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Houston Astros' War Criminal Profiteer Jim Crane,Barack Obama,Sandy Hook Newtown CT .Fraud and Mitch Bodian Equalnet Stock Fraud Money Laundering Op

Houston Astros' War Profiteer Jim Crane,Barack Obama,Sandy Hook Hoax and Mitch Bodian Equalnet Stock Fraud Money Laundering Op

I'm not much of a 'sports fan' and only became aware of the scumbag Jim Crane in researching a 'man' named Mitchell Bodian who began opening a chain of what he and his partners Alain Schneider and his girlfriend called 'Chocomuseos' in Granada,Nicaraqua,Peru,Antigua Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.
Alain came to ask me to grind cacao beans for him ignoring the simple fact that I had pioneered both unsweetened cacao in Guatemala as well as virtually invented cacao honey bars before they arrived with their 'Chocomuseo', or ChocoCircus as I  call it, in Antigua Guatemala.
Coincidentally I write about stock fraud because I was ripped off in several and one in particular with a Montgomery,Texas connection called Endovasc the believe it or not had Stanford University 'researchers' and phoney patents to use nicotine in blood vessel formation to help promote and illegally 'pump and dump' their  worthless shares in this penny stock fraud that billed itself as a 'start up company'.So it could not be worse than to find that they were promoting their 'Chocomuseos' as a 'start up company'.And on top of it all just like any penny stock fraud I was ever victim of they were willing and ready to spout and promote any lie to promote their scam and used the internet like true government protected and connected penny stock scheisters even placing a plack on their wall in Antigua claiming they made cocoa butter using the Ghirardelli
'broma process' which is a rumor and lie promoted by Ghirardelli of San Francisco off and on since 1865 that I photographed and exposed leading to their removal of the fraudulent lie from their wall !On top of it all there already is chocolate place in Spain called 'Chocomuseo' who may or may not like having their name associated with the likes of these shifty to say the least characters.
Futher upon doing a little 'googling' around I discovered that in the 1990's Mitchell Bodian who also owns the Granada Spa Hotel in Granada Nicaragua was an executive of the VERY questionable stock scam called Equalnet that besides its headquarters in Houston,had an adress in Vienna,Virginia on and around the time that the scheisters recently popularized in the  'Wolf On Wall Street' movie were also headquartered there meaning that it probably had U.S. government and 'intelligence' connections as well.Well guess who bought millions of worthless shares to launder money with and defraud American investors with -yes Houston Astros scumbag and war profiteer and 'friend' to Zionist CIA prostitute and war criminal in his own right - Little Black Rambo aka Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro who was raised by a male transvestite 'nanny'
in Indonesia before finally 'honoring' us by being our or the CIA's and Rothschild City of London and Israel's hand picked U.S.President !

Would you buy Little Black Rambo's aka Barack Hussein Obama's aka Barry Soetoro's  Sandy Hook Newtown CT. hoax from this guy Jim Crane who should be on trial for war profiteering  ? 

Astros honor Sandy Hook victims | MLB.com

TEX@HOU: Astros honor victims of Sandy Hook tragedy. 04/01/2013; |; 01:22 ... Jim Crane honored by ...


Pres. Obama's Big Oil host has history of war profiteering ... - RSS

Feb 20, 2013 - James Robert "Jim" Crane is the owner of the Floridian Yacht and Golf .... EGL settled charges with the Justice Department -- war profiteering ...


War profiteering, racial discrimination and a 'financial sham': The allegations that cloud Jim Crane, Democrat donor and Obama's golfing buddy - London Daily Mail



Robbie Parker, father of Sandy Hook Elementary victim, to throw out ...

article.wn.com/.../Robbie_Parker_father_of_Sandy_...Traducir esta página
22/3/2013 - Robbie Parker, father of Sandy Hook Elementary victim, to throw out first ..... of the Houston Astros vs Texas Rangers game at Minute Maid Park.


    National School Safety Expert: Sandy Hook shooting was a fraud

    www.washingtonsblog.com › Business / Economics
    Feb 19, 2014 - Mr. Halbig's response is demand for criminal arrests of “leaders” involved in Sandy Hook based on rational embrace of the public evidence he ...


    Why Jim Crane Could Become Baseball's Most Controversial Owner ...


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    14/6/2011 - Charges of discrimination and war profiteering could become problematic.... Jim Crane. Owning a Major League Baseball club ... Crane Backs Out of 2008Astros Deal at the 11th Hour .... Obama Democrats Versus Kennedy.

    1. Astros' owner Jim Crane – Honeymoon over? Or not yet begun?


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      28/2/2013 - Prior to Jim Crane, the Astros were owned or majority owned by 4 entities:.... just went golfing with Jim Crane – President Obama and Tiger Woods. ... of the military golf with someone they knew was a bigot or a war profiteer.
    2. Company Led by Potential Astros Buyer Crane Ran Afoul of Law ...


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      17/6/2011 - As Major League Baseball investigates Jim Crane's $680 million deal ...prosecution of the war profiteering, kickback and price-fixing cases do ...
    3. Political News & Views: War profiteering, racial discrimination and a ...


