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Tsarnaev,Boston Marathon,Incompetency Theory?:Attorney Jason Rosenberg Says Even Brain Damaged Right Wing Nuts Like CIA- Agora Inc.'s Alex Jones Know 9/11 Required Conspiracy

Tsarnaev,Boston Marathon,Incompetency Theory?:Attorney Jason Rosenberg Says Even Brain Damaged Right Wing Nuts Like CIA- Agora Inc.'s Alex Jones Know 9/11 Required Conspiracy

Boston Marathon bomber saturated in right wing wacko media ...
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    2 days ago - Boston Marathon bomber saturated in right wing wacko media ....Attorney Jason Rosenberg, who represents the family of Donald Larking, said ...

  1. Friend of alleged Marathon bomber Tamerlan ... - The Boston Globe
    22 hours ago - In 1974, according to the family's lawyer Jason Rosenberg, Larking was shot in the head during a holdup of a convenience store where he ...

Funny that the Tsarnaev brothers, surrounded by CIA family members at the highest levels through their uncle,( who also has a Halliburton,Dick Cheney connections and through Tamerlane's wife whose own father is CIA at the very highest level with interest and experience in stirring up militarized groups in the very area of the former Russian or Soviet Union Islamic land that the Tsarnaev brothers were born in),would have to get their info about 9/11 from someone that attorney Jason Rosenfeld,(Jewish or Zionist?),claims is 'brain damaged' !

It indeed appears that Newton Massachussetts Zionist attorney Jason Rosenberg  is obviously 'the brain damaged Catholic converted to Islamic',Donald Larking's,handler for Israel or the FBI or CIA or for U.S. Boston Attorney Carmen Ortiz or whoever,rather than just his family's 'attorney'.Note he even tells Larking who is allowed to give interviews to and who not ! If the 'brain damaged' Larking is such an 'anti-semite' as attorney Jason Rosenberg claims him ro be,then why is he bending over to kiss the ass of this white trash 'Jewish' scumbag Jason Rodenberg who no doubt claims that he is a 'Semite' even though we all know he decends from white Euro trash who have lied for centuries about being 'Semites' and the proud ancestors of child abuser and rapist Abrahsm of the old testament !

Bomb suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev got early grounding in conspiracy ...
3 days ago - One of her clients in 2010 was Donald Larking, of Newton, ... Mr Larking couldn't be interviewed, said his lawyer, Jason Rosenberg

It's almost laughable.Who would have better knowledge of the Israelis of ICTS International who guarded Logan Airport on 9/11 or the Zionists who made a 'wind fall' profits on that day, (as the towers that were once the WTC came tumbling down), than the Tsarnaev's own CIA family !?And now attorney Rosenfeld as well as the Zionist rag Rolling Stone,(hee hee),is telling us that all the Tsarnaev brothers 'intelligence' came from a 'right wing conspiracy theorist and fan of the Zionist Alex Jones who has, in fact,spent most of this post 9/11 century  distracting and stirring his reading audience AWAY from this basic fact !? Ha Ha attorney Jason Rosenfeld? How often do you visit Israel and who do you know there ?

  1. Rolling Stone Boston Bomber magazine cover DOUBLES sales ...

    Aug 1, 2013 - In their brief statement, Rolling Stone - founded in the 1960s by Jann Wenner who is still editor-in-chief - said their 'hearts go out to the victims ...

 What the U.S.government Zionist lackeys like Attorney Jason Rosenfeld and the Boston police, who gave  free publicity to free publicity to  the Zionist Rolling Stone rag   by denouncing  it for a photo of probable CIA FBI asset Dzokhar Tsarnaev appearing on its cover, won't tell you is that the  owner of the pseudo 'liberal' Rolling Stones is a  Zionist wing nut too and the article itself is just more U.S.government and Israeli approved propaganda and disinfo.
And of course putting a photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of Rolling Stones where famous 1960's bands used to be is not only a testament to the decline of good music and good social and political lyrics that were written at that time but also the blatent degeration of Rolling Stones into the right wing rag that it always was disguised for profit making by the editor as some sort of a  radical rag which it certainly never was.It would certainly be interesting to ask this Boston attorney Rosenfeld what he thinks of the 'security' provided by Israelis Menachem Atzmon and Ezra Harel and their Shin Bet employees at Logan Boston airport on that infamous day on 9/11/01 and why they were not at the very least prosecuted for negligent homicide and stock fraud that allowed them to by Huntleigh airport rent-a-cops in the first place.And just what does this brilliant presumably unbrain damaged attorney  think about thee U.S.government allowing an Israeli felon convicted there for money laundering to operate yet another  'public company' stock fraud in the U.S. even though he was and is a convicted felon and has been allowed to run successive stock fraud money laundering ops against Americans for decades by the U.S.SEC and the DOJ,etc,etc.! Is that because of a conspiracy or is it an incompetence theory of the U.S. government ?

