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9/11,U.S.SEC, ICOA,PRWeb,Agora Inc,: Why Google should patrol,post warnings against suspect stock promotion websites

 If it is a Google  'algorithm' that allows U.S. and Iraeli and UK and now Chinese etc elite financial criminals to promote worthless penny  stocks and steal Americans' dollars to their offshore accounts thennit is time that Google either  changed that algorhytm or start blocking penny stock fraud sites promoting fraud against us using a human touch and taking human responsibility BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE !   :

ICOA INC (PINK:ICOA) is the most active penny stock in Monday’s session with the stock prices moved up by 200% to $0.0003. Investors rushed to buy the stock on news that Google has reached an agreement to acquire ICOA INC in exchange of $400 million. The acquisition would help Google to operate i wireless access services in 40 states. Over the past few quarters, Google has shown increased interest into Internet access. The company has been working aggressively on several ways to improve the use of the Internet. More than 1.05 million shares have been traded hands, compared to its average volume of 926K shares.

"This,(rumor planted on  PRWeb that Google was buying the fraudulent ICOA penny stock pump and dump protected like so many thousands of penny stock frauds by the Zionist money laundering aiders and abettors who control our SEC for $400 million ),was a hoax," George Strouthopoulos, CEO of Rhode Island-based ICOA, said in an email to this newspaper. "Someone, I guess a stock promoter with a dubious interest, is disseminating wrong, false and misleading info in the PR circles."

Although I have been advocating the penny stock promotion 'message board' be closed down as well as Yahoo!'s stock promotion message boards years many years and although some parts of them indeed are closed down so that people can't use them to investigate older stock frauds because the owners of those boards have always used them to help the very fraudsters who run the scams the 'message boards were set up to promote,they are still a very good source of info on the frauds them sometimes coincidentally.Here is a relatively recent post on the message board that points out the execs themselves are and have been involved in stock fraud share- money laundering ops for years.If the poster knows this and I know this now,why hasn't the U.S.SEC of Mary Schapiro and the new Jewish female who has replaced her as chair of SEC known tgis as well with their many decades of 'securities' experience ? In truth if we had a real president instead of a prostitute of Israel and the Lords of London as Barack Obama is,then the SEC attorneys would have been forced to resign in mass and neither Mary Schapiro nor her fellow Bernie Madoff and Douglas Shulman connected replacement,     ,would ever be or have been appointed to head the SEC.IF AFTER TAKING LINK TO FRAUDULENT RAGINGBULL.COM PENNY STOCK PROMOTION BOARD MESSAGE QUOTED BELOW  YOU CAN SCAN THE MESSAGE BOARD AND FIND MORE INCRIMINATING INFO ON ICOA EXECS AND OTHERS

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noticed some strange things going at 111 Airport Rd.

so look up Erwin Vahlsing and you'll see he's the CEO of Clean Energy and Power, CFO of Sungro Minerals and still CFO, VP Finance at ICOA. And surprise surprise all three of these companies are located at 111 Airport Rd in Warwick. Sungro Minerals is even an OTC stock (with no value of course). i'd kind of understand if he was doing little bits here or there for little upstarts. but why are they in the same building as ICOA? 111 airport rd: shady business central. (i.e. nobody will hire or pay me enough, so i'm going to get some unassuming investors to pay me)

it also seems they got a new CEO - Shawn Rhoads. now seriously, why would this dude even get involved with ICOA? Even stranger is that Shawn Rhoads has owned the web domain for a long time. Yes, ICOA not icoacorp. Now the domain belongs to ICOA with Shawn Rhoads as the contact. What, they name him CEO in return for a domain name? And they're not even using yet. All I know is these guys are really messed up.


