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Jonestown,Jim Jones,CIA,NSA Israel,Diane Feinstein,William Kunstler,Mark Lane,Dan White,Harvey Milk,San Francisco Mayor George Moscone etal.,

Jonestown,CIA,NSA Israel,Diane Feinstein,William Kunstler,Mark Lane,Dan White,Harvey Milk,San Francisco Mayor George Moscone,

Former synagogue and Scottish Rite masonic temple purchased by Jim Jones as a headquarters for Peoples' Temple. (Jones' father was a leader in the KKK). The site was renovated after the 1906 San Francisco quake.
Because most of the People's Temple rank-and-file were black, and most of the leadership was white; Joyce Shaw, a former member, once mused that the mass suicide story was a cover-up for "some kind of horrible government experiments, or some sort of sick, racist thing. . .a plan like the Germans to exterminate blacks."

    1. Cyrus Roberts Vance was also a member of the CFR; and the notorious Bilderberg Group.[17]Vance was the U.S. Secretary of State under President Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1980. Prior to that position, he was the Secretary for the Army and the Deputy Secretary of Defense under President Lyndon B. Johnson. [18]
      Vance was U.S. Secretary of State at the time of the Jonestown Massacre in November 1978. Jonestown was a CIA Mind Control-Medical Experiment. Within 48 hours of the massacre of over 900 predominately Black elderly, women and children in the middle of the Guyana Rain forest, Vance demanded the Guyana government immediately bury the bodies of U.S. citizens without autopsies in a mass grave like something out of the pages of Treblinka and Auschwitz.[19]
      Despite the insistence of the U.S. Government to immediately bury the people ofJonestown in mass graves, Dr. C. Leslie Mootoo, the top Guyanese pathologist enteredJonestown hours after the deaths. He refused the collaboration and the assistance of U.S. pathologists. Dr. Mootoo found fresh needle marks at the back of the left shoulder blades on 80 – 90% of the victims. Other victims had been shot or strangled. The elderly, women and children of Jonestown had been murdered. Jonestown was aracial mass murder crime scene[20] and Cyrus Vance wanted it covered up and veiled from the public forever. He wanted the world to believe that they drank Kool Aide laced with cyanide, willingly.

      If one was to go over the deaths in Auschwitz, it is almost a certainty, considering the horrendous conditions those who were there were under, that 0.2 % of all deaths could be attributed to suicides. Yet, if anyone was to argue that Auschwitz was a suicide camp housing a bunch of religious freaks and not the compounds of murder that they were, they would (rightfully) be condemned for intellectual dishonesty, and their motives would be questioned. No such actions are taken on those who continue to insist the same about Jonestown, despite how the facts speak to the contrary.”[21]

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    1. wolfblitzzer0: Israel-NSA Spying and war and stock criminal Israeli ...
      Aug 5, 2013 - Israeli Dual Citizen Dianne Feinstein Forced to Resign as Chairperson ... Anonymous Operation NSA – Exposing Dianne ...

    Dianne Feinstein was first elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1969. She won one of her elections by campaigning late the night before election day at sado-masochistic bars. She got the whip vote and was smart enough to it so late that the news media could not get the story out to the voters. This was at a time when the SF Coroner’s office admitted that 10% of all unnatural deaths were the result of sadists cutting off the circulation of their sexual partners.... Unfortunately for America she defeated Quentin Kopp for President of the Board of Supervisors in 1978. On November 27, 1978 Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk were assassinated by ex-Supervisor Dan White and she became Mayor of San Francisco.  Mr White used the Twinkie defense and was convicted of manslaughter as opposed to murder. He served less than two years of a 5 to 7 year sentence...........

    Dianne Feinstein was a member of the Trilateral Commission during the 1980s which was founded by by David Rockefeller and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. She and her third husband Richard C Blum were also members of the Council on Foreign Relations.............

    Senator Dianne Feinstein has received scrutiny due to her husband Richard Blum’s government contracts and extensive business dealings with China and her past votes on trade issues with that country. Perini Corporation is controlled by Blum. URS Corp, which Blum had a substantial stake in, bought EG&G, a leading provider of technical services and management to the U.S. military, from The Carlyle Group in 2002; EG&G subsequently won a $600 million defense contract. In 2009 it was reported that Blum’s wife Sen. Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation to provide $25 billion in taxpayer money to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, a government agency that had recently awarded her husband’s real estate firm, CB Richard Ellis, what the Washington Times called “a lucrative contract to sell foreclosed properties at compensation rates higher than the industry norms.”
    In 2009 the University of California Board of Regents, of which Blum is a member, voted to increase student registration fees (roughly the Univ. of California equivalent of tuition) by 32%. Shortly thereafter, Blum’s Capital Partners purchased additional stock in ITT Tech, a for-profit educational institution. These events suggest a conflict of interest on Blum’s part.”....


