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Boston Marathon Police Chief Davis Lies,UK Daily Mail Eats It Up and goes to 7/Eleven For more (but they're out)

Boston Marathon  Police Chief Davis Lies,UK Daily Mail Eats It Up and goes to 7/Eleven For more (but they're out)

Boston Marathon  Police Chief Davis Lies,UK Daily Mail Pretends to believe him !Tsarnaev Wife and Father ARE THE CIA and Train Islamic Terrorists !


''Younger bomb suspect DID kill his own brother by running him over, says Boston police chief

  • Watertown Police Chief Deveau said Tamerlan Tsranaev, 26, marched towards police officers while shooting at them
  • 'He all of a sudden comes out from under cover and just starts walking down the street, shooting at our police officers, trying to get closer,' Deveau said
  • Suspect eventually ran out of ammunition and was tackled to the ground  
  • His brother jumped behind the wheel of carjacked SUV and ran Tamerlan over, dragging his body a short distance
  • Over 200 rounds were fired in the span of 5-10 minutes
  • Police say suspects lobbed five crude bombs at them, at least one of them a pressure cooker explosive'' -The Daily Mail 

The Boston police commissioner has confirmed that the younger bombing suspect killed his own brother by running him over with an SUV while officers were trying to arrest him. 
Ed Davis told CNN he believes Tamerlan Tsarnaev died from being hit and dragged 40 feet by his own brother Dzhokhar. 
Doctors revealed that Tamerlan had been shot and appeared to have suffered a bomb blast, however his wounds from the tires of his stolen SUV appeared the most severe.
A medical examiner must still confirm the cause of death. 
Law enforcement sources told MailOnline Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were determined not to be taken alive.-The Daily Mail 

Authorities are investigating whether Dzhokar, 19, ran over his brother as part of a suicide pact so that neither of them could be put on trial. 
Later, as police closed in, Dzhokar reportedly put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. - Daily Mail 

And note the bs to this story the the UK Daily Mail was fed by the Zionist controled Boston Police,FBI and media that ,Muslim convert widow of Boston bomber was 'brainwashed by extremist husband' and gave up her dreams of college to have his baby at 21 when in fact Katherine Russell or Katherine Tsarnaev is in fact CIA OR AT LEAST HER FATHER IS WHICH TO ME IS THE same difference ! And the murderous CIA father's whole expertise 'coincidentally' revolves around stirring up and fomenting 'Islamic' TERRORISM !How in Heil could the Daily Mail or anyone one who is not metally retarded nort notice that someething is WRONG with thias story they have been food fed and swallowed no questions asked ?! Do they really believe that a hifggh level CIA officer living the life of Reilly in his masion along with the Tsarnaev brothers' own CIA and Dick Cheney Halliburtobn petroleum trafficking militarey industrial elites connections AND NEITHER ONE COULD DO ANYTHING TO SAVE HIS HA HA NAIVE INNOCENT DAUGHTER FROM THE ISLAMOFASCIST  GRIP OF  TAMERLIN TSARNAEV ? Handling islamic terrorists and in fact training them just 'coincidentally' happens to be Graham Fuller's specialty !  Just ask  terrorism professionals in and around Russia or in Turkey if you haven't got the story staright from rthe CIA father OF Katherine Tsarnaev or Katherine Russell or whatever ! 

Boston, Tsarnaev ( Uncle) Married To C.I.A Heads Daughter, page 1 ...

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Boston, Tsarnaev ( Uncle) Married To C.I.A Heads Daughter, page 1 ... Turn's out to be married to Samantha Fuller, daughter of Graham Fuller.

Katherine Russell Tsarnaev Skull and Bones Connection, page 1 ...

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Katherine Russell has CIA pedigree in the family, but we are not sure yet ... II as son – and that's Katherine's emergency room doctor father.

daily mail story contiues :

'These guys did not have an exit plan after the bombing, and from they way they have both ended up it looks like they planned on never being taken alive,' said a law enforcement source.
'Why else would this kid drive over his brother? It does not make any sense until you realise he also tried to take his own life. They had some sort of suicide pact worked out so they would not be taken alive.'
Offering the first detailed account of the firefight, Police Chief Edward Deveau, of Watertown, Massachusetts, where the drama had unfolded early Friday morning, has revealed that 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev walked towards officers firing a gun before he ran out of ammunition and was tackled to the ground. 
'He all of a sudden comes out from under cover and just starts walking down the street, shooting at our police officers, trying to get closer,' Deveau said.