Note also that Erwin Vahlsing is of course given pr in Steve Forbes Forbes.con website as a credible Exec of  another penny stock fraud as mentioned above called Sungrow Minerals.This should be no surprise as Steve Forbes is very much connected to the CIA and UK CITY OF LONDON ZIONISTS AND MONEY LAUNDERERS OF Agora inc.,Baltimore THAT INCLUDE FOUNDER JAMES DALE DAVIDSON,UK LORD WILLIAM REES-MOGG,BILL BONNER AND MURDER SUSPECT PORTER STANSBERRY,(IN 14 FLOOR FALL OF REY RIVERA FROM BALTIMORE'S BELVEDRER HOTEL IN 2006,ETC.).STANSBERRY WAS THE TRITOROUS SLEEZEBAG PROTECTED BY US SEC WHO AFTER BEING INVOLVED IN MASSIVE HIDDEN COLLUSION AND PROFITS FROM INSIDER DUMPING OF FANNIE MAE,FREDDIE MAC AND FINANCIAL SHARES INCLUDING THOSE OF GOLDMAN SACHS,CRETED THE gold fraud to lure more suckers to put theirv money in his and Agora's and CIA and ZIONIST HANDS.The disinfo
'conspiracy theorist' Alex Jones is part of them as well and did the voice over for the end of america 2011 internet and television promotion.The fact that they could afford fraudulent promotional ads on Fox,CNN,CNBC,ETC.,ETC. indicates how profitable their Baltimore and world wide internet financial frauds are and the fract that they are even allowed to by time on major U.S.television 'news' stations shows just how corrupt the U.S.government with its Zionist,Israeli and Rothschild ties has become.Barack Obama is little more than a black movie president and CIA PROSTITUTE.I GUESS ALL THOSE MOVIES FOR YEARS PORTAYING THE U.S..PRESIDENT AS AN AFRICAN AMERICAN WAS THE CIA'S AND CITY OF LONDON'S AND ISRAEL'S AND UK ROTHSCHILD CRIME FAMILY'S PLAN FOR PSYCHOLOGICALLY  PAVING THE WAY FOR A BLACK ACTOR UNDER CONTROL OF CIA'S  AND INTERNATIONAL ELITES' CONTROL PLAYING THE ROLE OF A 'REAL' U.S. PRESIDENT IN THE WHITE HOUSE.Think about it.

Erwin Vahlsing, Jr. - CFO/Director/Secretary/Treasurer, Sungro Minerals, Inc.

  • Age: 53
Erwin Vahlsing, Jr. has served as our Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director since September 2009. Mr. Vahlsing is a financial executive with domestic and international experience managing finance departments in the manufacturing, service, and construction industries. Mr. Vahlsing has acted as Chief Financial Officer to ICOA, Inc. since 2001. He acted as a Consultant to E&M Advertising [...] more

Sungro Minerals, Inc.
Compensation for 2010
Restricted stock awards$196,500
All other compensation$86,250
Total Compensation$282,750
Financial data provided by


  1. SUGO CFO ...Erwin Vahlsing, Jr. - InvestorsHub › ... › Sungro Minerals, Inc. (SUGO)
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  2. Clean Energy and Power, Inc. : Management
    Erwin Vahlsing has extensive international experience in leading, building and managing finance departments in the manufacturing, service and construction ...

ICOA, INC Georgia - SHAWN RHOADS - Business Profiles

    ICOA, INC was formed on 1995-07-26 in Georgia by SHAWN RHOADS located at 1847 Derby Glen Dr., Orlando FL 32837 - shareholders, officers and directors, ...
  2. Email Shawn Rhoads At Harpoon Technologies
    Results From The Email Shawn Rhoads Mapped Email Address Report. EmailShawn Rhoads at Harpoon Technologies @ from Orlando, ...


Athough I post commentary by a Mr.Arik Hesseldahl below because of details he provides about the 'pump and dump' scam that IOCA was and is and because it just used false rumor that Google was buying their penny stock fraud for hundreds of millions of $ ,his example of a 'typical' pump and dump scam perpetrated by a college student a few years ago is a distraction and misleads readers because most pump and dump scams DON'T originate with college students but more often with fraudsters with Washington D.C. connections from CIA to Israeli government,etc.- it's just that they are never charged much less convicted - onlt the occassional patsy who has no such connections.So Arik Hesseldahl is misleading his own audience out of ignorance of reality or on purpose because he perhaps knows about and favors international far right financial elite with Washington,D.C. connections and protection using worthless 'penny stock' shares to steal American investors money to stash in their usually offshore accounts.

