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Khazars,White Jews and the Semite Lie

Khazars,White Jews and the Semite Lie 
by Tony Ryals

As for the  non-semitic Jew,
Well, that’s another story too,
Whether it be about the nomadic Hun,
Or so many an agricultural civilization,
The authors of the Vedas might say,
In freedom they came, in freedom they rose, in freedom they melted away.
Still remnants of this horde held on,
Long after the Huns were gone,
Between the western most steppes of this continent Eurasian,
And the eastern most forests of the European,
Speaking languages we call Turkic, 
Or perhaps Finno-Ugrik,
Or perhaps some other,
Borrowed from a more powerful nomadic brother,
There were Bulgars, Alans, Uigurs and Sabirs,
Burtas, Pechinegs, Ghuzz, and Bashkirs,
Saragurs, Kumans, Kipchaks, and Avars,
Onogurs, Utigurs, Zabenders, and Magyars,
Kotragars, Khabars, Kutrigurs, and many others,
Including the Chazars or Khazars,
Maybe from the Turkish word “gaz” meaning to wander,
A generic term all nomads are named for,
And who had themselves probably taken tutelage under the Hun,
Before their own rise to power had begun,
First appearing in written history,
As subjects of the Hun in the fifth century AD,
While later Arab descriptions,
Are filled with contradictions,
Black Khazars and White Khazars, as if two different races,
But may be only to distinguish social classes,
Believed to speak a dialect of Turkish,
Shared with their contemporary Bulgars and called Chuvash,
Turk is supposedly a term of Chinese derivation,
For tribes of a similar linguistic categorization,
Which may or may not indicate skin coloration,
By melanin skin pigmentation,
But certainly attests to long distance lifestyle of the nomadic Eurasian,
Said one Arab chronicler of the Khazar’s time,
“Khazars are to the North of the inhabited earth towards the seventh clime,”
And further pinpoints their location,
As having the Plough above their heads as a constellation.
Their land is cold their complexions white their eyes are blue,
And their hair is of a reddish hue,
Some claim they were originally pastoral,
Only then converting to a lifestyle more agricultural,
But one might propose the contrarian,
That to have such light hair, eyes, and skin,
All indicative of less melanin,
That they had previously been,
Originated from the Northerly migrating grain growing agrarian,
Before converting to a life of nomadic pastoralism,
What say geneticists of such speculation,
Being north of the Plough constellation,
Never affected greatly Mongolian pigmentation,
Who had never had a known history agrarian,
Instead having horse, sheep, cattle, and milk of mare,
Rather than bread as their daily fare,
And the Chinese farmers south of them,
May have black hair but lighter skin,
To the north of the Caucasus to the east of Byzantium,
Overlapping what had once been the land of the Scythian,
Lay the land of the Khazarian, on the Northern shore of the Caspian,
Which Arab Muslims called the Sea of the Khazarian,
Always fearing that from that direction,
Would come a Khazarian invasion,
The Byzantine Christians showing unusual humility, paid homage,
To Khazarian ability to do both Vikings and Moslems damage,
While Byzantine Letters to the Pope or Emperor of the West,
Were attached with a gold seal worth two solidi,
Those sent to the king of the Khazars were attached to a gold seal worth three,
Shortly after the death of Mohamed in 632, armies of the Caliphate,
Long before the rise of the Turkish Moslem state,
Almost sealed Constantinople’s fate,
Then in 732, Khazarian forces, 
Guarding the northern side of the Caucasus,
Gave the Moslems a resounding defeat,
Knocking them temporarily off their feet,
Emperor Constantine the Fifth married a Khazarian princess,
Who then begot Byzantine King Leo the Fourth,
Known as Leo the Khazar, of Course,
A Khazarian King of the Christian Byzantine,
Then Khazaria converts to the religion of the Jew,
In terms of Old Testament government, little difference between the two,
Or three, if we include the Moslems too,
This Old Testament Biblical identity,
From a distance Jew Christian and Moslem appear to be,
Part of the same Father, Son, and Holy Ghost Trinity,
Each pretending a difference to justify, their respective dynasty,
But just enough of a difference,
To allow the Khazars in essence,
Not to become a religious vassal state of the other two,
Not a Christian or a Moslem, but in fact a Jew,
No doubt Byzantium hoped for a Khazarian religious alliance,
That would bring the Khazars into Byzantine Christian cultural reliance,
A religious coup d’etat?
Whether the Khazarian kings liked it or not,
As Moslems bow to Mecca, and Catholics bow to Rome,
Byzantium hoped to make Constantinople the Khazarian religious home,
But this Christian conversion was rejected by the Khazarian,
Religious kings and military men,
No way for an up and coming military power to begin.
