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Can Syria's Christians Survive Barack Obama,Hillary Clinton and Their Israeli and Islamo-fascist allies of Turkey and Saudi Arabia ?

Sad to consider the fact that the U.S.that used to consider itself a Christian country albeit with separation of Church and State has fallen so low as to allow a religio-fascist money laundering state perhaps the biggest financial theft money laundering state and military war state for its size in world history, to manipulate it along with right wing Jewish and non Jewish Zionists that have completely infiltrated and sabotaged the U.S. government,to use it militarey industrial complex to destroy Christian minorities that have survived in the Middle Est region with Muslims for almost two thouisand years until now.The white 'Jewish' Rothschild crime family must be laughing their asses off and drinking their Rothschild French champagne  as they watch the last Christians on the run in the Middle East.The Queen Mother Fucker of England and its Church of England must be proud as well.As proud as Hell.Unfortunately the Mormon Israeli money launderer or mafioso Mitt Romney who perhaps hates Christians even more than Obama and Clinton and his Israelis stock fraud and offshore account colleagues themselves would or will just continue the same fascist policies and further increase Israel's role as the new money laundering state to compete with Switzerland .Rothschild Uber Alles and more Libensraum to them !Maybe Israel will tke in the Middle Eastern Christians whosw countries they have manipulated the U.S. and European states to destroy ? Maybe the Rothschilds will finally feel some guilt for their unending war profits and for funding Menachem Atzmon  the other Shin Bet Israelis of ICTS Inrternational who started the Iraq invasion by allowing the alledged Saudi terrorists to board flights 11 and 175 in the first place ? Unilkely.Only a war crime tribunal in the U.S.or Europe and confiscation of their assts and liberties to do us harm could ever bring justice to either us or the Middle East Christians.   :

 US and Turkey unite on Syria

Minneapolis Star Tribune - 1 day ago
Hillary Clinton and Turkey's foreign minister began planning for Assad's fall, including ... Turkey is a natural hub for any kind of action in Syria.

Aramaic Christians under attack in Iraq - YouTube Feb 2010 - 3 min - Uploaded by ArameansIraq
There is no end to the violence against the Arameans. Aramaic Christians are no longer safe in Iraq thanks to Zionist war criminals W Bush and Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro,Hillary Clinton and their fascist Israeli white racist allies who lie about being 'Semites'.

Christ Almighty! US Foreign Policy vs. Middle Eastern Christianity by ...

4 days ago by Justin Raimondo
Persecution of Libya's Christians has remained the one constant since the fall of Gadhafi, and vigilante violence is on the uptick. In Syria, the anti-Christian jihad is well underway, churches are being occupied and ransacked ...

 Can Syria's Christians Survive?

  Updated August 11, 2012, 10:41 a.m. ET


''Father Battikha is among the many staunch supporters of President Assad in the Christian church hierarchy.
From the very start of the current conflict, history and religion have played a key role in fueling passions on both sides in Syria. And this has become more pronounced as the conflict dragged on, turning bloodier and more vicious.
''One of the oft-repeated assertions made by the Syrian regime plays effectively on ancient rivalries. The conflict, it says, is an attempt by neo-Ottomans in Turkey and expansion-minded Muslim ultraconservatives from Saudi Arabia—known as Wahhabis—to gain a foothold in Syria.
''This narrative, one of majority Sunni Muslims overwhelming and dominating minorities, is now a staple of nightly news bulletins on Syrian state television. The regime knows well how this message resonates with Christians and other minorities.
''The Ottomans, Turks who ruled Syria from 1516 until World War I, relegated Christians to a second-class citizen status. They were allowed to practice their religion and govern themselves in matters that didn't concern the Muslims. But they were also required to pay special taxes, and there were plenty of restrictions on them when it came to interactions with Muslims. Wahhabism, the ascetic and harshly conservative form of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia, is even tougher on Christians.''-Bill Spindle and Sam Dagher

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A version of this article appeared August 11, 2012, on page C1 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: Can Syria's Christians Survive?.

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