An earlier example of the U.S.SEC 'making an example' of a college student running an illegal stock promotion or 'pump and dump' scam is that of a student named Douglas Colt of Georgetown University where John Reed Stark who was head of SEC or Securities Exchange Commission's Office of Internet Enforcement.Hre's what the linked website has to say about John Reed Stark which is complete nonsense and disinfo,:

''Mr. Stark served as an attorney for almost 20 years in the SEC's Enforcement Division, the last 11 of which as founder and Chief of its Office of Internet Enforcement. In this capacity, he conducted scores of investigations and oversaw dozens of filed actions specializing in those related to technology —including five coordinated online sweeps. Mr. Stark’s inventory of investigations and prosecutions covered the widest range of securities violations..''  

In truth it may be said that John Reed Stark used his position at the SEC and as head of its new Office of Internet Enforcement to pave the way for the largest theft of fraud and international money laundering sent to offshore accounts from defrauded American investors in history ! He should be in jail today with Bernie Madoff who he protected among many others rather than in another cushy corporate job in Washington,D.C. 'private sector'.While Reed made a self promotional circus and distraction on a few low level stock frauds such as his student Douglas Colt at Georgetown University,James Dale Davidson,founder of the NTU or National Taxpayers Union was running myriad stock fraud money laundering scams ansd penny stock pump and dumps right out of the NTU office a few blocks from the main SEC office in Alexandria,Virginia while Reed and all the other SEC attorneys there turned their heads and pretended not to notice.Davidson who was laundering money for the Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush regimes and then for Bill Clinton according to his own admission in his was ansd his never been convicted by the U.S.SEC and is using the internet for stock frauds and
other massive securities frauds even today.If you try to place a warning about him on the Google search its 'algorithm' seems to be working in his and Agora Inc's favor and  he and the Agora Inc criminals dominate Google and other searech engines promoting their myruiad internet frauds with impunity.The SEC knows this and protects him and his Agora Inc criminals such as urder suspect Porter Stansberry and Bill Bonner who also are connected to UK and Israeli money laundering elites often using U.S.penny stock as their majoe counterfeiting 'currency.They started the lie that penny stocks,Genemax and Ensdovasc were naked shorted or counterfeited when al the while they were promoting dumping shares the SEC refused to audit !
Even the more recent Chinese stock scams are incorporated in the U, doubt with collusion of U.S.government protected scum like James Dle Davidson among others.The CIA and FBI ARE INVOLVED AND PROTECTING THEM.A scam called Jag Media was busted by the FBI in the late 1990's in a sting called 'Bermuda Shorts' only to be allowed to kreep on operating and stealing and laundering money from defrauded Americans ! It is now called... and Davidson was part of that fraud along with a David Patch and 
I could go on but Iam not even scratching the surface.Israelis are involved including those of ICTS International such as Menachem Atzmon and Ezra Harel who incorporated in President of Vice Joe Biden's state of Delaware 
in 1999 and used the illegal pump and dump of shares to earn cash to take over Huntleigh airport security and control of Logan Airport Boston just before 9-11!

Note another lie used to promote the illegal pump and dump of IOCA ans so many more worthless penny stocks,coincidentally since shortly after 9/11/01 - i.e. the lie about their unaudited and uncounted shares,(by the SEC),shares being  'naked shorted'.The U.S.SEC can easily track this lie to explain why the share prices of so many penny stocks and eventually major finanancial stocks that collapsed in 2008 didn't collapse to due insider shorting and criminal conspiracies to dump them at that time but because they had been 'naked shorted' ! That rumor can be traced to James Dale Davidson of the NTU ashort distance from the U.S.SEC in Alexandria,Virginia as well ! Genemax, that promoted as a 'cancer cure', he was CEO of, and Endovasc biotech fraud that he promoted through his Agora Inc Vantage Point internet fraud site in collusion with scum like Virginia and Maryland bankster David P Summers,now running a scam called Virginia Heritage Bank were the first post 911 stocks to be fraudulently claiming their shares were naked shorted as insiders including Davidson and Summers dumped them them ! I don't know but wouldn't be surprised if banster David P Summers is related  to Larry Summers !One thing is for sure,the U.S.SEC attorneys are part of the fraud and NOT the solution !And of course IOCA has also used the 'naked short selling' lie of Agora Inc as well !