That would not be the fate,
Of their up and coming military state,
That had laid siege to Georgia and sacked Armenia,
Then rode half-way to the capital of the Arab Moslem Caliphate,
Byzantium, even out of religious envy,
Had no desire to make Khazaria an official enemy,
As long as they maintained a buffer zone between,
Moslem Arabia and Christian Byzantium,
Constantinople could use them, then in 737
The Arab Moslem defeats the Khazarian,
Forcing them to convert to Islam,
But the conversion doesn’t last,
And is revoked as soon as the Arab Moslem threat has passed,
With this temporary gesture of Khazarian appeasement,
Arab Moslem energy for conquest of Khazaria and Byzantium is spent,
Byzantine Christianity is saved by Khazarian Jewish tenacity,
From what might have been a very different history,
If the Arab Moslem flag had been unfurled in Byzantium,
Before the end of the first millennium,
Perhaps a Columbus who was Moslem,
Might have been the one,
To introduce to the New World a biblical version,
That was Mohammedan, that was the Koran,
And the New World would have been Judeo-Moslem,
Rather than Judeo-Christian,
By the 15th century when Constantinople fell,
It was too late to subdue the Western European,
Or to overthrow his religion, Judeo-Roman-Christian,
Who by now had increased military might,
Albeit at the expense of the European peasant’s plight,
The Moors were being driven from their Spanish home base,
Too late for Middle Eastern or even the Turkish Moslem to expand at their historic pace,
But what the fate might have been,
For both Byzantium, And the European,
If not for the militarized Judeo-Khazarian,
We can only guess,
Then no sooner do the Arab Moslems take a rest,
Than the area, Of the Byzantines and the Khazars, is invaded by the Rhus,
That is the Swedish Viking, known also as the Rhos or Varangian,
Probably from the Swedish word for rower,
Whose invasion was not from the Mediterranean,
Instead from the Baltic they rowed over,
Pillaging the Slavs making them run for cover,
Then rowing down the Dnieper river,
Called the Great Waterway in the Nordic Sagas,
Bringing with them their military armadas,
From there to enter the Black Sea, conveniently for the plunder,
Of the Christian Byzantine Empire,
Or its capital, Constantinople,
Or they might row down the Volga, to the capital Of Khazaria,
There in Itil, to strike a deal to enter the Caspian, known as the Sea of the Khazarian,
To trade or pillage in the land of the Mohammedan,
Just as the Khazars by land had once done,
But these were not Khazar horsemen, they were Swedish boatmen,
Invading Moslem settlements along the southern rim of the Caspian,
Sea of the Khazarian, Gateway to Iran, 
Bringing Slavs, or Slaves, with them, to trade with the Khazarian,
Who no doubt resold them to the Moslem,
Whose interpretation of Islam justifies slavery through The Koran,
Or to sell them to the Christian,
Hypocrites of Byzantium,
It’s doubtful that history,
Has quantified this misery,
This taking of agrarian Slavs for Slaves,
Where they were taken, into whose exploitation were they given,
How many men, women, how many children?
But they were heathen pagan, not Moslem or Christian,
While the Rus and Khazars each had their own religion,
Each their own world vision, each their own ambition,
About the same time that the Rus-Viking star 
Begins to climb, they become more terrestrial,
And over the land of the Slavs more territorial,
Separating Kiev from the influence,
And tributary dominance, Of Khazaria,
To eventually, making it part of the new Rus-Slavic Russia, 
While the Slav farmer-peasant,
Must to a new master be subservient,
Providing grains for the new Rus feudal government,
While these Rus invaders become increasingly Slavic,
Trading their own Swedish Indo-Aryan, Germanic,
And Scandinavian, for a language that’s Slavonic, 
Thus also Indo-Aryan,
And the language of the northerly-migrating agrarian,
Turned to seafaring,
And river warfaring,
While their fellow Vikings, Danes and Norwegians,
Raided the lands, of their fellow Western Europeans,
By 833 AD the Bek and Kagan, the two kings of Khazaria,
One king being civilian, and the other king a warrior,
Sent an embassy from Ital, the Khazarian capital,
To the Byzantine of Constantinople, together they built a fortress at Sarkel,
On the Don near the river Volga, hoping to repel,
The Rus infidel,
Around 860 AD,
The Rus crossed the Black Sea,
There to lay siege to Constantinople,
Bringing over two hundred ships to the battle,
With a hundred men in each trying to topple,
Unsuccessfully, Constantinople,
The Rus-Varangian and Emperors of Greek Christian Byzantium both met  to agree,
In 907 and 911 AD upon a peace treaty,
The Rus could trade, but only enter, through one gate of the city,
Allowing in, at any one time, no more Rus than fifty,
For dealing in black market currency,
Constantinople had a penalty,
No compensation,
Just a one hand amputation,
