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CNN,Wolf Blitzer:Sandy Hook Newtown,CT. Synagogue: Jewish Urbina Family Caught In Fraud ?

CNN,Wolf Blitzer:Sandy Hook Newtown,CT. Synagogue: Urbina Family Caught In Fraud ?

Rabbi Praver amits CIA present at Sandy Hook Newtown Elemebtary shooting,(or whatever it was).Note there is a Masonic Lodge right nest to Sandy Hook or the former Sandy Hook that was recently torn down to destroy all crime scene evidence.Masonic Lodges are a magnet for pro British and Zionist activities as well as stock fraud and money laundering.In 2006 an Agora Inc employee named Rey Rivera  fell to his death fom the Belvedere Hotel in Wolf Blitzer's city of Baltimore conveniently, as with Sandy Hook,when no video survellance tapes were working or made available to public Rivera was made to appear insane do to the fact that he was asking questions about the Masonic Lodge and probably its involvemrent with CIA and Rothschild connected money laundering witrh penny stocks and other fraudulant instruments at Agora Inc where he was used and was being investigated for his name being placed on them by Alrex Jones Agora Inc
crony Porter Stansberry who brags of being the only American editor of the UK and Rothschild Fleet Street.  :

The highlight of the evening was a speech given by the Newtown, Connecticut Rabbi Shaul Praver. As one of many among a community of closely-knit religious leaders, Rabbi Praver was at the aftermath of the tragedy early on to provide emotional support. The Rabbi stoically revived painful memories of arriving at the fire station. The station was surrounded by news teams, and within its walls were the CIA, police forces, and despairing parents........

It's CNN and Anderson Cooper in particular  that threatens and abuses non-believers in the Sandy Hook- Barack Obama official 'Sandy Hook Adam Lanza did it story'. It is Wolf Blitzer whose rabbi tells us Blitzer is such a 'good Jew' that leads us to appeal to his better Jew within and expose the Synogugue fraud going on in Sandy Hook Newtown.

 We can only presume the December 4,2013 date below of the Sandy Hook incident which supposedly occured at Sandy Hook Elementary on December,14,2013 re its coverage of Sandy Hook was a typo and they are not used to reporting so many deaths due to the fact they don't cover the people Obama and the U.S. drons and military kill every day in Iraq,Afghanistan,Syria,etc..However if CNN and Wolf Blitzr can't even get that date right what else have they misreported ?

Newtown Police to Release 911 Calls, Clergymen Help ... -
Dec 4, 2013 - WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: Let's get to other news making headlines right now. ... calls on the morning of the Sandy Hook Elementary School killings. ... RABBI SHAUL PRAVER, CONGREGATION ADATH ISRAEL: The ....................

Connecticut School Shooting Leaves Close to 30 Dead - ...
Dec 14, 2012 - WOLF BLITZER, CNN ANCHOR: We're going to continue this .... was a teacher at this small school, the Sandy Hook Elementary School. ... as Rabbi Shaul Praver, who has a small congregation in Newtown, Connecticut.

Newtown rabbi sees Passover lesson in wake of tragedy - Record Bee
Mar 25, 2013 - "As a big group, as a Sandy Hook family, we all took a walk in his honor' at ... Rabbi Shaul Praver, spiritual leader of the Conservative synagogue, will .... anything, food-wise, more exciting than waxed paper or Wolf Blitzer.


  1. Jewish 6-year-old Youngest Of Newtown Shooting Victims | The ...
    The Jewish Week
    Dec 16, 2012 - First grade student Noah Pozner, the youngest of the victims murdered on ... Pozner's twin sister is also a student at Sandy Hook but survived the shooting. Rabbi Shaul Praver of Temple Adath Israel in Newtown told NPR Weekend ... Hell" -- consoling Pozner's mother, who is a member of the synagogue.

  2. Rabbi Consoles Parents who lost Their Son in The Sandy Hook ...
    Dec 16, 2012 - The spiritual leader of Adath Israel Synagogue is someone we know well as a ... First grade student Noah Pozner, the youngest of the victims murdered on ... Rabbi Shaul Praver of Temple Adath Israel in Newtown told NPR ...

  3. Congregation Adath Israel of Newtown, Connecticut
    The premier small family synagogue of Northern Fairfield County home of Nezvesky ... 203-426-5188, ...

