Friday, September 22, 2017

CNN PROSTITUTE ,pERVERT Percy von Lipinski ,probable Vancouver penny stock con artist

Former sex-change surgeon Olga Moukhortova and spouse Percy von Lipinksi will move to L.A. to aid singer-daughter Ava Frye’s career. MALCOLM PARRY / PNG
CLEARED FOR TAKE-OFF: City entrepreneur Percy von Lipinski aspired to romance not surgery when he met Dr. Olga Moukhortova, who turned Russian men into women for the ruble equivalent of $15,000. They married, she moved to Vancouver and requalified in her specialty. With such procedures centred on Montreal, Dr. Moukhortova-von Lipinski now practices gynecology. Meanwhile, she did help her spouse retain a key extremity — his left hand, which she quickly suspected of being afflicted by the flesh-eating disease necrotizing fasciitis. Today, 13-year-old daughter Ava is changing both of their lives. Having heeded parental advice to learn Mandarin, she’s won international singing competitions and gained fans in China and North America. The family will move to L.A. to further her career and market the sound and special-effects systems her father’s AFM Alive firm developed to give now-stage-named Ava Frye a leg-up.

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