The culture of the Byzantine Christian,
The treaty’s close was formalized by both,
Sides taking an oath,
The Byzantine emperors kissed a cross,
But not the Rus who swore by their god Perun and the cattle god Volos,
No doubt the Christians of Byzantium,
Would have felt more at home with the Judeo-Khazarian,
One year after the Rus-Byzantine treaty in 912 AD,
The Rus Varangian, those same Swedish Viking,
Sailed with up to 500 ships into the Sea of the Khazarian,
Past Itil, the Khazars capital,
Bringing 50,000 men to rape, loot and kill,
On the southern rim of the Caspian,
Once known as the sea of the Khazarian, in the land of the Moslem,
And what a bloodbath it must have been, not just for one side but for both of them,
Moslem mercenaries living under, working for the kings of the Khazar attack the Rus near Itil,
Allegedly scoring a kill, as they retreat up the Volga,
Leaving Khazaria politically and militarily in the middle,
Of a dispute that won’t be easy to settle,
But the Rus would wait another thirty years before trying it again,
Rowing down the Volga to the Caspian,
Then, in 941 the Varangian, the Viking, the Russian Prince Igor
Whose wife Olga was described by one,
As a Scandinavian Amazon,
Decides to return to war with the Christians of Constantinople,
Showing no shame; rape, loot, murder all the same,
Putting churches to flame,
But this time they’re met by Greek fire, as likely as anything to inspire,
In the Viking fear of the Byzantine god of fiery flame,
A fire more at home at sea than on the land,
Where Viking power was most grand,
From Byzantine warships to the air and onto the water it came,
Burning ships and Vikings all the same,
Probably a gift of petroleum,
A precursor to Harvard’s Napalm,
If it was a god it was the god of fossil carbon,
It wouldn’t be worshipped for some time to come,
But when the Rus described
It amongst them,
They said,
The Greeks had,
In their possession,
The lightening from heaven,
Around 965 AD came the sacking of Sarkel,
Demonstrating that this river fortress didn’t function so well,
Destroyed by the Rus Viking,
This river fortress not to his liking,
Giving the boot,
To Khazar collectors of tribute,
From Slavic farmer peasants Khazaria took,
A silver piece per plowshare,
Now the Rus would get that share,
Or whatever the market could bear,
About the same time as the Rus sacking of Sarkel,
Someone attacked Itil,
The Khazarian capital, as well,
It could have been the Rus, but history don’t tell,
Could have been more up and coming young Turks just as well,
But it signals a Jewish Khazaria on the military decline,
Having increasing difficulty holding the battle line,
The Rus, probably more responsible than competing Turkic tribes,
In breaking long standing Khazar-Magyar ties,
Upsetting the balance of power,
Setting to flight  the Finno-Ugric, speaking Magyar,
Breaking their history as vassals of the Khazar,
Breaking Magyar ties with other Finno-Ugric speakers now in Russia, Estonia, and Finland,
Also possibly with the Finno-Ugric Saami Language speakers,
And European tundra reindeer herders of Lapland,
So different again from their Finno-Ugric speaking kin,
To the south of them,
All of them now being agrarians,
While the Magyars migrate over the mountains,
Named Carpathians,
No longer collecting the tribute that they used to get,
From Slavs and possibly their fellow speakers of Finno-Ugric,
That they collected for the treasury of Khazaria,
Before fleeing the area, Now controlled by the Rus of the new Russia,
But as a result founding Hungary,
With its ancient Hun memory,
And Finno-Ugric Magyar identity,
Eventually mixed with European Christianity,
And to Hungary, with the Magyars, went the Kabars,
A more military branch, of the now more sedentary Khazars,
Helping the Magyars,
Stake their turf and fight their wars,
Which may explain the mystery,
In eastern European history,
A bit mixed in legend and mythology,
Of Jewish princes,
Before Christian fences,
In the then still wild western,
History of the Eastern European,
The Austrian Chronicle of the 14th century,
Writes of a history,
Of Jewish Austrian princes as a distant memory, 
Before Christianity,
And could be explained by these Khazar-Kabars,
Riding with the Magyars,
For half a century,
Until 955 AD,
Austria as far west as the river Enns was under Hungarian MagYar-Kabar sovereignty,
And the Kabar no doubt brought with them their Khazar version of Judaism,
All we can say with certainty,
Is that the Khazars burst into Byzantine and Eastern European history,
Around the 5th century AD,
Even less written information exists on the Khazars before their conversion to Judaism,
But they did have enough power at times,
To influence the politics of the Greek Christian Byzantines,
After disappearance of the Hun,
The Khazars were strongest and headed a Turkic Confederation,
With other Western Steppe nomads subservient to them,
There, strong military force would assume a substantial population,