'Now, my closest officer is five to 10 feet away, and they're exchanging gunfire between them. And he runs out of ammunition -- the bad guy -- and so one of my police officers comes off the side and tackles him in the street.'
He was in the process of being handcuffed by two or three officers when his younger brother, 19-year-old Dzhokhar, jumped behind the wheel of a black SUV the two hand allegedly carjacked earlier and barreled toward the group.
Officers who were restraining Tamerlan Tsarnaev got out of the way of the speeding vehicle, which ended up driving over the wounded suspect, the police chief told CNN.
According to Deveau, the 19-year-old suspect dragged his sibling’s body a short distance down the street and drove off. He later ditched the SUV and escaped on foot.
Tamerlan Tsarnaev was pronounced dead at a hospital a short time later.
An alleged autopsy photograph of Tamerlan that was leaked Friday shows multiple gunshot wounds and a massive open gash that spans from the center of his chest to his back.
Another smaller gash is located right below the larger wound. His right shoulder and his face show signs of hemorrhaging.
Some of the injuries could have been sustained during doctors' attempts to revive him. MailOnline is not publishing the photo due to its graphic nature.
The results of the autopsy have not been released yet, but the preliminary description of the injuries suggests that some of the wounds may have been caused by the vehicle operated by the suspect's brother.  
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured Friday evening following a tense standoff after he was spotted hiding in a boat parked in a backyard, bleeding profusely. 
Violence erupted in the early morning hours Friday when police received reports of a robbery of a convenience store in Kendall Square near MIT and a police officer was shot and ended up with a gun fight in a small suburban street as residents slept.
Sean Collier, an MIT police officer, was shot multiple times while in his cruiser at Main and Vassar streets, near the Stata Center on the MIT campus.
The 26-year-old officer was pronounced dead at Massachusetts General Hospital.
A short time later, the two men carjacked a Mercedes SUV at gunpoint.


The hostage was then driven around for half an hour as the pair decided what their next move would be.
As police moved in on the vehicle following reports of a carjacking, the pair decided to dump the driver at a gas station on Memorial Drive in Cambridge.
The search for the vehicle led to a chase that ended in Watertown, where authorities said the suspects threw explosive devices from the car and exchanged gunfire with police.
Hero: MIT Police Officer Sean Collier was shot and killed in an armed confrontation with the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing
Hero: MIT Police Officer Sean Collier was shot and killed in an armed confrontation with the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing
Richard H. Donahue, 33,  a transit police officer was seriously injured during the chase. 
In Watertown, witnesses reported hearing multiple gunshots and explosions at about 1am Friday.
Dozens of police officers and FBI agents were in the neighborhood and a helicopter circled overhead.
Speaking to CNN following Dzhokhar's capture, Deveau said that a single officer was the first to encounter the two cars that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were driving, just before 1am Friday. 
One of the vehicles was a Mercedes SUV the brothers had carjacked earlier that night.
Before the officer could call for backup, the two cars came to a stop and the brothers got out.
'They jump out of the car and unload on our police officer,' Deveau said 'They both came out shooting -- shooting guns, handguns. He's under direct fire, very close by. He has to jam it in reverse and try to get himself a little distance.'
Five others officers arrived on the scene in the middle of an intense shootout during which Deveau says over 200 rounds were fired in 5-10 minutes. 
The chief said that one of the suspected bombers lobbed an explosive at the officers, which later turned out to be a pressure cooker bomb like the ones used in the marathon attack Monday. 
The brothers also allegedly threw other explosives at police, which Deveau described as 'very rough devices.' Two of the bombs detonated and two did not. A sixth explosive was later discovered in one of the vehicles. 
At one point, the older brother came directly toward police, firing a gun at officers as he inched closer toward him, but Tamerlan Tsarnaev's luck ran out along with his ammunition, allowing one of the officers to tackle him.
Moments later, his younger brother ran him over while fleeing the scene in a black Mercedes.  Accord.
Dr. David Schoenfeld, of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, was the one who ended up treating the fatally injured Tamerlan Tsarnaev.


Video Interview: CIA, Caucasus & Tsarnaev ... - Boiling Frogs Post
Apr 28, 2013 - Katherine Russell (alleged bomber's wife) is granddaughter of Richard Warren Russell, Skull and Bones member and entrepreneur in the ...
  1. Prison » Coincidence: Alleged Bomber's Widow Is ...’s-widow-is-grandda...
    May 5, 2013 - Dr. Warren Russell is Katherine Russell's father: ... becoming more and more obvious that he was either an FBI and/or CIA informant (or both), ...