Rolling Stone has taken considerable flak for its decision to put Dzhokhar Tsarnaev—the younger, still-alive brother accused of being one of the Boston Marathon bombers—on the cover of this week's issue. That flak has led some major magazine sellers, including CVS and Wallgreens, to refuse to put the issue on newsstands..

.But the brouhaha over the cover photo ignores the main reason Rolling Stone used that selfie in the first place; the piece is excellent. Seriously, read it. The author, Janet Reitman, wrote a fantastic, well-researched and thorough report on the evolution of "Jahar," or as his friends called him, "Jizz," from a National Honor Society student to an accused terrorist......

The turning point for Jahar, Reitman insinuates, was a crumbling family structure and an older brother, Tamerlan, and mother, Zubeidat, who became devout, conspiracy-theorist Muslims.(Among Reitman's many fantastic details, Tamerlan "spent long hours" reading Alex Jones' InfoWars.) His parents divorced and then moved back to the Caucasus. Tamerlan moved away from his boxing career and became "controlling" and "manipulative." And there was Jahar, the "golden child," who was caught between two worlds, eventually siding with the radical, murderous one..........


When one reads the article from the Boston Globe below about the supposedly 'brain damaged'

Donald Larking one wonders if perhaps both he as well as attorney Jason Rosenfeld haven't entered into a 'conspiracy' of their own to futher confuse and distort the events behind both the Boston Marathon and 9/11 as well......

  1. Friend of alleged Marathon bomber Tamerlan ... - The B

     Donald Larking,  (according to attorney Jason Rosenfeld who may be liable for slander if this is not the case),one almost wonders if  the good 'brain damaged' Catholic Larking, supposedly connected to Islam,and the Zionist attorney Jason Rosenfeld haven't themselves entered into a conspiracy to further confuse and distort the issuses surrounding both 9/11 as well as the Boston Marahon 'bombing' in none fell swoop !:oston Globe

    23 hours ago - But somehow in the back row of a Cambridge mosque over a series of ...In 1974, according to the family's lawyer Jason Rosenberg, Larking ...

    Tsarnaev friend tells of beliefs in conspiracies  

    By Sally Jacobs
It was a most unlikely friendship.
The elderly man was an invalid and a lifelong Catholic recently converted to Islam. The younger man was a robust Russian immigrant, as proud of his muscled physique as he was devout in his Islamic faith. But somehow in the back row of a Cambridge mosque over a series of Friday afternoons, the boisterous boxer and the suburban senior developed a rare connection.
“Tamerlan Tsarnaev was my friend and we talked about everything from politics to religion,” said Donald Larking, 67, who began attending the Islamic Society of Boston mosque in Cambridge a couple of years ago at Tsarnaev’s suggestion. “He was very, very religious. He believed that the Koran was the one true word and he loved it.”

Larking has been identified in news media reports as a confidant of Tsarnaev, but he has never, until now, spoken publicly about their bond, and his apparent influence on the younger man. It was Larking who introduced Tsarnaev, who has been implicated in the Boston Marathon bombings and died in a shootout with police in April, to several right-wing publications colored by conspiracy theories.

Last year he gave Tsarnaev a subscription to The American Free Press, which has been criticized for promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, for a Christmas gift. He also loaned his young friend his own copies of “The Sovereign, newspaper of the Resistance!” which suggests on its website that US military explosives were involved in the World Trade Center collapse. But Larking said that Tsarnaev, who was 24 when the two men met, had strong political views long before then.
“He believed that 9/11 was an inside job and that the government had pulled it off,” recalled Larking. “His mother believed that, too. He didn’t like George Bush for torturing prisoners, but he didn’t really like Obama either.”.......
I could quote further but it is interesting to stop  here and explain in case attorney unaware that the very term 'sovereign' is a term promoted particularly by the far right founding members of Agora Inc, Baltimore and the National Tapayers Union of Alexandria,Virgina near the main office of the U.S.SEC that has protected,James Dale Davidon and British 'nouveau'  Lord William Rees-Mogg who was 'lorded' by ex far right  UK PM Margaret Thatcher herself !They like Agora Inc and the NTU or National Taxpayers Union have far right ties to both the 'U.S' CIA as well as to elite right wing Rothschild-ean connections in the UK that in turn link to the far right Zionist Israeli government.James Dale Davidson and UK Lord William Rees-Mogg are co-authors of 'The Sovereign Individual' that promoted offshore accounts to avoid taxes in the U.S.and UK and recommended LOM or Lines Offshore Management for that purpose without bothering to mention that they were major share holders in that stock fraud money laundering center themselves !