BUYINS.NET,, announced today that these select companies
have been on the NASDAQ, AMEX and NYSE naked short threshold list for
13 consecutive trading days: General Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM), Advanced
Viral Research Corp. (OTCBB: ADVR), Renewal Fuels Inc. (OTCBB: RNWF),
ICOA, Inc. (OTC: ICOA). For a complete list of companies on the naked
short list please visit our web site. To find the SqueezeTrigger Price
before a short squeeze starts in any stock, go to

Below is a brief list of internet posts I have made since 2005 that led to my being mentioned in an NY Post article by Christopher Byron titled ''CIA Inc Stinks in  2006.This led to a NY Times 'business' blog attacking me for the CIA and eventually to death threats from Agora Inc connected and Patrick Byrne connected stock criminals who didn't like anyobne telling them Byrne's or Novastar Financial that they were touting and manipulating through offshore accounts and hedge funds were NOT 'victims of naked sorting' by some 'Sith Lord' as Geico billionaire's son Patrick Byne  'the one balled wonder' and his anonymous friend Bobo O'Brien stated but that they were illegally and criminally manipulating and laundering money through these shares the SEC refused to audit ! It may be that the loss of a testicle to cancer as some believe may have driven Patrick Byrne son of Geico boillionaire Jack Byrne mad and led him to promote death threats against me on his website by a Mr. Bud Burrell.One thing is that Jack Byrne and Geico should be and both are responsible for their criminal activities.Warren Buffet must be proud as he is connevted to these criminals as well ! But the SEC protects them all just as it does the Israeli criminals of ICTS International who 'guarded' Logan Airport Boston on 9/11!Yes penny stocks besides sending Americans' money to the offshore accounts of US government and SEC protected criminals also funds terrorism and through the penny stock fraud 9/11 funded the Israeli criminals Ezra Harel and Ezra Harel and their Shin Bet murderers of ICTS International to buy Huntleigh airport 'security' company and the contract to 'guatd' Logan on 911 where accoring to U.S.official story the planes that hit the WTC originated from !

Profile - ICTS International
ICTS International N.V. was founded in 1982 by a select group of security experts . The company's goal was to develop and implement pioneering aviation ...

all the 9-11 airports serviced by one israeli owned company
Then I went back to the first article and its mention that ICTS handled security at Logan International Airport, from which two of the 9-11 hijacked planes had ...
ICTS INTERNATIONAL NV (ICTSF) stock price & investing information. Find ICTS INTERNATIONAL NV historical stock quotes, key competitors, stock data, ...

We face significant potential liability claims.
As a result of the September 11th terrorists attacks numerous lawsuits
have been commenced against us and our U.S. subsidiary. The cases arise out of
airport security services provided for United Flight 175 out of Logan Airport in
Boston, Massachusetts which crashed into the World Trade Center. In addition, to
the present claims additional claims may be asserted. The outcome of these or
additional cases is uncertain. If there is an adverse outcome with respect to
any of these claims which is not covered by insurance, then there may be a
significant adverse impact on us. - Menachen Atzmon,ICTS International,SEC filing

And although responsible for the deaths of 3000 Americans at WTC in NYC  on 9/11/01 and finally removed from NASDAQ  in 2006 for being the  non financial transactions reporting  stock fraud it is.....note that since the Israeli allied Snake or Sheik of Dubai,Mohamed al Rashid  bin Maktoum,
whose Zionist ties allowed him over 25% ownership of  NASDAQ has restored it to that stock money laundering  board !CIA and Zionist prostitute Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro can take a lot of credit for their crimes as well.

Delisting of Securities of ICTS International N.V. From the NASDAQ ...
5 Jun 2007 – The NASDAQ Stock Market announced today that it will delist the common stock of ICTS International NV. ICTS International N.V.'s stock was ...

ICTS International - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ICTS International is an Israeli firm based in the Netherlands that develops products ...The company's shares are traded on NASDAQ under the symbol ICTS.

Charles Schwab,SEC,John Reed Stark,Georgetown University ...
26 Mar 2006 – John Reed Stark UAE,SEC,Georgetown University Stock fraud ... to mask or divert attention from illegal pump and dump or manipulation of ...

The fact that Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro has appointed another Jewish woman, Elisse Walter ,with decades as a Wall Street insider to replace another Jewish woman Mary Schapiro  with decades of Wall Street and international money laundering  connections;(i.e.-to Bernie Madoffetc.),to head the U.S.SEC does not bode well   for Americans who have been enticed into the corrupt stock market by the low to non existent interest rates paid by the U.S.government on Treasury Notes etc. .For this reason it is more important than ever to REMEMBER 2008 and when possible to remove all your money from the U.S.and even U.S.stock markets.The same criminals promoting gold are also promoting penny stocks because they are or represent the international financial elites that the U.S.SEC PROTECTS AND AIDS AND ABETS.

