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China:Barack Obama's Jewish Brother, Mark Obama Ndesandjo, 'lost his job after 9/11' ?

Barack Obama's Jewish Brother, Mark Obama Ndesandjo, 'lost his job after 9/11' ?
Obama's half brother visits Israel - Israel News, Ynetnews › YnetnewsNews
May 11, 2011 - Obama's half brother visits Israel. Jewish Mark Ndesandjo meets with chief rabbi, agrees to press Obama to release Jonathan Pollard.

Well by 'Jewish' I and presumably he certainly don't mean 'Semitic' because his mommy dearest is a woman of Russian or German Jewish origens meaning that she is of European genetic orgins and certainal NOT 'Semitic' in the  Biblical or Torah-nic sense of the word.I guess he'd be shocked to know how mommy dearest's white non-Semitic German Jewish 'tribe' treats Ethiopian Jews  in Israel.Maybe not.......

 Mark Ndesandjo is another Obama family link who is shrouded in mystery. He is extremely strange and belligerently evasive about his past and background. His actual birthrate is a big secret like his mothers. He graduated from Brown University; studied physics at Stanford University received an MBA from Emory University.[44] He is notably intelligent, but an intelligence for whom?

He worked with handmaidens of the America’s military industrial complex and the CIA; Lucent Technologies [45] and Nortel Networks.[46] He said that he fled America after 9-11 but refuses to discuss what intelligence communication work he was involved in doing the 9-11 deception operation.

Mark chose to carry the surname of his stepfather, Ruth’s second husband- Simeon Njdesandjo, who had been a close friend of his father. Simeon turns out to be an interesting character. Mark and David attended U.S. State Department “International Schools” in Nairobi, which means one of both parents was working in the interest of the U.S. Military, Government or its corporate interests.[47].................

Obama sibling writes about abusive father - China Daily esta página
05/11/2009 - US President Barack Obama's half brother, who has lived in ... international marketing and branding at Lucent, Nortel and other companies.

Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo - U.S. President Barack Obama's ... esta página
12/06/2012 - He was born in Kenya to Barack Obama Sr and his third wife, Ruth ... of his president-brother through extensive charity work in China, where he has lived ... gained as a senior manager at Lucent, Nortel and other companies.

China Speakers Bureau Mark Obama Ndesandjo

Building bridges between China and the US has become his passion, ever since Mark Obama Ndesandjo lost his job after 9/11 and found a new homeland in ...

Ndesandjo, Mark Obama

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Mark Obama Ndesandjo
China business developer; US-China relations expert, author and artist
Travels from Shenzhen
Building bridges between China and the US has become his passion, ever since Mark Obama Ndesandjo lost his job after 9/11 and found a new homeland in China. As an accomplished business man, he decided that there is more into life than making money. He started to teach piano at orphanages and has been heavily involved in charity events in China.
Apart from running a successful business management and strategy consulting business in China, he is advising foreign companies on their route into China. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is one of his key subjects. As an American who grew up in the Kenya and the US and now has extensive experience in China, he is well positioned to discuss multiculturalism in a corporate setting.
A nine year resident of Shenzhen, People’s Republic of China, American Mark Okoth Obama Ndesandjo has a BSc. Physics (also completed BA math requirements) from Brown University, an MSc Physics from Stanford and is an Emory EMBA graduate. He consults worldwide, using over 15 years of international marketing and branding experience gained as a senior manager at ATT, Lucent, Nortel and other companies. He is an HSK L7 (advanced) Mandarin speaker and writer, and an avid brush calligrapher.
In addition to his first novel, Nairobi to Shenzhen, he has just completed his memoir and has also published 3 piano CD’s, The Untimely Ones, Night Moods and his own composition Reflections on William Blake. He regularly gives piano lessons to orphans in and around Shenzhen. Mr Obama Ndesandjo has been appointed Volunteer Image Ambassador and Special Olympics Image Ambassador by China. More information is available at
He is also an expert at the NewsCertified Exchange.

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