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Father Of SH Victim Noah Pozner Is CEO Of A Company Called Traxware, And Their Site Forwards To The Sandy Hook Justice Website
I couldn't help but notice that Leonard Ponzer, the father of the supposed Sandy Hook victim Noah Pozner was CEO of a company called Traxware until July 2014.

Traxware. 1990 – July 2014 (24 years)
[link to www.linkedin.com]

LEONARD POZNER, 3 KALE DAVIS ROAD, SANDY HOOK, CONNECTICUT, 06482 is the Chairman / Ceo and Principal Executive Officer of TRAXWARE, INC., registered in New York.
[link to businessprofiles.com]

Leonard Pozner
Worked at: Newtown Consulting Group Inc, Traxware Inc

[link to www.intelius.com]

Whats interesting about this is if you use the waybackmachine to look at the site from Jan 2014, you will notice that its a normal website design type business.

[link to web.archive.org (secure)]

But if you go to the website today, it forwards to a Sandy Hook truther page instead (the one being pushed by Wolfgang Halbig)
[link to www.traxware.com]

I find it odd that a site that is owned by a father of one of the supposed victims is forwarding to a Halbig SH truth site (makes me really question Halbig and his motives, especially since the Pozners have been willing players in the scam from the start).

I also find it interesting that the Fallsview Waterpark in Niagara Falls Canada has been using an image of Noah Pozner as part of their branding for years (from late 2011-current).

[link to www.fallsviewwaterpark.com] / [link to www.fallsviewwaterpark.com]
[link to encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com (secure)]
[link to secure.fallsavenueresort.com (secure)]
[link to www.niagarafallscomfort.com]
[link to images.costco-static.ca]
[link to www.niagarafallslive.com]
(the earliest version of the image I was able to find was Nov 2011 prior to the SH event, and the most recent one is currently on their site still on the homepage).

I wonder if good ol' website/online marketing guru Lenny Pozner made this site a few years back using his company at the time Traxware, and included his ACTOR/MODEL son Noah Pozner as part of the branding?

Anyways just found the whole thing interesting so figured I would share.
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    Father Of SH Victim Noah Pozner Is CEO Of A Company Called ...

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    3 oct. 2014 - 19 publicaciones - ‎6 autores
    I couldn't help but notice that Leonard Ponzer, the father of the supposed Sandy Hook victim Noah Pozner was CEO of a company called ...

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