Note that the webite that sponsored the fraudulent promotion is itself on the NASDAQ and its execs themselves more than likely make most of their money from promoting and selling their own worthjless shares that no investors should be allowed to buy for their own protection .I have complained to the U.S.SEC for almost 10 years aout penny stock fraud and their Washington,D.C. and I sraeli etc. connections only to be ignored,received death threats  and defamed by even the NY Times that apparently itself has a vested interest inprotecting criminals and maintaining the 'statis quo' !

 by Jeremy C. Owens and Brandon Bailey
Posted:   11/26/2012 12:40:56 PM PST
MOUNTAIN VIEW -- The announcement hit the news wires early Monday morning: A brief news release claimed that Google (GOOG) had agreed to buy a little-known Wi-Fi company named ICOA for $400 million -- quite a premium for a company whose stock was trading for one-hundredth of a penny last week.
Tech blogs and even The Associated Press jumped on the story, announcing the deal as a sign that Internet giant Google is expanding into the business of running public wireless hotspots. Shares in the smaller company were soon trading at four times their previous value.

(FILES)This January 11, 2011 screen file image shows the Google logo in Washington, DC. Google released its quarterly earnings October 18, 2012 reporting that profit declined twenty percent as total cost rose and advertising prices continued to fall. The results missed expectations and the company released its results several hours earlier than expected. (Karen Bleier/Getty Images)
the story wasn't true. Within hours, sources at both Google and ICOA had disavowed the deal. And the public relations firm that distributed the news release said it had turned the matter over to "the proper authorities" for investigation.
A spokesman at the Securities and Exchange Commission declined to comment Monday. But the episode had many hallmarks of a "pump and dump" scheme, in which someone may have sought to drive up the price of a little-known stock in order to make a quick profit.

"This was a hoax," George Strouthopoulos, CEO of Rhode Island-based ICOA, said in an email to this newspaper. "Someone, I guess a stock promoter with a dubious interest, is disseminating wrong, false and misleading info in the PR

Strouthopoulos added that it appeared the false news release may have originated from the Caribbean island of Aruba. He said an editor at PRWeb, the public relations service that distributed the release, told him the release wassubmitted by someone with a phone number in the island's 297 area code and a generic email address ending in ""
A spokesman at the PRWeb service couldn't be reached Monday. But the service, which is operated by Vocus, a public relations firm based in Maryland, said in a statement Monday afternoon that it had determined the release was "fraudulent."
"Vocus reviews all news releases and follows an internal process designed to maintain the integrity of the releases we send out every day," the agency said. It added that "identity theft" can occur "even with reasonable safeguards."
Google declined to comment on the release.

Viewed in hindsight, the two-paragraph statement bore indications of questionable authenticity: It contained at least two punctuation errors and some awkward language, while lacking any quoted statement from executives at either company. And while Google usually announces significant acquisitions on its corporate blog, there was no mention of the deal on either company's official website.
A reporter who dialed the Aruba phone number provided by Strouthopoulos reached a recording that said the number wasn't working. An email sent to the Gmail address bounced back with a message saying the account doesn't exist.
Gmail is Google's free email service, which anyone can use, but the company doesn't use the domain for official communications.
While reporters who attempted to confirm the announcement quickly learned it wasn't true, a few news outlets that published it without confirmation found themselves issuing sheepish corrections later.
Shares in ICOA are traded on an exchange known as the OTC Bulletin Board, or Pink Sheets. Soon after the announcement was released, the stock rose briefly from $0.0001 to $0.0004, but it dropped back to $0.0001 after the deal was denied.

