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WTC,UAVS Or Drones::5.5 Ton Titan Corp Cocaine Bust Reveals New Details of 9.11 Attack by Daniel Hopsicker

WTC,UAVS Or Drones:: 5.5 Ton Cocaine Bust Reveals New Details of 9.11 Attack  by Daniel Hopsicker

  1.  "We have also discovered through intelligence that Iraq has a growing fleet of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles that could be used to disperse chemical or biological weapons across broad areas." -- W Bush,State of the Union Address (1/28/2003).
     Note at the time of above quote as late as 2003 the term 'drones' weren't a household word.Now Barack Obama kills innocent women and children minding their owen business in their own households daily.It is obvious that itt was the U.S.and Israel who had deveoped drones or unmanned aerial vehicles  AND SO THIS WEAPON COULD EASILY HAVE BEEN USED TO ATTACK THE WTC ON 9/11 EVEN THOUGH THE PLANES THAT LEFT FROM LOGAN BOSTON AND NEWARK UNDER ISRAELI CONTROL WERE PROBABLY SWITCHED IN FLIGHT.

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    San Diego Business Journal;2/17/2003, Vol. 24 Issue 7, p8 ... Reports on the creation of a drone aircraft by Titan Corp. in San Diego, California. Inclusion of the ...

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      Daniel Hopsicker of Mad Cow Morning News. .... If we accept the evidence that points clearly to some sort of modified drone craft equipped with a warhead, like ...
      The bulk of Hopsicker's research centers around alleged chief hijacker .... to some sort of modified drone craft equipped with a warhead, like the "Global Hawk", ...

I was one of Hopsicker's biggest fans when he first began immediately after 9/11 to cover the story from Venice,Florida.However over much time it became obvious that he was covering up for some of those involved particularly for Menachem Atzmon,Ezra Hartel and Shin Bet and thus Mossad Israelis of   ICTS International who ran a stock fraud to buy Huntleigh airport  rent-a-cops and its contracts out on Logan Airport
Boston and the Newark Airport in particular .And at a time when no one had heard of drones Hopsicker aggressively dismissed anyone who mentioned that the planes that hit the WTC were guided by remote control.Shortly after 9/11 W Bush even accused Saddam Hussein of having such drone  technolgy that the U.S.and Israel were themselves at the forefront of secretly developing before 9/11.W Bush refered to such drone technology that obviously can be used to guide a passaenger jet as much as a smaller drone as UAVS or UnManned Aerial Vehicles.

The main article Hopsicker wrote re Titan employee Makram Chams and Titan before he self censored it can be found here and I quote it in part immediately below.The main article Hopsicker wrote re Titan employee Makram Chams and Titan before he self censored it can be found here and I quote it in part immediately below.Although Chams precense in Venice and mention of his KwikCheck that allegedly cashed money sent from  Dubai by Khalid Sheikh Mohamed, (currently on trial by military court incarcerated in Guantanamo),this is probaly a distraction from the events of September 11,2001 because the Isdraelis odf ICTS International that Daniel Hopsicker has basically covered up for intentionally or not,never provided any proof or airport video surveillence showing him nor any other the other large group of alleged Saudis boarding at Logan Boston or Newark airports that day !However Chams is or was a Titan employee not just because Hopsicker said so but because of SEC filing by Level 3 the parent company of Titan Corp torturors at Abu Graib and also drug traffickers by way of the plane Hopsicker named Cocaine One because of its direct substantial investment in  the government protected  Florida based  penny stock fraud called Skyways Communications that according to U.S.SEC FILINGS that Titan was also a major investor in.It was captured at Ciudad Del Carmen,Campeche,Mexico airport in 2006 with 5.5 tons of cocaine neatly packed in suitcases occupying the passenger seats.
While Titan Corp has certainly been a big beneficiary of 9/11 including a lucrative contract to torture and rape innocent Iraqis at Abu Graib we have no reason to believe Titan employee Mohemed Atta who Chams allegedly cashed money at his and Titan's and thus Titan Corp's KwikCheck in Venice,Florida for sent by corrupt Dick,Halliburton connected Sheikh Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum's Dubai ever really boarded flights 11 and 175 from Israeli controlled Logan Airport in Boston anyway.But executives of Titan have been directly implicated in 5.5 ton cocaine smuggling aboard what Hopsicker calls Cocaine One and W Bush and Barack Obama DEA Zsarina Michelle Leonhart is in conflict of interest in giving them DEA money and covering this up for them.Even trying to blame deceased Venezuelan President Chavez when it is Titan Corp whose name as major investorv is on the Skyways Communications SEC filings and NOT Chavez !     :