And would assume ability to draw additional forces from this loosely organized nomadic nation,
This West Turkish Empire lasted about a century,
From 550 to 650 AD,
The title for their Turkic Leader was Kagan,
A title later used for one of the duel kings of the Khazarians,
This West Turkish Empire rose as a third power,
Along with the older Indo-Aryan Persian,
And the Byzantine Empire with it’s then Roman Emperor,
With whom the Khazar, united in war, sending 40,000 horsemen,
To aid Roman Emperor Heraclius, in 627, to overthrow the empire of the Persian,
And by such destabilization,
Perhaps unwillingly unleashed,
That Moslem military beast,
Upon the continent Eurasia, by destabilizing Persia,
A new power rises to fill the vacuum out of Arabia,
It was Arther Koestler in the 20th  century who made the comparison,
That to educated Jewish men of the first millenium,
Of the Christian the very idea of a Turkic Jewish Khazarian,
Was something like encountering,
A circumcised unicorn,
If such a comparison might be borne,
But if one gave it some thought,
The concept of Khazaria was like a Jewish Camelot,
Historically homeless Jews had land—they had a lot,
And for a few centuries they held their own with the Greek Byzantine Christian,
They held their own with the Arabic and Persian Moslems,
With Turkic pagans, and for a while the Rus,
In addition to the occasional Rus raid,
Then Rus also brought trade,
Rus merchant fleets in the summer,
Row down the Volga to trade with the Moslem Caliphate or Khazaria,
Bringing fur to sell to the Muslim aristocracy,
While Khazaria, receives 10% from the trade tax it levees--bureaucracy,
The Rus also bring slaves for the market in Itil,
Where slave traders struck a deal
Or for one who wants the truly exotic,
Amber is brought by the Rus from the Baltic,
The mosques of Itil are boasted of by contemporary Moslems,
And no doubt,
On this trade route,
There are Christians,
And relations, to maintain with
The Byzantines,
Yet there is still intrigue,
Everyone trying to take,
What they think,
They may need,
The Moslem Caliphate,
From Baghdad, Iraq,
Center of the Islamic religious state,
On the 11th Safar of the year 309,
Meaning June 21, AD 921 Christian time,
Sent an embassy,
To the north of Khazaria,
To Bulgar territory,
The Bulgar vowed to convert to Islam,
If the Caliphate would build
A fort to protect them,
From the tyrannical Khazarian,
And by this time,
Also probably the Rus and the
And they almost freeze in this northern
They tell of Turk nomads in the summer,
When both sexes swim in the river,
Naked together,
Their women wear no veils,
And in front of these Arab males,
Nonchalantly scratch their genitals,
Yet these Turks split adulterers
In two,
By tying them to any tree branches
That will do,
While some of these Turks,
Still creatures of their pagan quirks,
Worship gods in the form of nature,
A god for winter,
A god for summer,
A god for rain,
A god for water,
A god for wind,
A god for men,
A god for the sky,
And a god for the night and a god for the day,
A god for earth,
And a god for death,
Even a god for the horse,
After all, they are nomads
Of course, 
Or they might worship a wooden penis,
Symbol of the object from which they issued forth,
Some tribes specialized,
Worshipping snakes, fish or cranes—animalized,
Perhaps Khazaria had lost its hegemony,
With the coming of the new Russia,
Now the Moslems and the Byzantines,
Were playing power brokers,
On one level ambassadorial,
On another level conspiratorial,
But nothing the Khazars or the Bulgars wouldn’t do,
If and when they had the power to,
A couple of centuries earlier Constantinople sometimes relied,
On Bulgars, or Khazars,
To be their king makers, their power brokers, hiring them to ride,
And intervene in affairs,
Between competing Byzantine imperial heirs,
Justinian II, known as Rhinometus,
Because when Rhinometus, 
Was for the first time,
From his throne deposed,
By the new Byzantine King
They cut off his nose,
The way Byzantine Christian politics goes,
In exile he was given new political life,
By the Khazars, who also gave him a Khazar princess for a wife,
And he relied on the Khazars to restore him to power,
But when their support begins to sour,
Goes over to the Bulgar, who provide Rhinometus, or Justinian,
With 15,000 horsemen to attack Contantinople, or Byzantium,
The Bulgar king is rewarded with gold coins piled in a heap,
Which he measures with his “Scythian whip”,
But restoring Rhinometus to power,
Only unleashes a new reign of terror,
Upon his subjects and the town of Cherson,
A town of Christians and Jews, disputed over by Khazaria and Byzantium,
So the Khazars overthrow this Byzantine king, again,
Although his Khazarian wife remains loyal to him,
711 AD was the last year of his reign,
In the tenth century, Olga the Rus Amazon,
With her husband, Prince Igor, dead and gone,
Will become a Christian,