    Apr 24, 2013 - The Russell's home in North Kingstown in Rhode Island. Tamerlan Tsaraev was married to Katherine Russell whose father Warren Russell lists ...

  3. Tsarnaev wife Skull and Bones, CIA family connections... Uncle ...
    May 4, 2013 - “CONFIRMED: Katherine Russell (alleged bomber's wife) is granddaughter of Richard Warren Russell, Skull and Bones member and ...


Wednesday, April 24, 2013


On 23 April 2013, a body was found "in India Point Park in Providence Harbor", near the Wyndham Garden Providence Hotel, Rhode Island.

Is the body that of Tamerlan Tsaraev?

Tamerlan's wife's family is from Rhode Island.

"The body appeared to be a male in his twenties and had 'been in the water for a while,' said Commander Thomas Oates of the Providence Police Department...

"The Rhode Island medical examiner's office is trying to determine if a body pulled from a river is missing Brown University student Sunil Tripathi, who was erroneously linked on social media to the Boston bombings last week.

"An autopsy is being conducted on the body, however it was unlikely a positive identification will be made today, according to Dara Chadwick, spokeswoman for the medical examiner's office."
Body in River May Be ...

The Russell's home in North Kingstown in Rhode Island.

Tamerlan Tsaraev was married to Katherine Russell whose father Warren Russell lists his high school as the elite New Hampshire boarding school Phillips Exeter Academy and his college as Yale (linked Skull and Bones and the CIA). 
Katherine's mother is Judith Russell.



Царнаева завербовали через грузинский фонд

"According to documents received by Izvestia a Russian language newspaper, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was recruited by Georgia's Caucasus Fund, an organization run by the Jamestown Foundation. 
"The documents were leaked from the files of Georgia's Ministry of Internal Affairs, Counterintelligence Department.

"Izvestia reports that between January and July of 2012, Tamerlan Tsarnaev the accused bomber of the Boston Marathon attended seminars conducted by the Fund of Caucasus."

Read more:
The Jamestown Foundation is a front for the CIA.

Below is the backpack said to have contained a bomb.

nosilla @AKN620 3d @TroyCrossley

That guy, who's backpack exactly matches the one that blew up, is a f..... navy seal!

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is innocent | Facebook

Why would Tsarnaev tell the carjacking victim they were responsible for the bombings, as police allege? "Makes no sense."

Those unexploded bombs found in older brother Tamerlan's apartment?

"They didn't live together."

How could Jahar have run away as quickly as he allegedly did with "multiple guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition?"

What about this video with 350,000 views that maybe looks like he still had a backpack on after the bombs went off?

The Daily Beast

The Facebook page "Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Is Innocent," claims that the US government, not Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was behind the attacks in Boston. 

"These are the same kind of conspiracy theories espoused about 9/11 by Alex Jones, who founded Infowars — a favorite website of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, according to The Associated Press."

Tamerlan Tsarnaev Attended a CIA-sponsored Workshop

Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended a workshop sponsored by the CIA-linked Jamestown Foundation, Izvestia reports. 
The Russian newspaper cites documents produced by the Counterintelligence Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia confirming that the NGO “Fund of Caucasus” held workshops in the summer of 2012 and Tsarnaev attended.

The Caucasus Fund was established in November, 2008, following the Geoergian- Ossetian conflict. 
The main purpose of the organization, according to Izvestia, is to “to recruit young people and intellectuals of the North Caucasus to enhance instability and extremism in the southern regions of Russia.”

The Jamestown Foundation is a known CIA front.

It “is only an element in a huge machine, which is controlled by Freedom House and linked to the CIA,” writes the Voltaire Network. 

“In practice, it has become a specialized news agency in subjects such as the communist and post-communist states and terrorism.”

CIA director William Casey and Russian dissident Arkady Shevchenko were instrumental in creating the organization.

Jamestown’s board of directors includes Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter.

Brzezinski, a high-level globalist operative, initiated the CIA’s recruitment of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan that ultimately produced al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev Attended CIA-sponsored Workshop.