5.5 Ton Cocaine Bust Reveals New Details of 9.11 Attack

Posted in the database on Wednesday, May 17th, 2006 @ 15:11:13 MST (2621 views)
by Daniel Hopsicker    Mad Cow Mornign News

MadCowMorningNews investigation into the ownership of the DC9 airliner caught carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine in Mexico last month has uncovered explosive new details about some of the many lingering mysteries still surrounding the 9.11 attack.

San Diego defense contractor Titan Corporation, already implicated in the fraudulent bankruptcy of a shadowy St. Petersburg FL company which owned the DC9 "Cocaine One" flight busted in Mexico, employed a Lebanese contractor who assisted Mohamed Atta and other terrorist hijackers in Venice, Florida.

For Titan, the revelation marks the latest in a remarkable series of recent scandals, including employees charged with torture and rape at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, a record $26 million fine and conviction for fixing a Presidential election in the African nation of Benin, and growing infamy for being the biggest money backer of disgraced and soon-to-be-jailed former Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham.

The story begins when, while researching “Welcome to TERRORLAND” three years ago, we discovered that Makram Chams, a Lebanese national, had provided significant logistical support for Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi.

Chams, we learned, had even entertained recently-convicted Zacharias Moussaoui in his apartment in Venice.

Breaking news from the forest where no one's around

Makram Chams owned a Kwik-Check convenience store in Venice, where the biggest overseas money transfer to the terrorists, $70,000 from the UAE., was sent, according to the testimony of FBI agents during the 9.11 Commission hearings.

Actually the FBI testimony never mentioned Chams, or his store.

They did however show the receipt for the money order at the final hearing of the 9.11 Commission, which we attended. And we were already familiar with the address where the money order went: 201 Nokomis Avenue.

Makram Cham's Kwik-Chek... Strangely, Chams left town soon after the 9.11 attack, abandoning a thriving convenience store which has stood vacant ever since.

In a story in the Sarasota Herald Tribune, reporter Earle Kimel, who first broke the story of Mohamed Atta’s American girlfriend, Amanda Keller, called Chams' abandoned store “A pocket of urban blight in the otherwise smartly tailored suit of downtown Venice.”

Just another freak coincidence?