    White used illegal hollow-point bullets. After Milk's body was cremated, the ashes were enshrined at his prior direction with bubble bath, signifying his homosexuality, and several packets of Kool-Aid, a clue that Milk left behind, per the will he'd revised a week before the shootings, to signify Jim Jones of the People's Temple, a CIA mind control experiment that ended with the destruction of 1200 subjects.

    The murder of  SF Mayor George Moscone by Dan White in 1987, about a week after the alleged mass suicide at Jonestown, was the best bit of political luck that ever happened to Zionist war criminal and money launderer and Israeli agent,Senator Diane Feinstein,in her political carrerr.It made her a U.S.Senator and it made her and her husband billionaires from the Iraq war she voted for even while knowing Israelis were the  chief perpatrators of 9/11 and had crucial positions in ares of both cyber decurity as well as control of the very same strategic airports - Logan Airport Boston,the Newark New Jersey aitport and probably Dulles Airport in Washington,D.C. on SEPTEMBER 11,2001 through convicted,( in Israel) money launderer Menachem Atzmon's and deceased Israeli Ezra Harel's  ongoing stock fraud and money laundering operation called ICTS International that was used to purchase Huntleigh airport rent-a-cops and its contract to guard Logan and Newark airports just prior to 9/11! In her position in the Senate she has used her power to block all such investigations and instead supports the Israeli controlled NSA spying on any and all Americans who question the events of 9/11 and her war crimes and ties to Israel.

     Testimony of  Zionist war  profiteer and billionaire Diane Feinstein who became Mayor of SF as a result of the assassination of Mayor Moscone by her friend and colleague on the of SF Board of Supervisors,Dan White,who Moscone had refused to reappoint and who was mudered along with Harvey White about a wekk after the Jonestown Guyana mass 'suicide' or mass murder that some blame on the U.S.CIA who may have been closely connected to the Reverend Jim Jones.

     DIRECT EXAMINATION by Mr. Norman:

    Q Mayor Feinstein, on or about the 27th of November, last year, you were the President of the Board of Supervisors at that time, weren't you?

    A That is correct. . . .

    Q Calling your attention now to Monday morning, November 27th, of last year, were you in your office some time at approximately around 11:00 o'clock?

    A Yes.

    Q Do you recall about what time it was that you arrived at your office that day?

    A It had to have been, oh, probably around 9:30, because I was-because I received a phone call from the Mayor about 9:00 o'clock, perhaps a little before, at my home.

    Q Was that a phone call that you received from the late Mayor Moscone in connection with any appointment that he was likely to make on that day to the Board of Supervisors?

    A Yes, it was.

    Q Being the President of the Board of Supervisors, that would be discussed with you, no doubt, wouldn't it have been?

    A Well, not necessarily "no doubt,” but I had written a letter in support of Dan White's reappointment. The Mayor had indicated to me he would let me know when he had made up his mind as to what he was going to do, and he called that morning and indicated that he had decided not to reappoint Dan White, and told me that he was going to appoint Dan Horanzey, and that he was going to be sworn in at 11:30 that morning........


    On the day of the mass suicides,18 Nov,1978,the Soviet Embassy in Guyana was given letters,documents,tapes and $34,800 by People's Temple representatives(Kunstler,Lane?).
    But these items were turned over to the Guyanese government,by the Soviets who may have
    wished to remain uncommitted  in their loyalty until they saw which of the competing political
    forces would win.
    Kunstler or Lane must have known that Jim Jones had attendsed a planning session in Havana,
    Cuba in 1960 where he spent four weeks and made arrangements  for establishing the People's
    During an interview with cult member Terri Buford  at the home of her attorney,Mark Lane,Terri
    stated that she was attracted to the People's Temple because of its socialist politics,that it had
    become 'miserable' and Rev Jim Jones was making arrangements to move to the Soviet Union just
    prior to the suicides.But it is doubtful they would have wanted him there.
    In early 1979, the Los Angeles District Attorneys office anounced the were investigating Mark Lane
    for possible grand theft with regard to Lane's association with People's Temple.Exactly what Mark Lane
    and Bill Kunstler were doing in Guyana the day of the massacre is open for conjecture.Kunstler omits that
    information from his narrative.......

    p 150
    The farm in Carmel NY where William Kunstler's parents lived was amply provided with 'black reformed prostitutes' to do housework,a form of slavery which apparently was acceptable to the Kunstlers.These 
    'shvartzes' as Mrs.Kunstler condescendingly called the black girls were provded to Bil's parents by the 
    charlatan preacher Father Divine(aka   AKA George Baker AKA

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      "Chicago 7" trial attorney William Kunstler had been with the predecessor agency to CIA, namely OSS. During the "7" trial he used to eat lunch with Chicago U.S. ...