It is her grandson Vladmir, ruler of the Rus,
After a civil war, in which he emerged victorious,
Then overrunning in 988 AD,
The Greek Byzantine city,
Of Cherson, long disputed over by Khazaria and Byzantium,
And as compensation will convert his new nation,
Slavic and Russian, to the religion of the Greek Byzantine Christian,
Besides annexing Cherson, on the Black Sea, to the Russian Confederation,
Vladmir marries Princess Anna of Bzyantium,
So Greek Christianity will become,
The official religion of the Russian people,
And from 1037 AD the new Russian Church will be ruled from Constantinople,
Till the Moslem Turks in 1453 cause it to topple,
Located strategically,
On the Black Sea,
However briefly,
When comparing Jewish, Christian,
And Moslem mythology,
The Jew’s tale, all should agree,
Is the basis of all three,
So it appeared the Jew,
Had the moral authority,
And jealousy,
Of the other two,
If only he could maintain military parity too,
When time came for the Rus to decide,
There were four choices amongst which to divide,
We are told that Jew, Christian, and Moslem all proselytize,
Trying to convert the Rus and enhance their political ties,
The Moslems promise the Rus a paradise,
Seventy fair women for him when he dies,
But at abstinence in this life from pork and wine,
Vladmir draws the line,
Next Vladmir asks the Jews why they no longer rule Jerusalem,
Because god was punishing them,
And scattered the Jews because of their sin,
They answer him,
Vladmir must have been irate,
How could they expect him to accept such a fate,
While the Greek Christians,
Swear that the Moslems,
Wet their excrement,
Then drink the water and anoint their beards with it,
To honor Mohamet,
While the Jews punishment,
Ain’t so odd,
According to the Christians,
They’re the confessed killers of god,
While on their fellow Roman Christians,
Also competing to convert the Russians,
They go light,
The Romans mean well, but they “modified the Rite,”
The priest-shaman lies with the king, 
Or vice-versa,
Hoping for the treasure or power it will bring,
Nothing the Greek-Russian-Christian priests won’t do,
When their time comes to,
Same old story like in India too,
While shamans or medicine men,
Like rulers, may have been,
Arbiters of life and death,
It was also a power Christian,
Russian and European priests, were also endowed with,
The funeral sacrifice of a Rus slave girl,
Along with hundreds of cattle,
At a Rus lord’s burial ritual,
Or the Bulgars murder-sacrifice,
Of “too clever” people,
Too smart by twice,
Paganic-Vedic-Old Testamental,
Compatible with a pastoral,
Or nomadic lifestyle,
Or a system that was agrarian,
Medieval or feudal,
For Ibn Fadlan,
Tenth century AD Moslem ambassador,
To the Turkic Bulgar,
A Turkic male lusting to seduce,
Some beardless male youth,
Would hardly seem an abuse,
But to Ghuzz and Bulgar men,
This was a terrible sin,
Although apparently,
Less so than adultery,
Cultural relativity,
Instead of the death penalty,
He gets away,
With a 400 sheep fine to pay,
The Moslem mission to proselytize the Bulgars,
Traveled around the land of the Khazars,
Through the land of the Ghuzz,
And other Turkic tribes,
Sometimes vassals,
Sometimes rivals,
Of the Khazars,
Within Itil,
The Khazarian capital,
Being increasingly cosmopolitan,
A few mosques didn’t threaten
The official Jewish state religion,
As for spreading Mohamet,
To their fellow nomads who were pagans and Turkic,
The Khazars weren’t buying it,
And didn’t want the Moslem Caliphate,
Selling it,
Another tribe that was Turkic,
A branch of the Ghuzz Turks named Seljuk,
Will be for a while,
Part of the Khazars inner circle,
Until their leader becomes a black sheep, a rebel,
And will,
Convert to Islam,
Found the state of Turkey,
Take Baghdad from the Moslem, 
And, eventually, make Constantinople Moslem,
But this will be some time to come,
After the rise to power and collapse of the truly Eur-Asian,
Empire of the Mongolian,
By then Khazaria will be gone,
In this same 10th century AD,
Of Christianity,
When envoys of the Baghdad Caliphate,
Sent for by the Bulgar,
A would-be relative is trying to communicate,
With the Khazar state,
But it was a pain, 
To deliver a letter to the Khazar,
All the way from Spain,
His letter is returned undelivered,
Jewish communication between Constantinople and Khazaria severed,
Or at least not encouraged,
Byzantium didn’t want to aid a Jewish alliance,
No matter the distance, 
No matter that it had no military significance,
Was not the business that Byzantium was in,
Even though they still called themselves Khazaria’s friend,
While the emperor of Byzantium,
About that same time,
Hatched a plan,
To have the Alan,
Another Turkic, nomadic clan,
Attack the Khazarian,
The communicator,
And letter writer,
To Khazaria,
Was Hasdai Ibn Shaprut,
The Jewish foreign minister of Spain’s western,
A prestigious medical doctor,
Diplomat and negotiator,
In its negotiations between,
The Spanish Caliphate of the Moslem,