An understanding of what Makram Chams had been doing while in Venice--and for whom--had eluded us, and been one of our biggest unanswered questions, one which might shed light on whether the U.S. Government possessed guilty foreknowledge--or even culpability--in the 9.11 attack.
Our search for Chams had been unsuccessful. No one knew where he was, or why he'd left. But now Chams has re-surfaced in Saudi Arabia, where he worked in an unlikely capacity: as a contractor for American defense firm Titan Corp.
News of Makram Chams' current whereabouts came to us when a researcher recently sent this addendum to Titan Corp’s 2005 SEC filing:
“On March 14, 2005, Makram Majid Chams, a former consultant of Titan filed a claim with the Preliminary Committee on Labor Disputes Settlement in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Chams alleges that Titan wrongfully terminated his consulting agreement and that he was defamed by Titan's publication in a local newspaper of a mandatory notice that he is no longer representing Titan. The plaintiff is seeking approximately $21.9 million in damages. We intend to defend our position vigorously.”
Was the man suing Titan in Saudi Arabia, “Makram Majid Chams,” the same "Makram Chams" who'd lived in Venice?
Only a dunsky could doubt it
The answer was 'yes.' A marriage announcement in the Sarasota Herald Tribune from January of 1998 gave us the full name of the Makram Chams who'd lived in Venice, identical to the name of the man suing Titan in Saudi Arabia.
Makram Majid Chams,” said the announcement, had married “Rim Ghazi Abou Zein, both of Venice.”
The news was nothing short of astonishing. The man who'd assisted terrorist hijackers in Venice...working for an American defense contractor in Saudi Arabia? What was Chams doing for The Titan Corp? What made him think they owe him $22 million dollars? And most importantly...
Was Makram Chams already working for Titan while in Venice?
While we didn’t know the answers to any of these questions, one thing we did know was that Bob Woodward would not be on the case. The major media steered completely clear of stories about what was clearly the biggest 9.11 crime scene that wasn't reduced to rubble: Venice, Fl., home to three of the four terrorist pilots.
We decided to take a closer look at Makram Chams.
Hangin' with the 'Mak Jack' Attack
A Venice Yellow Cab driver, Bob Simpson, first told us that the Middle Eastern man who owned the convenience store had been close to the hijackers, and that Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi frequently met at an apartment in Venice which he rented. (Watch him talk about it.)
Simpson had been questioned closely by the FBI three days after the Sept. 11 attack. “I heard a voice say ‘this is Special Agent Joe Anderson from the FBI calling,’” he told us. “My heart sort of skipped a beat. Then he said, ‘Don’t worry, you haven’t done anything wrong.’”
“He asked if I’d seen pictures of the terrorists, and if I had, wanted to know if I recognized any. I said yes, I recognized Mohamed Atta. I’m the day driver for Yellow Cab in Venice, and he was in my cab a bunch of times in August,” cabbie Simpson explained. “The night driver had him even more than I did.”
Simpson picked up Atta at the convenience store owner’s apartment on several occasions. He told the FBI he had been asked to drive to Orlando by a relative of the Middle Eastern man who owned the convenience store.
“Their (the terrorists) best friend used to live upstairs on the second floor,” stated Simpson, pointing to the Burgundy Square Apartments in downtown Venice. I saw Atta and Al-Shehhi there.”
“They were always hanging out together at the store. Most of the time, I’d be called by their friend, or they would call saying pick them up there at the market.”
Dead eyes then, Dead everything now
That the terrorist hijackers spent much time hanging out in Makram Chams' Kwik-Check was independently confirmed by numerous observers, including a local psychiatrist who contacted us recently.
“Nokomis Ave runs right behind the hospital in Venice,” stated the psychiatrist. "Each day as I left the hospital for the office I'd head north on Nokomis. At the corner of Nokomis and Miami there was this little (Kwik-Chek) convenience store run by middle-eastern types.”
