. Zwebner successfully promoted his own TVCP stock
from seven cents to four dollars late last year, in which he converted
hundreds of thousands of his own 6-cent options to shares, dumping them
on the open market at the peak and elevated prices. After the pump and
dump, the price of TVCP has since settled back into the fifty-cent range,
similar in pattern to MAXX International (MXII).

It turns out that Michael Solomon is also a director and Chairman of MAXX
International, the reversed-merger shell that recently acquired MAXX
International, Inc., a private corporation with a license agreement to
distribute prayer books, and Pure Vision Internet, an internet web site
company previously beneficially owned and controlled by Bruce Gammill,
although the assets and stocks of Pure Vision were in the name of Gammill's
lover, Catherine McGee. Between 1996 and 1998, Gammill also, under the
cover of Pure Vision, operated adult porno sites such as SinVision.com and
VirtualAmbience.com, until both sites were abandoned in 1998. Documents
filed in Gammill's Chapter 7 bankruptcy case describe Gammill's connections
with the Mafia, and one letter from the California law firm of Latham &
Watkins documents an FBI investigation of one of Gammill's enterprises
involved with organized crime.

Gammill and ITEX CEO Collins Christensen were convicted on felony charges
as co-defendants in 1984 in a crime relating to financial fraud in California.

It is not clear how Solomon, a well-connected television industry executive,
former president of Lorimar-Telepictures, and former president of a
subsidiary of Warner Brothers, became involved in MAXX International, or
with Zwebner, McGee, Christensen, or Gammill, except that according to
the March 20, 2000 10Q filed with SEC, it appears that several persons
invested heavily in MXII in exchange for stock positions in MXII. The
investments were intended to fund the acquisition of Fax4Free.com, a San
Diego-based internet company which was recently acquired by the publicly
held JFax.com. But the Fax4Free.com deal fell through and evidently the
shareholder's investments were never refunded. Was Solomon possibly one
of those investors?

Hungry for funding, MXII now appears to be seeking a cash cow to keep its
doors open while it seeks further acquisitions and development of the
market for its securities. The acquisition of ITEX Corporation's established
barter exchange operation appears to be the appetizer on MXII's menu.

"Uncle Wolfey"

MAXX International reveals in its March 30, 2000 10Q a payment of $90,000
in cash paid to Hudson Consulting Group, Inc., a Salt Lake City-based
company formerly known as "A to Z Consulting" which was 100% owned
and controlled by none other than Allen "Sandy Claus" Wolfson. Today
Hudson is run by Wolfson's nephew, Richard "Nothing but the rent" Surber,
Utah attorney Bruce Pritchett, and others (see the KLYS message board at
newsop.net  for more information on Surber and Pritchett).

(Young attorney Pritchett, evidently inspired by a recent press release
published by Zwebner in which Zwebner dubiously claimed to have "won" a
$1 million judgment against two internet posters, and armed with
documents from Zwebner's attorney Mark O. Van Wagoner, himself
appeared online recently on the Raging Bull KLYS stock chat board,
threatening critical posters with a lawsuit if they did not retract their nasty
comments regarding Surber, Hudson, KLYS, and other activities related to
Wolfson and Surber. Pritchett, a BYU graduate whose appearance on
Raging Bull became a public relations disaster for both Surber and KLYS,
finally had to make his own public retraction and withdrawal from the
popular message board.)

The $90,000 payment to Hudson was purportedly a "finder's fee" for the
failed Fax4Free.com merger, but Hudson was unable to assist MAXX
International in raising sufficient funding to complete the deal.

Wolfson, who was arrested in October, 1996, for parole violations relating
to an earlier arrest and conviction for insurance and securities fraud, and
Surber were the subject of a December, 1996, Wall Street Journal article
entitled "Nothing but the rent", which reported the questionable activities
of Wolfson's Canton Financial Corporation. Canton, now called "Cyber
America", was purportedly being run in the early 90's by Surber, even
though Surber, then only 19 years old, was a full-time student at a Utah
university. The SEC believed that felon Wolfson, who was banned from any
affiliation as an officer or director of a publicly held corporation, was
defacto CEO of Canton.

Canton entered into a private purchase agreement of ITEX barter credits in
1995 in a real estate exchange deal, but then cancelled the transaction
when its auditor determined that the deal was not in the best interests of
Canton Financial. What is amazing and bizarre is that Canton's auditor was
Kevin Andersen, of Andersen, Andersen, and Strong LLP, who was also the
auditor at the same time for ITEX Corporation.

Wolfson was arrested again on August 3, 1999, as one of 82 accused
defendants in a nation-wide sweep coordinated by the FBI, the US
Attorney's Office in New York, and the SEC. The SEC alleges that Wolfson
continued to engage in securities-related fraud activities up to the time of
his 1999 arrest, and that his activities are connected to organized crime
mobsters. Several of the other defendants arrested were confessed

But Wolfson, Gammill, and McGee are not the only players in these microcap
schemes with alleged connections to family members of the Mafia. In
January, 1997, the "Mail On Sunday" British newspaper ran a story
disclosing Michael Zwebner's adulterous affair with Gia Franzese, daughter
of Columbo Family boss Sonny Franzese, and sister to famous
mobster-turned-straight man Michael Franzese. According to the article,
Zwebner abandoned his wife in UK to live with Franzese in Miami, Florida.
Gia Franzese died of a cocaine overdose in a Miami area motel while Michael
Zwebner was in Israel on a business trip. Miami police said they found a fax
from Zwebner in Gia's motel room in which Zwebner had asked Gia Franzese
to marry him earlier that day. The police determined that the death was

Also in January, 1997, Zwebner, who is a citizen of U.K. and of Israel, filed
documents with the court in U.K. confessing that as of January, 1997, he
was an undischarged bankrupt, due to an involuntary bankruptcy filed
against him several years earlier relating to Zwebner's business and
financial failures in the U.K. in the early 1990's. But Zwebner has failed to
disclose this fact in his SEC filings relating to Talk Visual Corporation, as
well as his position on the board of directors of Michael Solomon's
Entertainment Internet, Inc., and of Sector Communications, a company
headed by financier Mohammed Hadid, another recipient of Zwebner's
insider e-mail list. (The SEC requires that any bankruptcy proceedings
relating to any principal officers or directors of a reporting public company
be disclosed in the company's regular filings with SEC. Zwebner's
bankruptcy-related proceedings occurred three years ago.)

But Zwebner's blemished past appears to have no impact on his loyal online
followers and investors, who, supplemented by Zwebner's inside circle of
online touters of TVCP stock, affectionately refer to him as "Mr. Z" and
appear to take Zwebner's word as "Gospel" in cult-like fashion, whenever
Zwebner denies his online critics' allegations. One poster stated, when
referring to an SEC financial filing by TVCP, "I don't understand what any of
that means, but Mr. Z says the company is solid, and that's good enough
for me."

(to be continued)


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