And the Spanish and German,
Roman Christian,
As well as the Greek Christian,
Of Byzantium,
A Jewish renaissance man,
Before European Christians had one,
A product of the Golden Age of Jews in Spain,
With more freedom under the rule of the Moslem,
Than they would ever know in Europe again,
Under the rule of the Christian,
The Spanish Jew or Sephardim,
Could claim,
A closer link to true Middle Eastern Judaism,
However distant in the past those roots had been,
However with time historically dim,
Than ever could the Turkic Khazarian,
To their chosen,
Jewish religion,
Sephardic or Spanish Judaism,
With a much longer tradition,
Of Hebrew writing and education,
Than the Khazarian,
Combined with Arabic and Greek scholarly tradition,
Which must surely have sharpened,
Jewish contradiction, 
And skepticism,
Combined with a literal religion,
And in a self-confident Moslem Spain,
The advantages such sub-cultural discipline will bring,
Where assimilating,
And accumulating,
Multi-cultural information,
Was considered an honorable profession,
Sure, much was literal Old Testament Biblical,
Or “Torah”-nical,
Or “Koran”-ical,
In this Spain of the Moslem,
Or the pseudo-science of Aristotle,
With his five element, earth-centered, philosophy,
Perhaps Kabalic numerology,
Ancient Mesopotamian astrology,
As well as alchemy,
A sort of proto-chemistry,
Or chemical astrology,
Which certainly,
Didn’t contradict backward Aristotelian cosmology,
Nor Earth-centered Biblical astronomy,
Where god made the sun stop in its orbit around the Earth,
The Bible, to another Earth-centered Universe, gave birth,
To a cosmology no more advanced than the inventors of Thor or of Zeus,
Rigidified against the truth,
Then in a later Roman Catholic Euro-Christian time,
Aristotle, and the Bible, will combine,
The academic Aristotelian,
Joining forces with the literal Biblical Christian,
In Renaissance times,
To accuse Galileo of intellectual crimes,
All because the educated Moslem,
Conserved the writings of the Greek Aristotelian,
So Saint Thomas Aquinas could translate it to Latin,
And it would become, 
The academic dogma of the European,
Hasdai Ibn Shaprut, 
Born in 910 AD,
In Cordoba, to a Jewish family,
Educated and astute,
Becoming a medical practitioner with remarkable cures to his credit,
Appointed diplomat,
By the Moorish Arabic Caliphate,
Spain’s Islamic government,
Yet he still found time to translate,
Medical texts and documents,
Into Arabic,
And in the Library of the Cordoban,
There were 40,000 volumes,
To choose from,
A resource not found in any nation,
Of the Indo-Aryan speaking,
And in Spain,
With an Arabic Moslem,
Communication system,
That allowed him,
To correspond with the rabbis of Baghdad,
Or the Hebrew grammarians and poets the Moslem world had,
Hasdai used his influential diplomatic position,
Hoping to lessen the persecution,
Of Jews in Greek Christian,
Compiling information,
About the dispersed Jewish population,
Hasdai will, in the end,
Get his message through to Khazaria,
First brought to his attention,
In Spain,
By traders from Byzantium,
Rumors of a nation,
Not Jerusalem,
But where its state religion,
Is Judaism,
In the 10th century,
Of Christianity,
His message gets through,
To King Joseph of the Khazarian Jew,
And a letter is returned to Hasdia in fluent Hebrew,
Using the Hebrew, 
Vowel-less, consonantal, 
Alphabetic letters that in total, 
Number 22, 
Compared to English with 26,
Including its vowels: a.e.i.o.u.,
Hasdai’s queries had been written,
And King Joseph of Khazaria was answering him,
Queries more about religious and cultural,
Rather than matters political,
Although King Joseph does discuss,
Briefly, his bitter battles with the Rus,
Hasai’s letter saying he’d renounce,
His position,
In Spain,
As kind as the Moslems have treated him,
If he could live in a Jewish homeland,
King Joseph writes of his ancestor King Bulan,
Who had a biblical dream-like vision,
To convert his nation,
To Judaism,
He drove out the sorcerers,
And idolaters,
Before the angel appeared to him, 
And he had accepted, the true god – this King Bulan,
He’d done this even before
Accepting the true,
Jewish religion,
Before he had even had his vision,
Somehow, some Khazarian shaman,
Must have upset him,
This King Bulan,
Hasdai must have been confounded,
In trying to figure out where a King Bulan,
In Jewish history might belong,
If only to have been,
A fly on the wall then,
To see his reaction when,
To Hasdai’s inquiry,
As to Khazar genealogy,
As to what tribe of the Hebrew,
Pertained this Khazarian Jew,
King Joseph answered this query too,
But with a list of tribes that were Turkic,
Not Hebrew or Semitic,
And that read like a list of Who’s-Who,
But of the Turkic tribes of the western steppes,
Not of the 12 lost tribes of the Jew,
Recent genetic research has thrown,
Light upon,
The study of the male genome,
That belong,
To the patriarchal descendents, 