    1. Summary Q196
      William Kunstlerlawyer associated with radical causes. Mark Lane, attorney. Don Freed, author and screenwriter. Jonestown radio code: MrsWhiteJonestown ...

    Jonestown radio code:

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      jim jones cuba 1960

      Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple”

      What is certain, however, is that, while in Richmond, Jones
      established a relationship with a man named Dan Mitrione.  Like the
      child evangelist, Mitrione would one day become internationally
      notorious and, like Jones, his violent death in South America would
      generate headlines around the world.  As Jones told his followers in

              "There was one guy that I knew growing up in Richmond, a cruel, cruel
      person, even as a kid, a vicious racist---Dan Mitrione." [42]

      Myrtle Kennedy has confirmed that the two men knew one another, saying
      that they were friends. [43]
              That Jones knew Mitrione is strange coincidence, but not
      entirely surprising.  A Navy veteran who'd joined the Richmond Police
      Department in 1945, Mitrione worked his way up through the ranks as a
      patrolman, a juvenile officer and, finally,  chief of police.  It is
      unlikely that he would have overlooked the strange white-boy from Lynn
      preaching on the sidewalk to blacks in front of a working-class bar on
      the industrial side of town.
              What is surprising about Jones's statement, however, is  his
      description of Mitrione as a "vicious racist."  There is nothing
      anywhere else to suggest that Mitrione held any particular views on
      the subject of race.  Communism, certainly---but race, no. [44]
              Which is to say that either Jones was wrong about the Richmond
      cop, or else he knew something about Dan Mitrione that other people
      did not.
              If Mitrione were to play no further part in Jones's story,
      there would be little reason to speculate any further about their
      relationship.  But, as we'll see, Jones and Mitrione cross each
      other's paths repeatedly, and in the most unlikely places.  Neither
      family friends nor playmates (Mitrione was eleven years older than
      Jones), their relationship must have been based upon something.  But
              Two possibilities suggest themselves: either Mitrione was
      counseling in Jones in the way policemen sometimes counsel children,
      or their relationship may have been professional.  That is to say,
      Mitrione may have recruited Jones as an informant within the black
      community.  This second possibility is one to which we'll have reason
      to return..........


              By the late 1950s, the Peoples Temple was a success, with a
      congregation of more than 2000 people.  Still, Jones had even larger
      ambitions and, to accommodate them, became the improbable protege of
      an extremely improbable man.  This was Father Divine, the
      Philadelphia-based "black messiah" whose Peace Mission movement
      attracted tens of thousands of black adherents and the close attention
      of the FBI, while earning its founder an annual income in seven
              For whatever reasons, beginning in about 1956, Jones made
      repeated pilgrimages to the black evangelist's headquarters, where he
      literally "sat at the feet" (and at the table) of the great man,
      professing his devotion.  With the exception of Father Divine's wife,
      Jones may well have been the man's only white adherent.
              It was not entirely inconvenient.  Living in Indianapolis,
      Jones could easily arrange to transport members of the Peoples Temple
      by bus to Philadelphia---where they were housed without charge in
      Father Divine's hotels, feasted at banquets called "Holy Communions,"
      and treated to endless sermons. [48]
              That Jones made a study of Father Divine, emulated him and
      hoped to succeed him, is clear.  The possibility should not be ruled
      out, however, that Jones was also engaged in collecting "racial
      intelligence" for a third party.
              Whatever else Jones may have picked up from his study of
      Father Divine, there is reason to believe that it was in the context
      of his visits to Philadelphia that he was introduced to the subject of
      mass suicide.  Among Jones's personal effects in Guyana was a book
      that had been checked out of the Indianapolis Public Library in the
      1950s, and never returned.    In the pages of Father Divine: Holy
      Husband, the author quotes one of the black evangelist's followers:

              "'If Father dies,' she tells you in the calmest kind of a voice, 'I
      sure 'nuff  would never be callin' in myself to be goin' on livin' in
      this empty ol' world. I'd be findin' some way of gettin' rid of the
      life I never been wantin' before I  found him.'  "If Father Divine
      were to die, mass suicides among Negroes in his movement could
      certainly result.  They would be rooted deep, not alone in Father's
      relationship with his followers, but also in America's relationship
      with its Negroe citizens.  This would be the shame of America."
      (Emphasis added.) [49]....