Contact Jeremy C. Owens at or Brandon Bailey at

So Where Did That Fake Google Acquisition Press Release Come From? Aruba?

by Arik Hesseldahl

So now we know that the press release concerning Google acquiring public Wi-FI firm ICOA Wireless was fake.
But what do we know about who sent the press release, and why?
The release was posted on PRWeb, a 
free low-cost service operated by the PR software firm Vocus, which, it just so happens, is publicly held on the Nasdaq. I have a call in to PRWeb seeking some answers, but so far haven’t heard back from anyone.
However, I just got this statement from ICOA CEO George Strouthopoulos: “We are investigating the source, so far it originated from Aruba!”
He also says that PRWeb staffers had promised to delete the release and retract the statements made in it. As of 1:45 pm ET, the press release has been removed.
Meanwhile, the situation bears all the markings of an attempt to “pump and dump” the shares of a thinly traded over-the-counter stock. Whoever sent the press release likely counted on it being propagated by journalists who wouldn’t bother to confirm whether it was true or not, so that traders would bid the price up. The shares trade at a price so low that they amount to fractions of a penny per share. Whatever the price, the shares tripled or quadrupled in value as the false news made its way around the Web.
Most who unquestioningly republished the release didn’t notice that it was missing some key elements. There were no quotations from senior executives at both companies, for one thing. These quotes are usually throwaway statements that reporters almost never use, but they are practically always present in a legitimate press release, especially one concerning an acquisition. There is also usually contact information for PR representatives for the companies involved.
There was no financial information saying exactly how shareholders of ICOA would be compensated. Also, ICOA’s market capitalization, according to Yahoo Finance, is less than $850,000, with an enterprise value of $3.15 million. If that press release were true, Google would have been paying a premium amounting to more than 470 times its most recent price, and 126 times its enterprise value.
There have been times when fake press releases intended to manipulate stock prices have led to jail time for the people who sent them. In 2000, a student at a California community college, who worked at Internet Wire, was convicted of wire fraud for sending a fake press release about the company Emulex, whose shares he had shorted.
The fake press release, sent from a computer at El Camino Community College in Torrance, Calif., said that the SEC was investigating Emulex, that its CEO had resigned and that the company would restate its earnings. In the course of 16 minutes, its share price went from $103.94 to $43.00, as 2.3 million shares changed hands. Emulex’s market capitalization fell by more than $2 billion.
The perpetrator, Mark S. Jakob, was sentenced to 44 months in prison in 2001. He had made $250,000 on his trades. As part of his sentence, he was also forced to disgorge his profits plus interest, which amounted to a total of $353,000, and to pay a civil penalty of $102,642.
A key fact in the Emulex case was that news organizations had republished the news release. Getting the word out to interested parties is a key moving part in the machinery of a stock-manipulation scheme. Traditionally, journalists don’t bear any responsibility for the losses or gains incurred by the mistakes they make, or the false news they repeat. But it’s not exactly stretching the argument to say that when they’re less than careful, in cases like this, they can become unwilling accomplices to a serious financial crime.

Google's name used in bogus report of $400 million acquisition

So Where Did That Fake Google Acquisition Press Release Come From? Aruba?