Judge Napolitano On Government Faking Terror Plots



Boston Bombing — 24 June 2013
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Israeli Role in Murderous Boston Hoax Confirmed
Plus, Zionist agents in Congress who solicited and achieved the framing and murdering of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Ibragim Todashev identified; miserable Israelis impose martial law and cause great corruption in the land, faking a massacre, disrupting commerce, and soliciting, then, achieving capital murder.
Regarding the Boston smoke bombing hoax the entity responsible for the murderous, destructive Boston smoke bombing hoax is confirmed. It is the Israeli entity, not the FBI, Craft International, or the CIA, although, not doubt, such groups are collaborators in the crime. Furthermore, the people responsible for the murders of Tamerlan Tsasrnaev and Ibragim Todashev, that is by creating the environment and basis which led to those murders, as well as the attempted murder of Dzhokhar Tsasrnaev, have now been identified. They are Congressman Eric Swalwell, Senator Joseph Lieberman, and arch-Zionist mole and martial law promoter, Kurt Schwartz. They are by clear evidence hereby held culpable for the slaughter of the innocent: let them prove otherwise. It was, therefore, the likes of Lieberman, Schwartz, and Swalwell who are behind the hoax of martial law in Boston as well as the vicious murder of two innocent men, Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Ibragim Todashev.
They lie: these men had nothing to do with any crime. Nor was any actual crime conmitted that day, in terms of any real deaths of injuries, as all of those were faked. Thus, for instance, Swalwell’s proud claim of “hunting down” and killing such men–and doing so before a Congressional committee–clearly places him as an accomplice in this act.
Regardless, is the congressional floor the access point for bloodthirsty murderers to spread their agendas? That would seem to be the case regarding a meeting in congress representing the purported aftermath of the Boston smoke bombing hoax. Here, California Congressman tells great lies about the Boston bombing hoax.
Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis (left) delivered remarks during the House Homeland Security Committee hearing on the Marathon bombings.
WASHINGTON — Boston Police Commissioner Edward F. Davis told Congress this morning that his department was not informed by the FBI, before the April 15 Boston Marathon terror attacks, about a Russian intelligence warning about bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev or about Tsarnaev’s travel overseas.
The revelation drew outrage from members of the House Committee on Homeland Security who were holding the first congressional hearings into the bombings.
Davis said he was first told about Tsarnaev’s background on the morning that Tsarnaev was killed in a confrontation with police in Watertown. Davis said he was not aware of an earlier FBI investigation into Tsarnaev, even though there are three Boston police detectives and one sergeant working full-time on the Boston Joint Terrorism Task Force.
“They tell me they received no word on that individual prior to the bombing,” Davis told the committee.
“I do not endorse actions that move Boston and our nation into a police state mentality, with surveillance cameras attached to every light pole in the city,” Davis said in written testimony. “We do not and cannot live in a protective enclosure because of the actions of extremists who seek to disrupt our way of life.”
Davis said he was unaware that Tsarnaev had traveled to the Chechen region or posted on a jihadist website – all information, he said, he would have liked to have known. When asked if that information would have caused police to do anything differently during the investigation, he said, “That’s very hard to say. We’d certainly look at the information.”
Mr. Swalwell and Boston Police Commissioner responding to Congressional Hearing about Urban Shield after the Boston Marathon bombing.
Swalwell: I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the brave heroes, the citizens of Boston, who ran into the blast zone to help the victims affected by the blast but also to highlight the brave men and women of law enforcement and the emergency responders, who hunted, captured, and killed, uh, two individuals responsible for this.
Editor’s note: Swalwell is a Zionist mole posing as a do-gooder. He is a soliciter of mass murder and has, in fact, participated in the murder by proxy of two men; he needs to be investigated to the fullest. It is wondered how many other Islamic people he went after and wrongly blamed when he was a County prosecutor. What were the two individuals responsible for? It was a fake massacre. Swalwell tells great lies to solicit addtional murder but, more importantly, to disguise the identity and nature of the real murderers. Therefore, he is involved with a cover-up, plus he is spewing lies before a congressional committee for his own wicked gains. Back to the interview:
Note: the huckster is always in the same posture with that same sly appearance, speaking out of the corner of the mouth.
This, uh, serving on this committee for me is also special, because I was a former prosecutor (and a former) congressional intern in Washington, D.C. When September 11 happened and what happened in Boston reminded me that threats facing our country (would that be your supposed country of choice, the Zionist entity?)  are still very real, and while there is information to be learned from the intelligence community as far as what they knew before the blast went off, it’s clear, now, that we face new emerging threats from lone, radicalized wolves (like arch-huckster Eric Swalwell) who can use readily accessible materials that you can  get off the Internet to wreak havoc and do damage in mass groups,. And that’s what I think we are here to seek to protect against  and talk about today. But…I wanna talk about what happened once the blasts went off, and what our early responders did and examine to what degree we can make sure that you and other agencies are prepared.
I also know that because of the sequester Homeland Security funding could be threatened in the future. And we have talked a lot about the Urban Area Security Initiative. I come from Alameda County, where I was a prosecutor, and it was the Alameda Coutny Sheriff’s office that developed Urban Shield, and they’ve been dong that for a number of years under the leadership of Greg Ahern,
and I understand that from assistant Sheriff, Jim Baker actually went out to Boston back in December and led part of he effort for Boston Urban Shield. So, I was hoping you could tell me just a little bit about what lessons were  learned in Boston from your Urban Shield program and what would be threatened if you did no have that funding in the future.
Commissioner Davis: Sheriff Baker and the other individuals who developed Urban Shield did us an incalculable service. We sent teams out to Alameda County twice; after the second time we talked to them of moving the trainings to the East Coast, so that we could invigorate people through t the North East. And that’s exactly what happened. We have two of these exercises,
now that, uh, they have afforded us to really examine what we would do in the case of a mass casualty event, like we saw in Boston. And we included everyone in this training. It wasn’t–it sort of centered on SWAT teams but, then, they brought in hazardous material teams. Kurt and his team
were incredibly helpful when making this happen and  bring everybody into the fold on the whole exercise

