Thursday, June 22, 2017

Israel Calls For Closer Ties With Its 911 Terrorist Allie Saudi Arabia

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Israel calls for Saudi Arabia ties and state visits hours ago
Israel's intelligence and transportation minister has called on Saudi Arabia's King Salman to invite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to ...
What Does Saudi Royal Shakeup Mean for Israel? 21, 2017

9/11 attacks carried out by US, Israel and Saudi Arabia | Veterans Today
21 dic. 2013 - The September 11, 2001 attacks in the US were a “false flag” operation carried out jointly by the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia with “Zionists ..

Israeli, Saudi role in 9/11 covered up by US | Veterans Today
20 abr. 2016 - President Obama opposes Americans to sue Saudi Arabia for 9/11. However, he supports American suing Iran for the Marines' barrack attacks ...

Like Saudi Arabia, Israel Has a Soft Spot for Sunni Extremism ...
31 ene. 2017 - Thanks to last summer's release of 28 pages detailing a variety of links between 9/11 hijackers and Saudi government officials—and the ...

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