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      39657  Deal blew up, is anyone suprized?0 stars  aventura11
      10/12/12 10:29 AM
      39656  Good article on ICOA0 stars  searsdear
      8/31/12 09:29 AM
      39655  Good article on ICOA0 stars  searsdear
      8/29/12 05:44 PM
      39654  Good article on ICOA0 stars  searsdear
      8/28/12 02:50 PM
      39653  Solid analysis on ICOA0 stars  searsdear
      8/27/12 04:32 PM
      39652  ICOA is a looser, management has been telling fai0 stars  aventura11
      8/10/12 10:16 AM
      39651  TANGO is finalized. Shares Reduction was done so1 stars  YardMan37
      8/02/12 04:02 PM
      39650  Anything to do with GT is probably some form of d0 stars  aventura11
      7/09/12 02:43 PM
      39649  This seems to be a common practice with penny sto0 stars  sorkasaur
      7/04/12 09:49 AM
      39648  noticed some strange things going at 111 Airport0 stars  legohead1
      7/01/12 03:21 PM
      39647  Is ICOA stock value going to go to the moon soon?1 stars  stupidd
      8/15/11 02:20 PM
      39646  ICOA, Inc. Cancels Additional 1.675 Billion of its0 stars  ronn4498
      4/27/11 04:19 PM
      39645  ICOA soon as per their past PR's , to Hook up WI-F0 stars  ronn4498
      4/26/11 11:03 PM
      39644  BOINGO to go public at $14.00 a share to receive $0 stars  ronn4498
      4/16/11 10:51 PM
      39643  ICOA getting ready to be a Fully Reporting OTC-BB0 stars  ronn4498
      4/09/11 10:31 PM
      39642  ICOA Airport Networks (formerly Airport Network So0 stars  ronn4498
      3/22/11 10:35 PM
      39641  ron, They are still using the same old tired0 stars  sorkasaur
      3/12/11 10:17 AM
      39640  ICOA as of todays SEC Filing is getting ready to b0 stars  ronn4498
      3/08/11 12:15 PM
      39639  New SEC Rules start Monday 2-28-11 about Naked Sho0 stars  ronn4498
      2/27/11 10:54 AM
      39638  I have a feeling Boingo will be a great short play0 stars  legohead1
      2/17/11 05:01 AM
      39637  Obama lays out plan for wireless Internet expansio0 stars  ronn4498
      2/10/11 03:47 PM
      39636  SSj Developement now Has and owns a Large % of ICO0 stars  ronn4498
      2/04/11 09:59 PM
      39635  NEWS $$$$- ICOA is buying out WISP WI-FI , they ar0 stars  ronn4498
      2/03/11 11:14 AM
      39634  O.K. it's DD Time one more time for newbies only:0 stars  ronn4498
      2/01/11 10:03 PM
      39633  Watch our ICOA go to a dollar now that we are gett0 stars  port7
      1/30/11 08:31 PM
      39632  Obama's State Of The Union Address tonight said th0 stars  ronn4498
      1/25/11 11:53 PM
      39631  Wi-Fi Boingo Files For Public Offering $$$$ No0 stars  ronn4498
      1/16/11 01:04 AM
      39630  ICOA Web Site in 2011 just starting to be updated,0 stars  ronn4498
      1/05/11 05:51 PM
      39629  ICOA, Inc. Year-End Update and 2011 National Wi-Fi0 stars  ronn4498
      12/28/10 10:16 PM
      39628  What is going on with ICOA business? I lost my mon0 stars  wroseb1963
      12/22/10 05:27 PM
      39627  all the best to you all... till my next peek at th0 stars  legohead1
      12/19/10 01:25 AM
      39626  Yeah, I'm afraid you are all too right. Chasing0 stars  sorkasaur
      12/13/10 11:04 PM
      39625  sork... it's great you got in gold early. my p0 stars  legohead1
      12/13/10 03:23 AM
      39624  Sorkasaur, Sorry for your loss with that XYNH, and0 stars  ronn4498
      12/10/10 10:50 AM
      39623  good advice lego, and a hearty hello. I'm don0 stars  sorkasaur
      12/09/10 09:59 PM
      39622  i wouldn't bet the house on George :) the stock0 stars  legohead1
      12/09/10 01:28 PM
      39621  Thanks Legohead1 for your opinion about this ICOA,0 stars  ronn4498
      12/08/10 11:36 PM
      39620  WOW... 1.5yrs without posting! AMAZING. I put u0 stars  legohead1
      12/07/10 08:48 PM
      39619  RONN... don't put good money into a financial disa0 stars  legohead1
      12/07/10 08:29 PM
      39618  NEWS $$$$ ICOA, Inc. Cancels Additional 1.0 Billi0 stars  ronn4498
      12/03/10 09:40 AM
      39617  Wi-Fi will be in CARS, yes Tens of Millions of Car0 stars  ronn4498
      12/03/10 12:27 AM
      39616  Hello all; Just stopped in to say, doing my own DD0 stars  ronn4498
      11/22/10 02:54 PM
      39615  Icoa has been a great bottom play and with the las0 stars  jasonswfl1
      9/28/10 01:54 AM
      39614  OH so wrong << A good penny trader has secre0 stars  jasonswfl1
      9/28/10 01:40 AM
      39613  ICOA, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ICOA) ( a0 stars  gemmerling
      9/18/10 04:05 PM
      39612  Wow Sak. Sorry to hear about all the heath issues0 stars  gemmerling
      9/18/10 04:02 PM
      39611  greg, thank you! i keep stopping by here to see if0 stars  SakuraNato
      9/09/10 03:34 AM
      39610  Hi Sak, We are hanging in there. I hope you, mo0 stars  gemmerling
      7/26/10 04:55 PM
      39609  hi greg. you are the only one who will talk to0 stars  SakuraNato
      7/19/10 01:05 AM

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