              In January, 1959, Fidel Castro overthrew the Batista
      dictatorship, and seized power in Cuba.  Land reforms followed within
      a few months of the coup, alienating foreign investors and the rich.
      By Summer, therefore, Cuba was in the midst of a low-intensity
      counter-revolution, with sabotage operations mounted from within and
      outside the country.
              Within a year of Castro's ascension, by January of 1960,
      mercenary pilots and anti-Castroites were flying bombing missions
      against the regime.  Meanwhile, in Washington, Vice-President Richard
      Nixon was lobbying on behalf of the military invasion that the CIA was
              It was against this background, in February of 1960, that Jim
      Jones suddenly decided to visit Havana.
              The news of Jones's visit to Cuba---one is tempted to write
      "the cover-story for Jones's trip to Cuba"---was first published in
      the New York Times in March, 1979 (four months after the massacre in
      Guyana).  The story was based upon an interview with a naturalized
      American named Carlos Foster.  A former Cuban cowboy, Baptist
      Pentecostal minister and sometime night-club singer, Foster showed up
      at the New York Times four months after the massacre.  Without being
      asked, he volunteered a strange story about meeting Jim Jones in Cuba
      during the Winter of 1960.  (Why Foster went to the newspaper with his
      story is uncertain: news of his friendship with Jones could hardly
      have helped his career as a childrens' counselor). [50]
              Nevertheless, according to the Times story, the 29-year-old
      Jones traveled to Cuba to expedite plans to establish a communal
      organization with settlements in the U.S. and abroad.   The immediate
      goal, Foster said, was to recruit Cuban blacks to live in Indiana.
              Foster told the Times that he and Jones met by chance at the
      Havana Hilton.  That is to say, Jones gave the Cuban a big hello, and
      took him by the arm.  He then solicited Foster's help in locating
      forty families that would be willing to move to the Indianapolis area
      (at Jones's expense).  Tim Reiterman, who repeats the Times' story,
      adds that the two men discussed the plan in Jones's hotel-room, from 7
      in the morning until 8 o'clock at night, for a week.  More recently,
      Foster has elaborated by saying that Jones offered to pay him $50,000
      per year to help him establish an archipelago of offshore agricultural
      communes in Central and South America.  Foster said that Jones was an
      extremely well-traveled man, who knew Latin America well.  He had
      already been to Guyana, and wanted to start a collective there.
              After a month in Cuba, Jones returned to the United States
      (alone).  Six months later, Foster followed, on his own initiative,
      but the immigration scheme went nowhere. [51]
              The anomalies in this story are many, and one hardly knows
      what to make of them.   Foster's information that Jones was
      well-traveled in Latin America, and had already been to Guyana, comes
      as a shock.  None of his biographers mentions Jones having taken trips
      out of the United States prior to this time.  Could Foster be
      mistaken?  Or have Jones's biographers overlooked an important part of
      his life?
              An even greater anomaly, however, concerns language.  While
      Reiterman reports that Foster was bilingual, and that he and Jones
      spoke English together, this isn't true.  Foster learned English at
      Theodore Roosevelt High School in the Bronx---after he'd emigrated to
      the United States. [52] (Reiterman seems to have made an otherwise
      reasonable, but incorrect, assumption: knowing that Jones did not
      speak Spanish, he assumed that Foster must have been able to speak
              Today, when Foster is asked which language was spoken, he says
      that he and Jones made do with the latter's broken Spanish.
              The issue is an important one because Foster is, in effect,
      Jones's alibi for whatever it was that Jones was actually doing in
      Cuba.  That the two men did not have a language in common makes the
      alibi suspect: how could they converse for 13 hours at a time, day in
      and day out, for a week---if neither man understood what the other was
              As for Jones's own parishioners, those who've survived have
      only a dim recollection of the trip.  According to Reiterman, "Back in
      the States, Jones revealed little of his plan, depicting his stay more
      as tourism than church business."  This sounds like a polite way of
      saying that the trip served no obvious purpose.  Nevertheless, he did
      bring back some strange souvenirs.  "He showed off photos of Cuba...
      One picture---a gruesome shot of the mangled body of a pilot in some
      plane wreckage---indicated that Jones witnessed the pirate bombings of
      the cane fields.  Jones told his friends that he had met with some
      Cuban leaders, though the bearded man in fatigues standing beside
      Jones in a snapshot was too short to be Castro." [53]
              It would be interesting to know just what Reiterman is talking
      about here.  The presumption must be that there is a photograph in
      which Jones is seen with a man who might easily be confused with
      Castro---if it weren't for the latter's diminutive size.  In fact,
      however, it probably was Castro.  When Jones arrived in Brazil in
      1962, he carried a photograph of himself and his wife Marceline,
      posing with the Cuban premier.  Jones said that the picture was taken
      on a stopover in Cuba on the way to Sao Paulo. [54] That is to say, in
      late 1961 or early 1962.
              How Jones met Fidel Castro---and why---is an interesting
      question.  So, too, we can only wonder at his proclivity for taking
      photographs of mercenary pilots in their crashed planes.  Pictures of
      that sort could only have been of interest to Castro's enemies and the
              Returning to Carlos Foster, if the tale that he told to the
      Times was a pre-emptive cover-story, a "limited hang-out" of some
      sort, what was Jones actually doing?  Why had he gone to Havana?  At
      this late date, and in the absence of interviews with officials of the
      Cuban government, there is probably no way to know.  What may be said,
      however, is this:
      Emigration was an extremely sensitive issue in the first years of the
      Castro regime.  The CIA and the State Department, in their
      determination to embarrass Castro, did everything possible to
      encourage would-be immigrants to leave the island.  As a part of this
      policy, U.S. Government agencies and conservative Christian religious
      organizations collaborated to facilitate departures. [55]  Jones's
      visit may well have been a part of this program.
              But there is no way to be certain of that.  Cuba was in the
      midst of a parapolitical melt-down.  While the CIA was conspiring to
      launch an invasion, irate Mafiosans and American businessmen had
      joined together to finance the bombing-runs of mercenary pilots.
      Meanwhile, the Soviets had sent their Deputy Premier, Anastas I.
      Mikoyan, to Havana for the opening of the Soviet Exhibition of
      Science, Technology and Culture. [56] The visit coincided with the
      Soviets' decision to give Cuba a long-term low-interest loan, while
      promising to buy a million tons of Cuban sugar per annum.  The "Hilton
      Hotel" at which Jones was staying was the temporary home of a Sputnik
      satellite that the Soviets had put on display.  According to former
      CIA officer Melvin Beck, the CIA was trying to photograph it, and the
      lobby was crawling with spies from as many five different services
      (FBI, CIA, KGB, GRU and DGI). [57]
              While one cannot say that Jones's 1960 visit to Cuba was
      necessarily a spying mission, the circumstantial evidence suggests
      that it was.  That is to say, virtually every element of the trip can
      be shown to have been of particular interest to the CIA: encouraging
      Cuban emigration; documenting the destruction of aircraft piloted by
      mercenaries; the Sputnik at the Hilton; and, it would seem, Castro