“Half the time I'd be late for the office and I'd stop in there and grab something awful for lunch. A woman and a large man were usually behind the counter. Some days I'd go in there and no one would be behind the counter but there would be loud talking in the back.”
“A few times I saw Atta in there, hanging around. Once I made eye contact with him—dead on! Emphasis on "dead" because when we locked eyes a chill went through me and I thought: "He's got 'dead' eyes."
“When you become a shrink you sometimes get attuned to what might be going on with a person just from seeing how they look—their faces and eyes—on the street or in public. The chill I got when I saw Atta was not the chill of fear. It was a chill about how sick he looked. He looked to be one of the most depressed persons I'd ever laid eyes on.”
“He looked so depressed that it was as if he was already gone. In retrospect I feel he may have been just as happy to die for the sake of ending it all as he was to die for Allah.”
“A couple of weeks after 9/11 the convenience store closed up,” stated the psychiatrist, who has since moved out of state. “I was down there last summer visiting the old psych unit crew, nurses and staff, at a yearly reunion at Sharkey's, and the store was still closed up. I found a reference to the store on the TERRORLAND website, and it got me thinking.”
“I wish I'd paid more attention back then… but who knew?”
Who was the Saudi in Armani and shades?
Cabbie Simpson told of how he had picked up a wealthy Saudi businessman at the Orlando Airport after picking up the convenience store owner at the apartment in Venice. The FBI expressed interest in the rich Saudi, he said.
“They were especially interested in a rich Saudi guy that I’d been sent to pick up at the Orlando Airport. They said they already knew that he'd ridden in my cab because they’d gotten my cab number from a surveillance camera at the airport.”
“He flew in on a private jet, and was dressed in Armani and shades, with his wife, who wore traditional Arab clothing. After clearing international customs, they proceeded back to a Venice apartment rented by the convenience store owner.
Six weeks later, he drove the wealthy Saudi's wife back to the Orlando Airport, Simpson told the FBI. Again they left from the convenience store owner's Venice apartment. When he arrived to pick up his fare, Simpson was asked to come up to the apartment to help carry a chest down to the cab.
“The chest was so heavy it took two people to carry,” Simpson said. "A big bald guy who was there helped me carry the chest down.” The man who helped him carry the chest down the stairs to the cab, said Simpson, was Zacharias Moussaoui.
A fungible commodity useful everywhere
Cabbie Simpson had been so clearly impressed with how heavy the chest had been that we too were intrigued. We called a man we knew to have worked for many years in American intelligence to ask what he thought made the chest so heavy.
Gold,” he replied immediately. “There was gold in that chest.”
The identification of Moussaoui in Venice confirmed what we had reported exclusively nearly four years ago, when we learned that the second Dutch national flight school owner at the Venice Airport, Arne Kruithof, was questioned for two days by officials taking depositions from potential witnesses in Moussaoui's trial.
Further confirmation of Moussaoui’s presence in Venice came much later from an unlikely and usually highly-dubious source: Rudi Dekkers.
Continuing the FBI cover-up about the terrorist’s activity in Venice, jurors in the trial of Zacharias Moussaoui were never told that Moussaoui had been there.
They did however, hear testimony which confirmed the allegation in “Welcome to TERRORLAND,” of a systematic cover up by the FBI of the fact that Venice was the terrorist’s main base of operations.
In February 2001, the jurors were told, Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi had been spotted in Clearwater Florida flying a single-engine plane registered to Huffman Aviation...almost two months after the FBI’s official chronology states Atta left Venice and Huffman for good.
Ask Jack how Gus Boulis became "Abramoff-impaired"
We had initially thought that Makram Chams was probably an Arab operative sent in early to smooth the way for the hijackers.