Sandy Hook — 19 January 2014
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PC Geek and the Avielle Richman Hoax

Our addition: There is no one in existence in the Sandy Hook-Newtown area named Avielle Richman. This was an elaborate hoax by Sandy Hoax operatives, particularly the Urbina family in concert with the local Newtown Synagogue, for which the man in question, Curtis Urbina, is the treasurer:
This is the same Synagogue which performed the fake funeral for the non-existent Noah Pozner.
Like Avielle Richman, a face was used for the fabricated name Noah Pozner which actually belongs to a child of another name. The local rabbis and the Synagogue were involved in faking the funeral for the faux Pozner. That face used on loan for this child has yet to be confirmed regarding its source. However, a different face which was loaned is absolutely confirmed regarding its source, which is none other than Lenie Urbina who is the real Avielle Richman, as proven by PC Geek and his associates:
Arrow Avielle Richman is really Lenie Urbina(Gr 4 Sandy Hook in 2012)

Everyone remembers the 2013 SuperBowl discoveries and how several Gr 4 Sandy Hook Choir members had uncanny likenesses to the supposed victims ?QKUltra made the original discoveries i believe and you should all go watch his video and others since, but upon further investigation it was discovered that the girl at the SuperBowl is named Lenie Urbina and even stranger her father Curtis Urbina is a rabid jew along with their mother. I’ll leave the Semitics out for now. Below is the original comp i did to show their similarities.

Recently a poster at tipped us off about some older Lenie Urbina pics and upon further research I uncovered a treasure trove of older Lenie Urbina pics. Link below.…tos?banner=pwa
As a result it is very clear how Avielle Richman was created using Lenie Urbina.
Back in 2009 a research scientist friend of Jeremy Richman & Jennifer Hensel, Cody Fullenwider got a job at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals. Jeremy Richman followed with Jennifer supposedly in 2010.
I suspect that Jeremy Richman & Jennifer Hensel visted Cody in 2010 and during those visits they had photo shoots with Lenie Urbina who was loaned for that purpose to create a pictorial background for Avielle Richman. The pictures they have with Avielle do not look anything like a loving family and surely not a mother daughter. Example here below.…o/?partner=RSS
I suspect the above photo was really taken in 2010 in Sandy Hook and Cody Fullenwider passed it off as being from LobsterFest 2012 to verify a 6 yr old Avielle’s existence. I also suspect that slight photoshop changes were made to Lenie such as darkened eyebrows and dark bags under her eyes.
Below left is Avielle with her parents & Cody supposedly in 2012 at LobsterFest and to the right is Lenie with family members in 2010. They are virtually the same person, which goes exactly with my theory that the Avielle below left was really taken in 2010.

Now the next collage comparison i did below is really astounding because when i did a 54% opacity overlay the mouth/nose/lips not only exactly lined up, but they had the exact shape & proportions.

I suspect similar techniques were used for many of the other victims … loaner kids or older siblings younger aged pics were used to fabricate the victims used in the hoax. Any victims that were real persons were likely shipped off in some sort of sick child witness protection program/boarding school and likely to be reunited when older.
Here is the above pic in a little higher resolution than this message board can provide.
Sandy Hook Police Report is a Total Hoax – Blacklisted

Sandy Hook family teams with YMCA for mini-triathlon

WFSB-Jan 23, 2014
Chase Kowalski was 7 when he, along with 19 other first graders and six educators were killed inside Newtown's Sandy Hook Elementary ...

Newtown Charity Reports $70000 In Donations Missing

Huffington Post-Jan 10, 2014
(AP) — A charity formed after the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook ... She said each mile was dedicated to a different Sandy Hook victim and ...

wolfblitzzer0: Anderson Cooper, Wolf Bltzer, CNN Fail to report CIA ...
Mar 12, 2013 - A 'Rabbi Praver cia cnn sandy hook' search reveals CNN does not seem to have reported CIA presence at ... Sandy Hook: Rabbi Shaul Praver admits: CIA was in the Firehouse .... Rabbi Praver wolf blitzer newtown twitter

CNN,Newtown Sandy HookCT Massacre:Did Wolf Blitzer Hustle ...
Dec 28, 2012 - I'm meeting Rev Matthew Crebbin & Rabbi Shaul Praver in #Newton Conn. ... CCN,Newtown Sandy Hook,CT Massacre:Did Wolf Blitzer Hustle ...

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