               Cuba wasn't the only country to which Jones intended to
      travel in 1960.  On June 28 of that year, at about the same time that
      Foster arrived in Indianapolis from Cuba, the State Department issued
      a passport (#2288751) to Jones for a seventeen-day visit to Poland,
      Finland, the U.S.S.R., and England.  The purpose of the trip,
      according to Jones's visa application, was "sightseeing - culture."
              Which presents us with an enigma.  According to State
      Department records, this was Jones's first passport.  How, then, did
      he travel to Cuba in February if he did not receive a passport until
      the end of June?  Did he enter the country "black"?  Was he using
      someone else's documents?  And what about Carlos Foster's certainty
      that Jones had previously traveled throughout Latin America?  Was
      Foster mistaken, or had Jones in fact visited Guyana?
              It is almost as if we are dealing with two Jim Joneses.  And
      perhaps we are.  It's a subject to which we will need to return.
              Here, however, I want to point out certain coincidences of
      timing in the lives of Jim Jones and Dan Mitrione, and to discuss
      Jones's own file at the CIA.
              Passports typically require about 4-6 weeks to be mailed out.
      Since Jones's passport was issued on June 28, 1960 his application
      would have been filed in early May.  As it happens, it was during that
      same month that Dan Mitrione was in Washington D.C., being interviewed
      for a new job with a component of the State Department's Agency for
      International Development (AID), the International Cooperation
      Administration (ICA).  An acknowledged cover for CIA officers and
      contract-spooks such as Watergate's E. Howard Hunt and the JFK
      assassination's George de Mohrenschildt, the ICA would become infamous
      during the 1960s, funding the construction of tiger-cages in Vietnam,
      and training foreign police forces in the theory and practice of
              A few years earlier, in 1957, Mitrione had spent three months
      at the FBI's National Academy. [58]  The connections he'd  made stood
      him in good stead.  Immediately after his interview with the ICA, he
      was hired by the State Department as a "public safety adviser."  Three
      months later, in September, 1960 he was in Rio de Janeiro, studying
      Portuguese; by December, he was living with his family in Belo
      Horizonte, Brazil.
              Whether Mitrione was an undercover CIA officer in South
      America is disputed.  The Soviets say he was. [59] Officially,
      however,  Mitrione was an AID officer attached to the Office of Public
      Safety (OPS).  But OPS was very much a nest of spies: in the Dominican
      Republic during the mid-1960s, for example, six out of twenty
      positions were CIA covers. [60]  Moreover, Mitrione's partner at the
      time of his 1970 kidnapping in Uruguay was a public safety officer
      named Lee Echols---whose previous assignment had been as a CIA officer
      in the Dominican Republic. [61]
              Whether or not Mitrione was an undercover CIA officer, it is a
      fact that the CIA's Office of Security opened a file on Jones, and
      conducted a name-check on him, coincident with Mitrione's departure
      for Rio.  Why it did so is a mystery: the Agency won't say.
              It is speculated, of course, that the file and name-check were
      sparked by the Soviet Bloc destinations for which Jones had applied
      for a visa.  But that could hardly have been the case.  The visa
      requests had been made in May, and the passport issued in June.  It
      was not until November, some five months later, that the Office of
      Security sent agents to the State Department's Passport Office, there
      to examine Jones's records---an activity that would hardly have been
      necessary if the passport application had stimulated the name-check in
      the first place.
              Given the CIA's reluctance to clear up the matter, one can
      only speculate that the Agency may have been "vetting" Jones for
      employment as an agent.
              Two points should be made here.  The first is that the CIA
      claimed, in the aftermath of the Jonestown massacre, that its file on
      "the Rev. Jimmie Jones" was virtually empty.  According to the Agency,
      it had never collected data---not a single piece of paper---on Jones
      or the Peoples Temple.  It simply had a file on him.
              Which remained open for 10 years.  According to CIA record,
      the file was only closed---and closed without explanation---in the
      wake of Dan Mitrione's assassination by Tupamaro guerrillas in
              Which is to say that the lifespan of Jones's file at the CIA
      coincided precisely with the dates of Dan Mitrione's tenure at the
      State Department.  What I am suggesting, then, is that Richmond Police
      Chief Dan Mitrione was recruited into the CIA, under State Department
      cover, in May, 1960; that a CIA file was opened on Jones because
      Mitrione intended to use him as an agent; and that Jones's file was
      closed and purged, ten years later, as a direct and logical result of
      Mitrione's assassination in 1970...