Of the Jewish priestly class known,
By their surname of Cohen,
The geneticists,
Looked for the presence,
Or absence,
Of a small stretch,
Of DNA called YAP,
In the male Y chromosome of descendents,
Of these patrilineal theocrats,
Or religious aristocrats,
These priestly class “cohanim,”
They of the priestly male genes,
Carried less of this marker than,
The average Jewish,
Male population,
Or so was the conclusion,
This study made known,
Of the genetic research upon,
Male descendents with the sir name Cohen,
Further these “cohanim,” 
They of the priestly male gene,
Were much more likely,
To carry,
A specific variant,
Of DNA of another length,
Elsewhere in the Y chromosome,
Further distinguishing the Cohen,
Suggesting they share,
A male heir,
Or heirs in common,
Not surprising,
We should have known,
As priestly privilege even,
Among the Khazars must have grown,
They produced a Jewish theocratic,
Priestly class,
Of their own,
Passing their genes along,
Spreading their priestly class,
Genes around,
Establishing their hollowed ground,
Nothing any other alpha,
Or privileged male wouldn’t have done,
Upon finding his privileged place,
In the sun,
Or under the Plough constellation,
And from them grew,
Probably a new,
 Priestly class who,
Would replace their shamans too,
Privileged priestly position,
Privileged priestly tradition,
Proving little more than among,
The same species,
Genes are exchanged with ease,
Just ask Napoleon,
Or Rasputin,
Alpha-cultural domination,
And genetic assimilation,
Like royalty become,
The chosen,
And what is modern genetics,
Trying to say,
The conclusion of the more egotist cohenim who,
Upon their privilege trod,
Those who now would,
Use modern genetics to prove,
The other Jews,
Heirs to a lesser god?
Oh, but life is odd,
The Jews called Ashkenazim,
Those of central and eastern,
European origin,
Including those of the cohenim,
Comprise the majority of Jews,
Who are Israeli of American,
And they are genetically unique from,
Those who are Middle Eastern,
Or Spanish Sepharidim,
Not to mention,
Those of Judeo-Ethiopian,
Regardless of those wandering,
But all claim,
Through belief in the same religion,
To comprise the ranks of the chosen,
But then again,
So does the racist European,
Or American,
Christian Indo-Aryan,
Although he stole his religion,
Which is Judeo-Christian,
From them,
Ashkenazim Jews,
Are prey to a unique set of genetic diseases,
Caused by genes that are recessive,
Their traits appear only if,
Two copies of the gene,
One from both egg and sperm,
Are inherited,
One copy of the gene does,
No harm and may do some good,
And would,
Cause natural selection,
To spread the mutation,
Rather than speed its extermination,
Amongst the Ashkenazim,
These genes remain,
The German Jews’ genetic burden,
The infant killing disease called Tay Sachs,
A disease that is hereditary and thus genetic,
Is unique to the German Jews who carry it,
Also to some French Canadians,
But it isn’t carried by Jews who are,
Of Sephardic,
Or Middle Eastern,
And it actually protects adult carriers,
Of the gene from tuberculosis,
A disease that was endemic to,
The Eastern European Jewish ghettos,
Another genetic infirmity,
Called IDT,
Causes muscle contractions that are involuntary,
Is now believed to be the effect,
Of a genetic bottleneck,
A semi-incestuous condition,
Of inbreeding within,
A small culturally,
And genetically,
Isolated population,
The Eastern European Jewish situation,
But inbreeding may also have occurred among the Fins,
Also with a small close-knit population,
As well as the incestuous royalty of the European,
Consider the hemophilia of the last heir to the throne,
Of the Russian,
Yet the marginalized Eastern European Jews,
Had an even greater genetic squeeze,
Which may have amplified genetic diseases,
And for all we know,
Genetic uniqueness,
Also enhancing favorable genetic qualities,
Or so suggest family genealogies,
Inbreeding of course,
Can lead to a superior race horse,
In the 17th century AD,
Social and cultural forces would align to see,
That more affluent Jewish classes,
Community leaders,
Jewish men of business,
As well as scholars and rabbis,
Would out-reproduce the poorer Jewish families,
Poorer families died out,
Less genetic diversity was spread about,
Amplifying good genes,
But unfortunately also bad genes,
Putting genetic diversity to route,
Nature’s cruel yet merciful trick,
The genetic bottleneck,
Yet don’t be too surprised,
Even if hidden between the lines,
Of the mythologies,
Of a religion,
Of a chosen,
That we find,
Even Mr. Jones got his genes,
Mixed in and upon,
Those of the Cohens,
After all even Mr. Jones,
Aspires to keep up with the Cohens,
And occasionally vice-versa,
In the land of the European,
Or Middle Eastern,
Male alpha,
Which may explain why,
In the traditionally,
Male dominated or patriarchal,
Old Testamental,
Or Jewish cultural,
That was pastoral,
Jewish birth rites are passed along lines,
That are matrilineal,