Then we discovered that Chams had been a PARTNER in 1997 and 1998 in a gambling boat called “Vegas in Venice,” which cleaned up in Venice for two years.
This information only added to our puzzlement. We wondered: Where does an immigrant, bootstrapping himself up in America through the time-tested method of owning a convenience store, get the JUICE to be a partner in a gambling boat?
People kill to get jobs like that in Florida.
Just ask Jack Abramoff.
The controlling partner in the gambling ship in which Makram Chams was a partner is Ian Goldfarb, from Gladwyne, Pa., a suburb of Philadelphia.
The only other local partner in the casino ship, we were shocked to discover, was Max Burge, who we’d interviewed during research for “Welcome to TERRORLAND,” because Burge owned the planes used at Huffman Aviation.
Small world. But it soon got even smaller
Frederic Geffon from “Royal Sons,” the aggravated part-owner of “Cocaine One,” told us that he had done business with Burge.
The San Diego FBI: Confidential informants you can trust!
Royal Sons had used the address of Huffman Aviation’s hanger at the Venice Airport in a few airplane ads. This is inexplicable, at least it is to Royal Son's Frederic Geffon, who denies ever placing plane ads with a Venice Airport address. His denial rang a little hollow with his claim that anyone could have placed ads claiming to be him.
Possible, perhaps. But also, we think, highly unlikely.
We finally found someone who knew what had happened to Makram Chams. It was his sister, May Chams. She was then working at the same pharmacy in Venice where we discovered, much later, that Mohamed Atta had brought his father, less than two weeks before the attack. We persisted in questioning May, in the face of her obvious hostility, and were finally rewarded.
“Mak is in San Diego," she told us,"helping the FBI.”
Only now does her statement make sense to us. But, if Makram hotfooted it to San Diego on “business” after the 9.11 attack, it would be a strong indication that he had a relationship with Titan Corp... while he was still in Venice.
Compromise current operations at your peril
It has since been revealed that Titan trains mercenaries, and provides mercenaries for operations.Current operations. Ongoing operations...
Disclosures in the Duke Cunningham scandal lead directly to Titan. Before it is done, this may present someone with some very thorny problems.
As a result of our investigation so far, for example, we will be reporting in our next story that by delving into the relationships between the corporations involved in the 5.5 ton cocaine caper we have been able to uncover evidence of the unmistakable presence, behind the scenes in the scandal, of Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi...
The very same Adnan Khashoggi who has been a force behind a well-financed disinformation campaign billing itself the “9.11 Truth Movement.”
The U.S. military has 1200-man psychological warfare battalion, we learned recently. They probably aren't all working in Iraq. In all likelihood, a psy-op has been waged against the American people to draw attention from questions about who the terrorists were associating with--and what they had been doing--while they were in the U.S.
Questions with answers.
Someone would prefer they not become public.
But you won't find much about any of this on the innumerable websites of the “9.11 Truth Movement." Most seem to be utterly fascinated currently with speculation about materials which might have been secreted inside the Twin Towers which could have made them collapse.
They used to utterly fascinated with proving that no plane hit the Pentagon. Before that there wereutterly fascinated with the idea that the planes were flown by remote control. And on and on.
Controlling the debate is easy when a billionaire is footing the bill.
Advantage Khashoggi.
But it ain't over till its over... And there's a DC9 sitting in Mexico tonight whose anxious owners know something about this powerful truth:
It ain't over.
Read From Looking Glass News
San Diego Defense Firm Titan Corp. Link to 5.5 Ton Cocaine Bust in Mexico
Mystery of 5.5 Ton Coke Flight Deepens
Aircraft's Owners in 5.5 Ton Cocaine Bust Include Tom DeLay Appointee, "Royal Sons LLC"


