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WTC,9/11, ICTS Israel Logan AirportTerrorists vs briefcam scam Israeli Firm' Helped Capture Boston Bombers

WTC,9/11, ICTS Israel Logan AirportTerrorists vs  briefcam scam Israeli  Firm' Helped Capture Boston Bombers

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    May 9, 2013 - Uploaded by havf8
    BriefCam Video Synopsis: The meet-cute .... The Jeff BaumanSong "One of These Things" - Boston ...

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    BriefCam VS http://briefcam.com/ BriefCam Video Synopsis: The meet-cute .....tweeted this photo saying: "Visited #survivor #stud #hero Jeffrey Bauman Jr. today ...

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    Apr 15, 2013 - http://www.isportstimes.com/articles/6926/20130419/jeff-bauman-fbi-double-amputee-helped-id. ..... BriefCam Video Synopsis: The meet-cute

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    Apr 27, 2013 - ... also happened to take the iconic wheelchair photo of Cowboy Carlos and Bauman... BriefCam can make a bundle of money in the process.

    Although Jeff Bauman appears to be part of the Boston Marathon government instigated terrorism that the Israeli government must have been part of as there are Israelis everywhere from all the Boston Marathon bombing hospitals where Israeli 'doctors' were in charge at every side and for some reason even Israeli police who seemed to arrive so fast that it would seem they were invited in advance and Jewish Zionist as always in control ogf the mass media.It would appear that briefcam  Israeli scam company that sholdn't even be allowed to operate in the U.S. now promoteds itself as the source that caught the Tsarnaev brothers and thus savwed us from Islamic terrorists - something they certainly didn't do on 9/11/01 when Israeli terrorists and convicted money launderers were allowed to control the very airports that the so-called 'Al Qaeda' specifically targeted that day when searching for planes to highjack ! Why on earth would Arab terrorists pick ONLY U.S.airports guadred by Israelis given all the pride Israel takes in always identifying and searching out Arabs on the own El Al Airline and others they are in charge of security of ?Why would Arabs highjacking planes in Israeli controlled Logan Airport specifically target them and their security expertise as the weak link out of all other non Israeliu security guarded airports thet could hsavre targeted ? One way or the other the Boston Marathon terrorism  is result of not bringing the Israelis who 'guarded' Logan Airport Boston and Newark New Jersy airport to justice after 9/11 and instead allowing Jewish Zionist controlled U.S.newd to point the fuinger WRONGLY at Iraq ansd Saddam Hussein rather than to Menacvherm Atzmon,Ezra Harel and the Shin Bet-Mossad connected criminals of ICTS International who didn't even provide video surveillance of Logsn Airport that showed if the Saudis and Egyptian MNohamed Atta ever boarded at Loigsan in nthe first plavce,which is unlikely in my opinion.
    If indeed we needed the Israeli scum of  'BRIEFCAM' to identify the CIA connected Tsarnaev brothers to the Boston Marathon then why would we or the powers that be use the fraud Jeff Bauman who was probably not injured at the Boston Marathon in the first place,to reveal as if in a dream his vision of one of the Tsarnaev brothers as a perpetrator ?


    Just before 3 p.m. on April 15, Bauman was waiting among the crowd for his girlfriend to cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon. A man wearing a cap, sunglasses and a black jacket over a hooded sweatshirt looked at Jeff, 27, and dropped a bag at his feet, his brother, Chris Bauman, said in an interview.
    Two and a half minutes later, the bag exploded, tearing Jeff’s legs apart. A picture of him in a wheelchair, bloodied and ashen, was broadcast around the world as he was rushed to Boston Medical Center. He lost both legs below the knee.
    FULL COVERAGE: Boston Marathon Bombings
    “He woke up under so much drugs, asked for a paper and pen and wrote, ‘bag, saw the guy, looked right at me,’” Chris Bauman said yesterday in an interview.
    Those words may have helped crack the mystery of who perpetrated one of the highest-profile acts of terror in the U.S. since the 2001 assault on New York City and the Washington area, one that killed three people and wounded scores.


Israel Hi-Tech Firm Helped Capture Boston Bombers Surveillance cameras were not enough to catch the Boston Marathon terrorists. 

The Israeli-based BriefCam firm “collapsed” an hour of video and focused on suspicious objects – and people. By: Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu Published: April 29th, 2013 PRINT TELL A FRIEND Israel's BriefCam sophisticated video analysis system helped ID the Boston Marathon terrorists Photo Credit: FBI An Israeli hi-tech company with an office in metropolitan Boston was instrumental in helping to identify and lead to the arrest of the Boston Marathon terrorists BriefCam company’s technology enabled investigators to summarize an hour of surveillance video footage into only one minute and also zoom in on people and objects whose movements changed during the filming. The system then can track those movements form the beginning of the video. “The technology used by U.S. security forces has already been installed around the world in police, HLS, intelligence entities and others, saving time and manpower and also providing a solution for the vast challenge of growing amounts of recorded video produced every hour, every day,” Israel Defense reported Monday. The system is based on the concept of allowing the simultaneous display of several events. Once a certain movement or area is indentified, the system then tracks it during the entire film. Amit Gavish, general manager for the Americas at BriefCam. based in Farmington, Massachusetts, told the GCN technology website, explained how it works. “If you have 10 hours to investigate on a specific camera, the software will take it to a 10-minute clip…events that occurred during those 10 hours will be presented simultaneously.” Gavish, who is the former deputy head of security for the office of the Israeli President, said each event is “tagged” and marked with a time stamp on screen, so the viewer is watching events that happened hours apart, at the same instant. “We are the search engine for video,” he added. GCN reported that BriefCam and other sophisticated video systems have caught the eye of mass transit and port systems “Most of these large cities have already been going down the path to do exactly what everybody’s wondering if they’re going to do. They’re not just putting in thousands of cameras, they’re putting in tens of thousands of cameras.” said David Gerulski, vice president of Texas-based BRS Labs, which installs artificial intelligence systems for video surveillance. He said that the old-fashioned surveillance camera do not play a major part in helping to uncover terrorism or thwart crime and many cities simply “shut them off.” BriefCam’s product is in use in the United States, Israel, China, Taiwan and other countries and was used after the massacre in Oslo in 2011, in which 87 people, including children, were murdered. In the case of the Boston Marathon bombings, U.S. Park police technological service direct David Mulholland explained, “There may have been 500 people who walked in that general area, but the analytics piece will ignore that and flag anything that changed in that one specific area, such as a backpack being left behind. So instead of spending 20 minutes looking at video in which nothing happens, the investigator can hit a button and in 30 seconds go to the area of interest and then begin to dissect what actually happened.

Read more at: http://www.jewishpress.com/news/israel-hi-tech-firm-helped-capture-boston-bomber-terrorists/2013/04/29/

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