Among the many stock frauds and money laundering with unaudited  stock shares opertions James Dale Davidson has been involved in and the SEC's collusion is spreading the lie that penny stocks as well as major financial stocks that collapsed through insider manipulation were the victims not of illegal pump and dump scams and insider manipulations but of Davidson's and Agora Inc.'s and Geico billionaire Patrick Byrne's made up term 'naked short selling' -both Davidson and ex CIA and Carlyle CEO Frank Carlucci have been involved in is the ongoing biotech stem cell penny stock and illegal pump and dump scam, targeting mainly American investors of course,called Pluristem, with its Technion University of Israel connections as well as Mossad connections.But it is only a drop in the bucket in light of Israeli and Agora frauds and scams going back decades against Americans.

Here's the head of the SEC Christopher Cox himself promoting the lie himself in 2008 on the U.S. government's own 'investor education' website  at the time Fannie Mae,Freddie Mac and all the major U.S. financial stocks were collpsing at the same time due to insider looting and sacking and dumping or shorting at the same time that requires a 'conspiracy' so SEC Chair Cox lies about it really being caused by 'naked short selling' !:

  1. Press Release: Statements of SEC Chairman Christopher Cox and ...

    Sep 17, 2008 - Statements of SEC Chairman Christopher Cox and Enforcement Division ... "In order to ensure that hidden manipulation, illegal naked short ...

It may be hard to believe but besides Ron Paul and Steve Forbes among others even right wing Austin,Texas 'conspiracy theorist' Alex Jones and even the pseudo liberal MIT proffessor Noam Chomsky are Agora Inc and thus CIA and City of London connected ! How's that for a 'conspiracy theory' attorney Jason Rosenfeld !?
As the Boston Globe article with link above adds, Tamerlin Tsarnaev'e CIA wife Katherine Russell, (whose father is a high level CIA official involved in the very anti-Russian Islamic field of conflict in Dagestan that Tamerlin and I believe his brother, 'Joker' Tsarnaev,also entered into against the Russians in his family's bordering Islamic homeland and former part of the Soviet Union, also goes to work caring for the Larking family who must have income from somewhere to pay for all this home care.
But nonetheless a reader of the Boston Globe whose comment I post below makes the astute comment that is ignored by the good Zionist attorney Jason which is that Tamerlin and his brother were in fact fighting FOR rather than against U.S. and CIA intersts in Russia NOT against them in joining a jihadist group fighting the Russian government ! So Mr. Russell should have been very proud of his son in law as would be his CIA and the fascist U.S.government of Barack Obama, (which is just a continuation of the fascist CIA Zionist government of W Bush),as well !

Strangely in mentioning Tamerlin's wife Katherine Russell the Boston Globe somehow forgetv to mention that she is the daughter of a high level CIA officer whose field of operations and trouble making coinicidentally centers around the very country of origen of the Tsarnaev brothers !

What’s even more incredible, is that absolutely no photographs seem to exist whatsoever of Tamerlan and his Islamic convert wife Katherine together. It’s almost as if their ‘marriage’ was something of a staged affair. 
Investigators into this story should be suspicious of this unusual family set-up and ask more questions about them and their personal histories.-

Quote below from Boston  Globe again and one astute comment re the Tsarnaev CIA and anti-Russian alliance.:

Katherine Russell, who married Tsarnaev in 2010, converted from Catholicism to Islam for reasons similar to his own, said Larking. Like him, she was deeply disappointed over the scandal that engulfed the church and she was worried that the daughter she had with Tsarnaev would not be safe in the church in which she had grown up.

“She wanted a church with more morals,” recalled Larking. “She felt the mosque would be a safer place for her daughter to go to nursery school.” - Boston Globe


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