quote from
 Ruppert and Hopsicker 
Co-Opting the 9-11 Truth MovementOr

Exposing the Big Con –
Lies and Disinformation At The End Of Civilisation As We Know It
by Joe Quinn

The really interesting thing about Hopsicker and Ruppert however, is not what they disagree on but what they seem to agree on.
As stated, many people make the mistake of thinking that the job of CoIntelPro is to simply provide false leads and directly attack genuine 9-11 truth seekers. The fact is that their task is much more complex. Quintuple reverse psychology is not out of the question here, and I'm not joking.
Looking at the current infighting going on at present, it would appear that CoIntelPro agents have done a fine job. No one knows who is who anymore, everyone suspects everyone else, and those members of the public whose minds are not, as yet, welded shut will be the ones to suffer most from the lack of coherent information about what really happened on 911, who really is to blame, or what the real issue is.
For any 9-11 investigator to come out and say that a 757 plane definitely hit the Pentagon is to rob the public of the singularly most important aspect of 9-11 and the one that has the chance to blow the whole dastardly plot wide open.
Certainly, there is much evidence that shows that Flight 11 and Flight 175 really did hit the twin towers, forcing 9-11 investigators to resort to other, and less convincing, aspects of the events of that day to make their case that it was an inside job.
This brings us to the point about the Pentagon attack which is that there exists striking evidence to suggest that it was NOT a 757 that hit the Pentagon, and it is for this very reason that Flight 77 presents THE best opportunity to bring the 9-11 deception to public awareness.
Think about it. If it can be proven that something other than Flight 77 bored that hole through 3 rings of Rummy’s fortress, then it is not necessary to dig for non-existent "smoking gun" evidence that someone "stood down" America’s air defences or about any of the many other suspicious "anomalies" on 9-11, because the game would be up.
Even among those researchers who have spent time and effort on the Pentagon Strike, I know of very few that have looked at one of the most intriguing questions about that event. If we accept the evidence that points clearly to some sort of modified drone craft equipped with a warhead, like the "Global Hawk", having struck the Pentagon, the next question we must ask is, what reasoning was used to decide which part of the building to hit and who to ‘take out’?
Consider the following most interesting news report:
[…] Vice Adm. Darb Ryan, chief of naval personnel, was in his office at the Navy Annex about halfway between Trapasso’s home and the Pentagon. Having learned that New York had been attacked, he was on the telephone recommending the evacuation of the Pentagon "when out of the corner of my eye I saw the airplane" a split second before it struck.
Ryan was overheard reporting some of the initial damage assessment, which included spaces belonging to the chief of naval operations (CNO), the Navy’s tactical command center on the D-ring, an operations cell and a Navy intelligence command center. These included up to four special, highly classified, electronically secure areas. Many of the enlisted sailors involved were communications technicians with cryptology training who are key personnel in intelligence gathering and analysis. Some personnel were known to be trapped alive in the wreckage.
OTHER NAVY PERSONNEL confirmed the admiral’s initial assessment and said the dead numbered around 190, 64 on the aircraft. Among them was Lt. Gen. Timothy Maude, who was in the Army support and logistics section. Many others were Navy captains, commanders and lieutenant commanders with offices between the fourth and fifth corridors (the western wedge of the Pentagon). The Navy’s special operations office, which oversees classified programs, had moved out of the spaces only a few days before. All but one of the senior Navy flag officers were out of the building. Vice Adm. Dennis McGinn, deputy CNO for warfare requirements and programs, was near the impact area but escaped without injury.
One of the aircraft’s engines somehow ricocheted out of the building and arched into the Pentagon’s mall parking area between the main building and the new loading dock facility, said Charles H. Krohn, the Army’s deputy chief of public affairs. Those fleeing the building heard a loud secondary explosion about 10 min. after the initial impact.
The E-ring floors above the tunnel dug by the aircraft collapsed, leaving a gap in the Pentagon’s outer wall perhaps 150 ft. wide. Fuel triggered an intense fire that caused the roof of the damaged E-ring section to give way at 10:10 a.m. It was still burning 18 hr. later. Fire fighting was hampered by reports that twice sent personnel fleeing the area. First, at around 11:28 a.m., a warning that "an aircraft is in the air" sent police, FBI and other security personnel to passages under I-395 that lead away from the Pentagon. They quickly returned, but at 11:34, shouted and radioed warnings of another possible explosion sent people running again. However, by 11:40 FBI teams had returned with brown paper bags and gloves to scour the Pentagon grounds for debris in an area bordered by Pentagon City, Arlington Cemetery and the Potomac River.
F-16s from the District of Columbia Air National Guard periodically circled the Pentagon at altitudes low enough to frighten grade school teachers and students in nearby Alexandria. Later, the patrols were shifted to a higher altitude and continued through the night.
Confusion about what had happened, among the 20,000-24,000 employees leaving the Pentagon on foot in long lines, largely reflected where they were in the building when the aircraft struck. The Navy and Army spaces absorbed the damage. Navy officers not in the aircraft’s direct path reported heavy safes being flung across rooms and people thrown from their chairs. They variously identified major damage between the fourth and fifth or third and fourth corridors. No one knew the full extent of the damage. Air Force officers on the opposite side of the building heard or felt nothing until alarms went off. Even then, they thought it was a false fire alarm until orders were passed to evacuate the building.
Just what, we wonder, was so special about those "four special, highly classified, electronically secure areas" belonging to the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) that they had to be ‘taken out’ along with many Navy "communications technicians with cryptology training"? Clearly there is an important lead to be followed here, but both Hopsicker and Ruppert give it a wide berth, preferring to tell the public that Flight 77 really did hit the Pentagon piloted by Arab terrorists and "the 9-11 cause is no longer useful as a political tool by activists" respectively.
It is for these reasons that I frown upon researchers like Hopsicker, Ruppert and others who either refuse to seriously consider, or dismiss out of hand, the idea that a 757 did not hit the Pentagon. If we look at their reasoning for this stance, we find that there is none, other than that they appear to simply not like the idea that something other than Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. Perhaps such a concept sits outside of their personal realm of belief, but, if so, it is, as I have already stated, a mistake to make emotional judgements when the intellect is called for, and it is an outright crime to attempt to pull the public into one’s subjective world. It is only through a rigorous pursuit of *objective* truth, without pity for our own illusions and beliefs that the big lie about 9-11 can and will be exposed.
Suspicions are further compounded when we discover that these same people who want us to suspect Saudi Arabia and to believe that a 757 hit the Pentagon, combine their promotion of this "party line" with vigorous condemnation of the "Israel did it" crowd. There is much to explore on the Israel question and much evidence, going way back, that Israel, to all intents and purposes, calls the shots in the US.
Just how far does the power of the Pro-Israel lobby go? Powerful enough to play a leading role in 9-11?
It is definitely NOT beyond the realm of possibility, and it is NOT for Ruppert Hopsicker or anyone else to assert outright that it is, particularly when they refuse to fully investigate the matter. Their position is similar to that of the Bush gang who also rule out, a priori, that it was something other than a conspiracy hatched by a man living in a cave and carried out by 19 crazed "Arab terrorists" several of whom happen to have been confirmed to be still living.................