      jim jones  kunstler mark lane

      Police Files the Spokane Experience 1853-1995: Personal & Historical ...
       By M. Kienholz


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      How Jim Jones killed George Moscone and Harvey Milk: the Real Story

      Diary Entry by christopher diamant

      This is a reprint of an Open Letter to Jennifer Moscone on some
      information I just gave to the Special Investigations Unit in SF about
      the conspiracy behind the deaths of George Moscone and Harvey Milk.
      The events behin this story have to do with my meeting with Denise
      Skineer the night before the day that Dan White had an accomplice open
      a window so he could get into City Hall. I knew Jennifer Moscone; and
      this information that I have held these years has been something I
      knew would have to come to light; as I have a mission and work that I
      am currently doing for my Father in heaven. Thus that all must come to
      light this must also come out; as with all secrets yjay have come
      across my path: and this is now the one that must also see the light
      of day.


      Dear Jennifer;

               You don't remember me; but I certainly remember you; at any
      rate it has come to the Time when I will have to finally unburden
      myself as the real facts behind the murder of your father and Harvey

              I have contacted the friends of Terence Halinan and will
      shortly have to speak to the DA; as you may not know Sheriff Richard
      Hongisto used to live next door to me and my grandmother at 1520
      Willard st, which proved to be rather unfortunate for Bouchard and
      Dutto when they arrested me there; all those years ago: the case was
      thrown out after the evidence was all impounded due to the wrong
      person opening the door when they came to the house. They did get me
      later when I was managing the Nuns; who you knew well; perhaps too

                I was told the night before these events happened that I
      describe in this post by a female friend whose name is Denise Skinner;
      she told me of this as she is the daughter of one of North Beach's
      oldest Italian-style familes that William Kuntsler had brought back a
      letter from Jim Jones; and she told me that people were going to die;
      but that was all she would tell me; and that she had seen guns; and
      would tell me no more; as she said she would then be killed also. I
      let it go at that: and the next day: well; I knew then she had told me
      the truth............

        It is not Denise Skinner and the others who I want to be charged in
      the conspiracy surrounding your father's death; but her father Duke
      Skinner and they who are the one's who arranged for Dan White to take
      out your father for revenge and Harvey for spite for "promises
      broken"; as Jim Jones had said in his letter that William Kuntsler
      brought in from the plane when it landed that black day; along with
      the money to pay for it all; quite a bit of money in those secret bank
      accounts; and a lot of cash as well.

      If Duke Skinner is even still alive he will of course have much to
      answer for; but at least now the Truth has come out; far too long; but
      not too late: there is no statute of limitations on murder: or
      conspiracy to commit murder either.

                  William Kuntsler and the others were on the first plane
      that left the runway at Jonestown; Leo Ryan was killed before he got
      to the second plane; as the People's Temple came to it's tragic end
      with their false christ; Jim Jones.

                 Jim Jones; my dear Jennifer, is the one who had your father
      killed; and the letter that William Kuntsler brought back is the
      reason that a day later Dan White was allowed to get into City Hall
      with someone who purposely left a window open so he could get in
      unobserved with the gun.....