That they may continue to pass on,
The culture and religion,
Of the chosen,
A protection,
Against cultural disintegration,
Should the fate,
That befell the raped,
Sabine women,
Happen to them,
As it surely must have,
In the Eastern European land of the Slav,
Or being left to the mercy,
Of Russia’s Cossack,
Riding into Jewish villages and ghettos on horseback,
To rape,
And ransack,
Keeping law and order,
The Euro-Christian god and the Russian czar,
And then again,
The Eastern European,
Ghetto situation,
Where Jews are fenced in,
While the local European,
Closed in,
There were ghetto raids,
Both before and after the crusades,
And if there were outbreaks of Black Death or other plagues,
Jews were sacrificed on Euro-Christian sword blades,
For centuries Jews were sacrificed,
Upon the Euro-Christian altar,
Long before,
Anyone had heard of the Nazis or Hitler,
They were not seen as the ancestors of Jesus,
But as the killers of Christ,
There was possible,
Genetic mixing,
Due to early proselytism,
But not in the second millennium,
Of the European Christian,
Where both church and state,
Were so firmly aligned against them,
Where Jews had a smaller,
More marginalized population,
The Eastern European Jewish ghetto,
And village situation,
And where Jews increasingly take on,
Genetic traits of the peoples’ who surround them,
A dark history of rape and misogynization,
Nonetheless a history,
Of genetic diversity,
That puts the lie to,
The idea that all Jews are of a genetically,
Stereotypical homogeneity,
Instead they generally,
Show among them a greater genetic diversity,
And a greater genetic similarity,
To the Christians and Moslems,
In whose countries they have lived in,
One might argue that the impact of local genes,
May actually have protected them,
From the dangers of inbreeding,
Within a small population,
Nature’s cruel yet merciful,
Diversification of the gene pool,
The Eastern European Jew,
Before the Holocaust and WWII,
Often had light hair and eyes that were blue,
Showing like their fellow northern European,
A complexion,
Of a lighter shade of melanin,
Than Jews of Middle Eastern,
Or perhaps Spanish or Sepharadim,
Then there is the Lemba,
A tribe of southern Africa,
In Zimbabwe,
The former English colony,
Of Rhodesia,
Who claim their male ancestry,
Descended from,
Fair-haired men,
Who came by way,
Of the sea,
And surprisingly,
Most of the senior Lemba clan,
Also carry,
The Cohen modal halotype,
On their chromosomal YAP,
Although this genetic,
Could conceivebly have occured between,
This black African tribe,
And the Jewish Turkic Khazarian,
Whose Cohenim priesthood,
Could have,
Made this immigration,
The immigrants are believed to have,
Arrived from the direction,
Of Yemen,
But even the Middle Eastern cohenim,
Would have seemed,
To them,
These cohenim may have come,
With the empire of the Sabean,
Around the beginning,
Of the first millennium,
Although specific religious ritual,
Is not genetic,
But learned,
And although their is no rabbi,
Or Torah,
To remind them,
Certain eating traditions,
Associated with Judaism,
Are to this day passed on,
Regardless of modern Christian,
Or Moslem proselytism,
Around them,
As is probably circumcision,
Cutting of the fold of the penis’ skin,
A behavior practiced by all of them,
Although no fundamentalist Jew would call,
Their overall,
Belief system,
The African mother or mothers,
Who provided their eggs,
With their mitrochondrichal genes,
Which is only passed by them,
And is a completely feminine contribution,
Is herself heir to a longer,
Than the male cohenim’s religious privilege,
And after all,
Is probably the mother of us all,
Just as by now the Indian,
Or Persian,
No longer shows the lightness of hair or skin,
Of the original invading Aryans,
Who were probably,
Pallid Slavs or Lithuanians,
When they invaded India around 2000 BC,
They are closer,
 To the color,
Of those surrounding them,
Whether they are now Hindu or Moslem,
Their languages remain Indo-Aryan,
Product of an ancient invasion,
Or invasions,
Product of cultural and genetic collision,
Or collisions,
Even before the Jewish Diaspora,
Or dispersal,
From their pre-Christian era homeland,
In Palestine,
The Holy Land,
Or Jerusalem,
This Semitic Hebrew-speaking linguistic group,
Had long been stirring and mixing their genetic soup,
A Hittite,
Was the mother of King Solomon,
While self-righteous Moses married a Midianite,
The Jewish hero Samson,
Wed a Philistine,
Who treated him mean,
Joseph married Asenath,
Daughter of a priest who was Egyptian,
A Heathen,
The Jewish patriarch,
Or founding father Abraham,
With the godly covenant and its arch,
Who went unto the Egyptian,
Slave girl,
Property of his wife Rachel,
She bore him Ishmael,
Whom he abandoned,
Then the son of Rachel,
Whom he almost killed,
Claiming it god’s will,
All because god gave him a sign,
Religion already getting out of line,

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