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From: EWING2001 Dec-11 7:41 am
To: ALL (3 of 7)
506.3 in reply to 506.2

More Infos about Global Hawk:
"..Global Hawk can carry out reconnaissance missions in all types of
operations. The 14,000 nautical mile range and 42 hour
endurance of the air vehicle, combined with satellite and line-of-sight
communication links to ground forces,
permits world-wide operation of the system.."

"..The program is funded by the Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office
(DARO) and managed by the
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the US Air Force.
Northrop Grumman Corporation, Ryan Aeronautical Centre is the prime
contractor and the principal
suppliers include Raytheon Systems (sensors), Allison (turbofan engine),
Boeing North American (carbon fibre wing) and L3 Communications
(communications system).

The Global Hawk air vehicles are built at the Northrop Grumman (formerly
Teledyne Ryan) Aeronautical facility in San Diego

In March 2001, the US Department of Defense awarded Northrop Grumman a
contract for the
engineering and manufacturing development (EMD) phase of the program, to
last until March 2003 and
in June 2001 a contract for two low rate initial production UAV's.
Global Hawk successfully completed a military utility assessment in June
2000, carried out at Eglin Air Force base, Florida.

"..Friday, 18 Jun 1999:
Global Hawk - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle stays airborne for more than 27

A wild construction between these two people and Global Hawk?

Sure it is, but maybe not for the supporter of the Global Hawk theory.

They will be able to "construct" other connections with other passengers.
The guy who worked for Akamai or everyone who was a computer specialist,
electric engineers etc..? Sure that's nonsense.

But i found some other interested guys:

3) Kenneth Waldie (AA11), 46, of Methuen, Massachusetts, was a Raytheon
senior quality control engineer for electronic systems in Tewksbury,
He had worked for Raytheon for 17 years.