      As you may remember, Dan White was the head of the Jousing Authority;
      and was aware that hundreds of People's Temple members were receiving
      welfare checks even though they were living in South America in French
      Guyana; but he was told not to do anything about it.

                Wjen Leo Ryan started his investigation Dan White knew they
      were going to come with him with a lot of questions; and he was not
      about to fall on his sword for your father George Moscone; so he quit.

                 When he tried to get his job back after he resigned your
      father would not rehire him; but the story is better understood if you
      look at who replaced Dan White on the Housing Authority: Diane

                  At present I have not contacted the SFPD as I know there
      is no statute of limitations on murder and particularly conspiracy to
      committ murder; William Kuntsler is dead; but those who were at the
      house that he came to directly from SF Airport all knew what was going
      to happen; and it is they who will be brought to Justice; for that is
      my Reward.


      Nine days after the Jonestown events, on November 27, 1978, San Francisco Bay Area residents would learn of the assassinations of Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Milk. Law enforcement officials repeated the local rumors that some Bay Area residents believed that Moscone and Milk were murdered by the hauntingly named "White Night" hit squads said to have been sent by the Peoples Temple to avenge Jim Jones. As San Francisco Chronicle reporter Richard Rapaport observed, “When authorities went through the personal effects left behind in San Francisco by Jones, they found a hit list with the names of erstwhile political friends and allies like George Moscone and Willie Brown.”

      The Moscone-Milk murders were carried out by a recently resigned former supervisor, Dan White, and were not directly linked to Jim Jones. White had impulsively retired from his position one year after his election and a mere two days after the Jonestown event. A former Vietnam vet, former police officer, and former firefighter, White would often go into trances during supervisors’ meetings and then impulsively goose-step around the room. His past was filled with mystery, including an enigmatic “missing year” of 1972. White’s murderous instability appeared to have been set off by the Jonestown murder-suicides and their link to San Francisco. The Chronicle’s Rapaport noted in 2003: “Part of the connection between the events came through media coverage. Each day between Saturday, Nov. 18, and Monday, Nov. 27, new and terrible video, photos and revelations emanated from the jungle retreat where many former San Franciscans had chosen, been coerced or programmed to join the man they called ‘Father.’”

      In 1979 Dan White was found guilty of “manslaughter by diminished capacity,” despite opening arguments by attorney Doug Schmidt that linked Jonestown to the assassinations. Many still believe that the reason White was not convicted of first degree murder was because of what most of the media reported as the “Twinkie defense” – a phrase coined by well-known satirist Paul Krassner - that junk food had made White do it. While it was in reality HoHos and Ding Dongs, White’s defense claimed that his love of junk food was the result of his depression, not the cause of it.

      The night the verdict was handed down, on May 21, 1979, the streets around San Francisco, especially near City Hall, erupted in violent protests. They became known, ironically, as the “White Night Riots.” Dan White would only serve five of his seven-year sentence. He was paroled in January 1984, tried exile in Ireland, and then returned to San Francisco despite requests from Mayor Dianne Feinstein (who had succeeded Moscone) not to do so.

      On the morning of October 21, 1985, Dan White attached a garden hose to the exhaust pipe of his car, a yellow 1970 Buick Le Sabre, and died by suicide at his San Francisco home. Tom, his brother, discovered the body just before 2 p.m. White had died as an Irish ballad, “The Town I Loved So Well,” played from a cassette player inside the car as it filled with deadly carbon monoxide.

      Milk’s less than a month old will requested that his body be cremated, and by his direction, the ashes were enshrined with a mixture of bubble bath (to denote his gay lifestyle) and Kool Aid (to signify the People’s Temple victims). On the 25th anniversary of the assassinations, Milk was remembered as the world’s first openly gay politician to hold office, the subject of the Oscar-winning film, The Life and Times of Harvey Milk, and the focus of operas, plays, and museum exhibits. An elementary school, a civic plaza, a restaurant, a gay cultural institute and a library in San Francisco bear his name, as does a one-of-a-kind high school in New York for gay students who were tormented in mainstream schools.

      Milk and Moscone were not the only persons killed in the wake of the People’s Temple suicides and murder-suicides.

      In 1980, news accounts told of an alleged People Temple “hit squad,” which were suspected of killing, on February 26, a family of three who had defected in 1975 and testified against the cult. Elmer Mertle (identified in early news accounts under the alias Al Mills), was found shot in the head, lying face down in his bedroom in the family's Berkeley home. The body of his 40-year-old wife Deanna Mertle (also known as Jeannie Mills, author of Six Years with God), also shot in the head with a small-caliber weapon, was discovered on her back in an adjacent bathroom. The couple's 15-year-old daughter, Daphene, was taken to Alta Bates Hospital with two gunshots in the head, and died there later. The Mertles were the founders of Concerned Relatives, and the principal organizers of Ryan's attempt to intervene in the Jonestown cult. Jones called them “white devils.”