One of the things that popped up, and, and, In our 1st exercise was that our communication with the fire department was not sufficient, and so we were able to change our radio system to correct that, and after the blast happened that effectively made a difference in our ability to respond to the marathon.
Swalwell: And would reduced funding for that program threaten your ability to respond if an attack were to occur again?
Commisioner Davis: Without a doubt,without question,  if funds are cut to these programs were not going to know what we don’t know. It’s only when you exercise these events that you find out that you have a gap in your system. And if you find that out after the incident occurs, lives could be lost.
Swalwell: And you  able to work with international law enforcement agencies? Were you able to work with forces from Israel and anti-terror departments from Israel?
Commissioner Davis: Yes, the Israeli military and police services have been very helpful to us, sending people over here to train us. As a matter of fact the tactic that Seargent Connelly , u, uh, in opening the bags up, the cut-and-tag tactic,
was, uh, taught to us by the Israelis. NOTE: Schwartz routinely alters eye expression and turns towards Davis whenever he uses the words training, exercise, and especially upon mentioning the Israelis.
cytel-israel-01 cytel-israel-02

Note: here, Davis tells a great lie. There were no bags to open up, search, cut-and-tag. Those were merely planted there as props by Zionist moles.
Swalwell: And, again, uh…having been here when September 11 happened, I remember how dark of a place Washington became, but I know under your leadership (Rep. King) and also Senator Lieberman, under your leadership we were able to invest in a Department of Homeland Security. And I think what we saw after the bombs went off–a coordinated effort among  local, State, and federal law enforcement is what was envisioned as how we would respond to an attack; so I want to thank you, Senator, and you, Chair, for your work in the area.
End of transcription.
Therefore, clearly, the Boston bombing hoax was a Zionist production, as can be seen by the deference paid by the Police Commissioner to Israeli-Firster Kurt Schwartz. Then, too, Swalwell’s role was to mole about and create the basis for increased funding of the Zionist-orchestrated DHS. The mole then made it clear to the world that it was Joseph Lieberman who spearheaded the creation of the corrupt entity, along with Rep. King.
Through the congressional hearing direct involvement of Israeli agents, rather, their direct imposition of control, is confirmed. This means that the Boston hoax was largely orchestrated in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, which places Netanyahu and his regime as the key culprits.
The plot is clear for all to see: the DHS amounts to the mechanism for a continuous coup de’ tat against the American people through the vile tactic of the consumption of their own tax dollars then used to impose such control. At the higher level the Boston hoax and, consequently, the murders of Ibragim Todashev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev are the result of a DHS-orchestrated scam, and the creation of the DHS, as well as its support, leads back directly to King and Lieberman, as well as their proxy agent Swalwell, while Schwartz is also a direct associate in the crime. Therefore, all such individuals have blood on their hands: and they are all responsible for the extortion of countless thousands of dollars from the American people and people internationally, all based on lies.

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