Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rand Paul: ISIS Created by Obama,GOP Hawks -City Of London,BP' Indian Foreign Agent, La.Governor Jindal, Attacks

Rand Paul: ISIS Created by Obama,GOP Hawks -City Of London,BP'  Indian Foreign Agent, La.Governor Jindal, Attacks

 ... Wolfblitzzer0. 'Foreign agent.least popular louisiana governor jindal'hindu in christian drag' works for city of london,bp,china,etc.'

So how did a City of London foreign agent, Indian Louisiana Governor Jindal,who has illegally represented BP in the oil spill and other lobbying issues of City of London become a spokeman for Louisiana or America in the first place.He should be under arrest and his brother's ties to BP that he aids and abets should be investigated in Congress .The Hindu Nazi Jindal is not the simple fundie 'American southern Christian'- he claims to be .................Now I'm beginning to like Rand Paul who I haven't much cared for before because he is taking on both City of London Zionist Prostitute Obama and City of London Zionist prostitutes of Congress or GOP.

  • wolfblitzzer0: .Least Popular Louisiana Hindu Governor ...

    Feb 1, 2015 - Least Popular Louisiana Hindu Governor Jindal,Foreign Agent In ...Jindal 'Hindu In Christian Drag' Works For City Of London,BP,China,etc.
  • wolfblitzzer0: Huey Long VS BP'S,City of London's Indian ...

    Oct 14, 2014 - And being a BP,City of London prostitute and an Indian puppet of the ... This leaves Jindal with the prerogative/duty to protect Louisiana NOT ...

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    Rand Paul: "ISIS exists...because of hawks" in the GOP

    CBS News-2 hours ago
    Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul had some harsh words Wednesday forRepublicans who have blamed the rise of Islamic extremism in Iraq and Syria ...

    Jindal Says Rand Paul 'Unsuited' to be President
    Highly hours ago

    Rand PaulGOP hawks to blame for the Islamic State
    Blog-Washington Post (blog)-6 hours ago

    PaulISIS Created, Strengthened By Republican 'Hawks' Arming ...
    In-Depth-CBS Local-20 minutes ago

    Ron Paul;CIA Agent,City Of London Prostitute Barack Obama(Barry Soetoro)Started NSA Bulk Spying And Can End It

    1. Story image for jindal louisiana bp city of london from Washington Times

      Bobby Jindal, unpopular at home, getting little traction for 2016

      Washington Times-Apr 20, 2015
      Bobby Jindal, R-La., speaks in Nashua, N.H., in this April 18, 2015, file photo. ... He drew widespread criticism for a London speech in which he ...
      Unpopular at home, Jindal getting little traction for 2016
      New Orleans CityBusiness (blog)-Apr 20, 2015
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    2. Story image for jindal louisiana bp city of london from Salon

      Bobby Jindal goes macho: Behold his tough-guy talk about beating ...

      Salon-Feb 25, 2015
      A few months ago, Louisiana governor and beefcake slab of manly power Bobby Jindal did what every wannabe president does – he gave The ...

    Rand Paul: Obama Started NSA Bulk Collection And Can End It By Himself

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