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Israel,Cecil Rhodes,Susan Rice,Idi Amin:MI-6,CIA Agent Barack Obama Lies to South African Students,Nelson Mandela,Cynthia McKinney,Martin Luther King

 Israel,Cecil Rhodes,Susan Rice,Idi Amin:MI-6,CIA Agent Barack Obama Lies to South African Students, Nelson Mandela,Cynthia McKinney,Martin Luther King

  1. PressTV - Obama go home, 100s of South Africans say › Africa › More From Africa

    1 day ago – Hundreds of South African protesters chanting “Go back, Obama” have clashed with ... On Saturday, the police fired tear gas and stun grenades at the ... where US President Barack Obama held a town hall meeting with students... use of CIA-run assassination drone strikes, the prison at Guantanamo Bay, ...

Cecil Rhodes:UK Kenya CIA Agent Barack Obama,his Rhodes Scholar Susan Rice Lie to South African Students,Nelson Mandela

Just ask Kenyan born ,(at least according to him before his CIA employers decided to appoint him U.S.President),and pro-British colonialist prostitute Barack Obama, why he hasn't appointed the African American  Pentagon and Israel apartheid critic Cynthia Mckinney to a position in his government.And why  he has continued to advance the career of disreputable black prostitute for Israel and murderer of black Africans in Libya,Susan Rice ,(who lied about Moamar Gadafi forcing Viagra on his troops to encourage rape of Libyans !), and whose pro Israel policies have led to the decimation rape and murder of black Africans  residing in Libya !
Apparently Barack Obama and Susan Rice  think Cecil Rhodes and Nelson Madela are all the same - heroes and role models to South Africans.If only someone could explain to them the difference,And Obama
believes he should be idolized for outdoing even Israeli trained Uganda dictator and mass murderer Idi Amin in the number of people he has murdrered.Why doesn't someone in Africa point out to him that mass murderers such as himself should not come parading around Africa comparing thrmselves to Nelson Mandela while appointing mass murderering Rhodes scholars such as Susan Rice as role models while banning real black and African American leaders such as Cynthia McKinney from any role whatsoever in U.S. government !

Susan Rice's Viagra Hoax: The New Incubator Babies - Anti War
Apr 30, 2011 – On Thursday, US ambassador Susan Rice announced that Libyan government troops were being issued Viagra and told to rape as a terror ...
Martin Luther King would be turning in his grave to know that self serving mass murdering sleaze such as the Kenyan born CIA and British 'intelligence¡ agent Barack Obama aka Barry Soretoro was cynically using his name much less that of Nelson Mandela.Barack Obama's aka Barry Soetoro's own role as a CIA and UK colonialist apologist just like his father and grandfather before him in the mass murder of black Africans in  Libya and elsewhere as well as in a protector and defender of lieing white colonialists in Palestine-Israel who physically abuse and attack black African refugees there and force Ethiopian Jewish women to take toxic chemicals like depo provera to maintain their own apartheid state there !

9/11,WTC:Osama bin Laden on FBI Unwanted List;Barack Obama A Skinny Idi Amin ?

Tony Ryals
Barack Obama may turn out to be a skinny Idi Amin.I knew of course all the Zionists and outright mafiosi and rapers of the U.S.economy that helped fund him and that he was following the Zionist PARTY line that
Afghani peasants caused 9/11 and thus don't investigate the Israelis Menachem Atzmon,Ezra Harel,, criminals of ICTS International pro Israeli connections or Securacom of Marvin Bush and the Kuwait Al Sabah royalty at Dulles Airport Washington,D.C. and the WTC in New York or the real cause for collapse of the WTC which may well turn out to be super thermite rather than the planes themselves.But as it turns out Idi Amin was backed and brought to power by Israeli Zionist war and financial criminals just as Barack Obama appears to have been !


wolfblitzzer0: U.S.U.N.. Ambassador Susan Rice's little white Viagra ...
Jul 7, 2012 – 30 Apr 2011 – On Thursday, US ambassador Susan Rice announced that Libyan government troops were being issued Viagra and told to rape ...U.S.U.N.. Ambassador Susan Rice's little white  Viagra lie leads to black genocide in Libya.....

 Revealed: How Israel Helped Idi Amin to Take Power (Did Israel ...
Independent (UK) ^ | Aug 17, 2003 | Richard Dowden ... Slater's next telegram says that according to Colonel Bar-Lev: "In the course of last night General Amin caused ... Shortly after independence Amin was sent to Israel on a training course.

 America & Israel: An Unbreakable Bond - Barack Obama
President Obama spoke about his ironclad commitment to Israel's security. He rightly said that our security cooperation is unprecedented… And he has backed ...

Exposing U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and Her Zionist Links | Keys ...
Oct 28, 2012 – Susan Rice worked as a consultant for Barrack Obama during his ... Cecil Rhodes started a racist, bloody, land redistribution in Africa, taking Blacks ... Rice is of her Rhodes Scholar award; she is black and Rhodes apartheid ..
Obama builds new drone base in West Africa to combat spread of Al ...
Feb 23, 2013 – New mission: President Obama announced that the U.S. will build a new base for drones (pictured) in Niger, Africa, to increase surveillance in ...

  1. Cynthia McKinney Remains Imprisoned in Israel After Gaza-Bound ...

    Jul 2, 2009 – Cynthia McKinney Remains Imprisoned in Israel After Gaza-Bound BoatIs Seized. Published July 02, 2009. Former U.S. ...

WASHINGTON: Former US President Jimmy Carter has slammed American assassination drone strikes in other countries, saying that killing civilians in such attacks would in fact nurture terrorism.

"I personally think we do more harm than good by having our drones attack some potential terrorists who have not been tried or proven that they are guilty," Carter said in an interview with Russia Today.

"But in the meantime, the drone attacks also kill women and children, sometimes in weddings... so this is the kind of thing we should correct," he added.

Carter, who served as US president from 1976 to 1980, also criticized incumbent American policy makers for violating the country's "long-standing policy" of "preserving the privacy of US citizens."

"We now pass laws that permit eavesdropping on private phone calls and private communication," he noted, explaining that in the past, in order to do that, the government had to obtain a court ruling that proved the nation's national security was at risk, "which was very rare, but now it's done all over America."

"We need to back off [and] restore basic human rights as spelled out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)," the former US president underlined.

He concluded by saying that there are 30 paragraphs in the UDHR, "and at present time, my country, the US, is violating 10 out of the 30." (Monitoring Desk)

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