4) Peter Gay (AA11), 54, of Tewksbury, Massachusetts, was a Raytheon Co.
vice president of operations for electronic systems based in Andover,
He had worked for Raytheon for more than 28 years.

5) Wilson "Bud" Flagg (AA77) of Millwood, Virginia, a retired Navy admiral
and retired American Airlines pilot.

Actually the whole passenger lists look like a creme de la creme of high
technicians, but that should be yet another coincidence.
We will never find out what their reason for these flights have been.

Do we need a forth "test person" for the last of the four flights, UA93?
I couldn't find one. Maybe it wasn't important to "put testpersons" on
flight. Maybe it's really only a stupid sub theory.

This plane had anyway another tragic fate. It crashed in Pennsylvania.

Remember Huffman Aviation in Venice, Florida, where Mohammad Atta, one of
the hijacker took flying lessons?
Noone knows why he didn't learn in Europe or Sudan, even cheaper.
Now it's odd to know that Atta was also "..reported to have attended the
International Officers School at
Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama..

..The Pentagon quickly disputed the reports, which had appeared in
the Washington Post and the Miami Herald."

GZ reported that already in an investigation by Daniel Hopsicker, author
"Barry & 'the boys:The CIA, the Mob and America's Secret History".

He also wrote:
"..We know of at least one woman in Montgomery Alabama who has credibly
insisted to local reporters
that she met Atta at a party on the base. She remembers because she then
introduced him to her friends:
"Mohamed, meet my friend the Colonel.."

At the airport is a trapez by the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey
Circus, a school which owner
Kenneth Feld (according to a salon story) hired former top CIA honcho
George to torment a hapless freelance
writer for eight years because she wanted to write a book about his

This Clair George "..ran Latin America for the Agency under then-Vice
President Bush during the period of Iran Contra during the '80's."
Source: Daniel Hopsicker at

GZ researched, too:

"..Air Force spokesman Col. Ken McClellan said a man named Mohamed Atta --
which the FBI has identified as one of the five hijackers of American
Airlines Flight 11 --
had once attended the International Officer's School at Maxwell/Gunter Air
Force Base in Montgomery, Ala..."

Ken McClellan is indeed still spokesman of the Air Force and furthermore
"..official spokesman for the office of the secretary of defense.."

He just declared on October 24th, that the closure of Bad Aibling (a
base, but that's another story) has to be postponed for two more years:
"..The closure was postponed for two years to help fight America's newest
war, according to military officials in the United States.
"We basically couldn't get it done in time..." (Lt. Col. Ken McClellan)

Did McClellan make a mistake with mentioning Atta at Maxwell Air Base One?
It looks obvious, that he didn't say that on purpose, which was later
by the Pentagon again.
But maybe it was only embarrassing for the Pentagon.


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But what's so special about Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama
(btw. Orville Wrights former Wright Flying School) ?

Maybe nothing for Daniel Hopsicker, Newsweek, Washington Post or Miami

But for this topic:

:"..The Air Force has begun a series of wargames entitled Global
at the Air War College, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.
These wargames are intended to illuminate the capability of joint air and
space power..."

These "wargames" include also Network Centric Warfare:
"..Future sensor grids will feature a variety of new imaging and signals
intelligence sensors,
currently in advanced stages of development, deployed aboard the Global
Hawk, DarkStar, and Predator unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs),
as well as new space-based sensor grids,
like the high and low orbit elements of the Space-Based InfraRed System

So was Atta maybe involved in a secret "global hawk"-program?
Did he know that or not? I guess not, if he was on board.
Maybe that's the reason why he had to die or "committed suicide".

But back to the ranch.
It wasn't a global hawk flight, everyone will say.
That could be true. Because Bin Laden has no idea of Global Hawk.

He even has no idea how to spread videos in which he finally confirms that
he was the only mastermind. He ignores Al-Jazeera. What lame!
He forgot these videos in Jahlalabad. :)

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