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      26/2/2013 - Obama and the 'boys' – among them Woods, US trade ... Houston Astrosowner, Jim Crane at the MLB National League Opening, 2012. ... sexual discrimination,profiteering from the war in Iraq and breaches of fiduciary duty

    The Crane Family Jim Crane, Jared Crane ... - Ripoff Report


    Feb 20, 2014 - The Crane Family Complaint Review: The Crane Family Jim Crane...fraudulent activities related to public spending and associated with ... The company has also been on the hook for war profiteering, fixing ... Worse, it has the potential to have a rippling effect on Dominion Resource's stock share value, ..

Equalnet Holdings -- ENET | Stock Discussion ... - Silicon Investor

May 5, 1998 - 10 posts - ‎8 authors
announced the completed private placement of 3.4 million shares of common stock and ... James R. Crane, a private investor for $3.4 million.
to be continued
to be continued




War profiteering, racial discrimination and a 'financial sham': The allegations 

 that cloud Jim Crane, Democrat donor and Obama's golfing buddy



War profiteering, racial discrimination and a 'financial sham': The allegations that cloud Jim Crane, Democrat donor and Obama's golfing buddy

  • Multimillionaire Houston Astros owner, Crane, hosted the President's secretive golfing weekend in Florida
  • Freight company he founded has paid millions in settling sexual and racial discrimination cases
  • Department of Justice charges of price-fixing military shipments to Baghdad only dropped after executives were sacked and multi-million dollar fines paid
  • Crane accused of 'domination and manipulation' of Board for his own 'significant financial benefit'
  • Obama's 'boys weekend' cost tax-payers an estimated $989,207

Barack Obama has described it as proof ‘I’d better keep my day job.' According to Tiger Woods, it was ‘just a great round of golf with Ron and Jim.’
Much has been made of Obama’s President’s Day golfing weekend in Florida – from it's cost to his questionable choices over his playing partners- but little has been reported about the questionable background of Democratic donor Jim Crane who hit the links alongside the President and Woods. 
Obama and the ‘boys’ – among them Woods, US trade representative Ron Kirk and Houston Astros owner Crane - have done their best to downplay the trip. Like Tiger said, it was ‘just a great round of golf.’ No doubt for him it was. But there is no such thing as ‘just a round of golf,’ for Jim Crane.

Woods is a more eye-catching choice of presidential golf-partner with his dazzling skill and whiff of personal scandal. But dig a little deeper and Crane, 58, is arguably the more interesting, and controversial, of the two. 
This is a man who was named best CEO golfer in the world and promptly had himself removed from the rankings because, ‘Nobody likes to be tracked and traced. I mean..you may not want people to know wherever you’re at.’

This is a man who advised his salespeople to, ‘get somebody out of their element, out of that boardroom..in a golf cart,’ because, ‘If you can’t sell something in four hours, you can’t sell it.’
This is a man whose company’s business practices have been the subject of several investigations, costly legal suits and eye-watering settlements and whose own methods have drawn excoriating criticism.
Playing the game: Crane and his wife Francine are generous sponsors of sports and the arts as well as political donors.
Playing the game: Crane and his wife Francine are generous sponsors of sports and the arts as well as political donors.
This is a man who doesn’t slice shots he cuts deals. His partner on the course was Milton Carroll, Chairman of utilities company CenterPoint Energy and, along with Crane, boardmember of Western Gas Holdings.
Superficially, of course Crane's presence makes sense. For a start the Texan owns the Floridian National Golf Club where the men played. 
Obama and his group, which included Chicago friend Eric Whitaker rented out all eight of the club's private cottages, with his security detail spilling over into many nearby hotel rooms.Then there’s the fact that since 2002 Crane has been an active and generous democratic donor and fundraiser. Last year he gave the maximum $5,000 to Obama’s campaign and $30,800 to the Democratic National Committee (DNC). 
In 2010 he gave to the Democratic Texas candidate, Bill White, with $125,297 in donations. 
But before 2002, when he began pouring his money into Democrat coffers, he was a similarly generous Republican donor.
His contributions included $5,000 to the Republican National Committee, (RNC) in 2000 and several to candidates including former Texas Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn.
Back then, Crane was CEO of Eagle Global Logistics. He built the freight company and with it his fortune. 

Balzac wrote that at the root of all ‘fortunes without apparent cause,’ is ‘a crime forgotten.’ Crane’s personal wealth is in excess of $500million and his history is long.
His path to building his wealth is punctuated with charges of racial and sexual discrimination, profiteering from the war in Iraq and breaches of fiduciary duty.
In 1997 Crane’s company, Eagle Global Logisitcs, was investigated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
According to the lengthy report published by the commission Crane’s company paid, ‘female and minority employees less than white men who do similar work; did not investigate employee complaints of sexual harassment; and destroyed evidence that the company was instructed to retain as part of the two-year EEOC investigations.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2284360/Allegations-cloud-Democrat-donor-Jim-Cranes-past--theyre-handicap-playing-golf-Obama.html#ixzz2wNHHyUsL 
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