      Less than a month later, the ripples from the San Francisco murders reached civil rights worker Dennis Sweeney. On March 14, 1980, Sweeney shot seven bullets point-blank into his former friend, Congressman Allard K. Lowenstein, at Lowenstein’s New York City law offices. Activist Lowenstein had marched in the 1964 Freedom Summer in Mississippi, campaigned for Robert F. Kennedy, authored the "Dump Johnson" movement, and ran the National Student Association, which was later revealed to be CIA-subsidized. After the shooting, Sweeney sat down, smoked a cigarette, seemed to be in a trance state, and calmly waited for the police to arrive.

      During his trial, Sweeny testified that the CIA (with Lowenstein's help) had implanted a chip in his head 15 years earlier, and he could hear voices transmitted through his dental work. Sweeny blamed CIA “controllers” for his uncle's heart attack and the assassination of San Francisco mayor George Moscone. Sweeney was found not guilty by reason of insanity, and in 2000, was released from a mental hospital in upstate New York. (The media loved the Sweeney-Lowenstein story. Teresa Carpenter even won a Pultizer Prize for her Village Voice exclusive, quoting Sweeney saying that the shooting was a gay lovers’ quarrel. The only trouble was that Carpenter never interviewed Sweeney; she had made the whole thing up.)

      Other deaths followed. Joe Mazor, the private detective hired by the Concerned Relatives to persuade people to leave Jonestown, was shot dead a few years after the Mertles/Mills deaths. Walter Rodney, an intellectual and renowned Caribbean scholar born and raised in Guyana, was assassinated there on December 13, 1980, via a bomb-implanted walkie-talkie. Paula Neustel Adams, Jim Jones's top liaison in the upper echelons of the Guyanese government, was murdered in suburban Bethesda, Maryland in October 1983. Her longtime companion, Laurence Mann, Guyana's ambassador to the United States from 1975-81, apparently killed her, their child and then himself, in a murder-suicide. Members of the Jonestown Institute and author Garrett Lambrev have written that many questions remain unanswered about the true extent of all the copycat suicides, murder-suicides, and murders that occurred since the Jonestown massacre.

      The specter of Jonestown filled the newspapers for years and produced a made‑for‑television movie called Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (1980), starring the then-new and unknown actor Powers Boothe in a highly acclaimed performance as Jones. The Jonestown event had other broad cultural outcomes besides creating a model for mass suicides. For example, despite the actual use of Flavor-aide, the media had quickly mislabeled what was used as “Kool Aid,” and worldwide sales of Kool Aid crashed. Another lasting linguistic legacy of the People’s Temple tragedy is the expression, “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.” This has come to mean, “Don’t trust any group you find to be a little on the fanatical side.”

      © Loren Coleman 2004 ~ from The Copycat Effect (NY: Simon and Schuster, 2004


      Peoples' Temple a Scottish Rite Front?
      Former synagogue and Scottish Rite masonic temple purchased by Jim Jones as a headquarters for Peoples' Temple. (Jones' father was a leader in the KKK). The site was renovated after the 1906 San Francisco quake.
      Because most of the People's Temple rank-and-file were black, and most of the leadership was white; Joyce Shaw, a former member, once mused that the mass suicide story was a cover-up for "some kind of horrible government experiments, or some sort of sick, racist thing. . .a plan like the Germans to exterminate blacks." 
      Jim Jones and Mayor Moscone
      Mayor George Moscone's former Housing Authority chairman, the Reverend Jim Jones, had fled town in advance of a series of stories damning his People's Temple. Politicians valued the Rev. Jones because he could reliably turn out pool of precinct canvassers. What they did not realize was that these "volunteers" were slave labor. The People's Temple tortured dissidents. Moscone, along with Supervisor Harvey Milk, were about to blow the lid off the CIA mind control experiments days before his murder at the hands of Dan White
      The wholesale cover-up of Moscone's doomed inquiries into the CIA/Jonestown connection was far reaching. Dan White trained at Fort Bragg, NC; which is the nation's leading research centre for psychological warfare. Aside from Moscone and Milk, Feinstein was the last person White ever talked to before the shootings began. Whether or not her last words to Dan White before the shooting were a trigger mechanism, witting or unwitting, is open to speculation for those familiar with the intricacies of hypnoconditioning and mind control.

       Moscone's successor,  now Sen. Dianne Feinstein; was among the first to dismiss CIA complicity in the experiment. Sadly,  Feinstein was the first to cynically capitalize on the murders of Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone by using news footage of their killings in her campaign commercials and crusade for gun control.

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